What you need to know about your child’s bed-wetting phase + WIN Huggies hamper worth R1000

Bed-wetting phase

WYou might be a parent who is looking to support your child through the bed-wetting phase, or you might be on the opposite end, feeling frustrated and slightly hopeless with the whole situation. Just know that you are not alone. Research shows that up to 10% of South African children aged between 4-15 years old […]

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Strategies to cope with separation anxiety

Most children will experience intense separation anxiety at some point in their early developmental years and as a parent, it can be tricky to cope with it. It’s not always easy and it often accompanied by lots of guilt. I originally wrote this post two years ago and I thought it would be a good […]

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Dear Mama, YOU are good enough

Dear Mama, YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH Our current era of information-overload and social media consumption is fun, informative and life-changing for networking and building relationships, but it can be derailing and distracting at times. I’ve noticed that if I personally spend too much time consuming external “stuff”, I lose track of my own goals, confidence and plans. I […]

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