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Hey there – welcome to wholesome! I really appreciate the time that you have taken to visit my blog – let me tell you a little bit more about me.

I’m the mom and blogger behind Modern Zulu Mom.

I’m a Human Resources professional by day, blogger by night and a mom and wife 24/7.  I have a two sons and a daughter and they are aged between 14 and 3 years old. We live in South Africa.

I started this blog in 2015, with the intention of engaging and connecting modern mothers in real, meaningful conversations about our children, our cultures and all things parenting.

I have published an eBook (2020) to help other content creators start and run their very own successful blogs. Feel free to visit my shop for your copy.

I’m very proud to have won the “Best Parenting Blog 2017” award in the South African Mommy Blogger Awards as well as the runner up for “Best Parenting Blog 2018“.

I’m passionate about family, connecting with others and expressing myself creatively through writing.

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I have been privileged to be featured in the following publications:

Destiny Connect https://www.destinyconnect.com/2017/08/14/money-diaries-thando-msomi/ ,

Destiny Magazine https://www.instagram.com/p/BXXf5Fdja0Q/?taken-by=modernzulumom

Glamour Online https://www.glamour.co.za/2018/05/career-advice-modern-african-woman/

And True Love Magazine https://www.instagram.com/p/BlmrrHjFM6f/?taken-by=modernzulumom

These are some of my personal favourite posts:

If you would like to contact me, please send me an email info@modernzulumom.com.

Thanks again for stopping by!


Modern Zulu Mom



  1. Came across this blog and I must say I’m loving it .Please do not stop. It feels like I can relate to you on so many levels and feels good having someone who feels the same way

  2. I’m sotho dating a zulu man. We recently had a baby together and your blog has given me a snippet of what i can expect moving forward thank you

  3. I love your content ,I started following you in 2019 and sometging told me to go through your blog today and I am veru impressed. I am Swati mother of 3 B

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