5 month baby update

5 month baby update; blog; blog baby update

I was looking forward to all the lovely things I could brag about in my five month baby update, but it hasn’t been the easiest month. At the moment, all my energy has been drained by the lack of sleep in my household. I’m completely fiiiinished! It seems like all of us are taking turns to […]

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Habits of successful working moms

I’ve been working within the Talent Management and Human Resource space for 8 years so trust me when I say I have I seen it all when it comes to job applicants and the general conduct of working professionals. Sometimes, we forget that we are our own brands – every action creates some sort of […]

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{Working Mom} Keeping your career on track

Being a working mom is no joke. With motherhood, comes this huge responsibility to hustle and pay the bills!! That school fees debit order hurts me the most. Most families don’t come from privilege, just looking around at my friends, almost all of our moms still work way into their 50’s and 60’s. We just […]

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