Moving your toddler into their own room

Moving your toddler into their own bedroom; toddler bedroom;

Moving your toddler into their own room causes anxiety for a lot of parents, so I thought I would write about our experience and share it with you. Transitioning our co-sleeping toddler into her own room, has been both easy and difficult and I’ll explain why a bit later. Parents choose to move their toddler […]

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Staying hopeful in a time of crisis

Hope; staying hopeful; modern Zulu mom; South African blogger; South African mommy blogger;

It would be an understatement to say the last few weeks have been filled with difficult emotions as we face a global crisis. As things change and uncertainty builds up, I believe that we need to find ways of staying hopeful, positive and somewhat uplifted, so that the fear and helplessness doesn’t consume us.  On […]

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5 ways to bond with your baby

Forming a bond with your baby, doesn’t always come as naturally as we often expect it to. I believe that it’s a feeling and connection that you build over time and that bond will naturally get stronger as you navigate each day together. I remember being overwhelmed and desperate to feel this bond, but realized […]

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