3 tips for embracing change

Embracing Change

With my personality, the word change is normally means exciting times lie ahead. I live for variety and spontaneity but at the moment, there is a bit too much of it and everything is up in the air. On the top of that list is the fact that Daddio is based in another city at […]

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Quick life update

If you’re feeling abandoned you’re not imagining things – I have kinda disappeared deep into the webpages of my school work and this life update is long overdue. If you read my last post on online learning, you’ll know that I decided to add YET another item on my already-crazy-to-do list. I’m currently studying and […]

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Khumo’s first birthday party

Wait, can I call it a birthday party if it was just us… her parents, brother, aunt and grandparents?!  I decided to spare myself the headache of throwing YET ANOTHER big celebration, especially after Lesedi’s 8th birthday party and my 30th birthday luncheon just a few weeks ago! She’s only one, which means she will be napping for most […]

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Thoughts before my 30th birthday

Turning 30; 30th birthday

I’m currently on a workcation in Europe, which means that I’ve had some time to think. Truly and deeply. Not just the kind of thinking that requires me to just get through my to-do list. This trip couldn’t have come at a better time because I’m due to sign up for my membership to the Dirty-Thirty […]

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My baby shower

My baby shower was everything I wanted it to be – – Relaxed and intimate: filled with the love of my son, closest family and friends – Pretty: I was getting into the groove of this girly thing – NOT a surprise: surprises are a control freaks worst nightmare. It was held 6 weeks before my due […]

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2016… here’s to new beginnings

Happy New Year!!! As I reflect back at the last year, starting Modern Zulu Mom was a major goal and highlight. I cant believe this baby is 9 months old already!! I have always wanted to create a platform and space to “vocalise” my personal highs and lows, throughout my 7 year journey as a mother. It […]

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