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Towards the end of last year, I made the decision to finally do something that scared me and I hosted my first event in my Mama Mingle event series. It may not sound like a big deal, but I can’t tell you how much courage I had to pluck up to finally do something that had been on my bucket list for almost three years. I must say that I was quite saddened that it took me so long, but I also strongly believe that everything happens as and when it should.


Mama Mingle

Ordinary moms…

My vision was to have an intimate event where we could have meaningful, safe conversations as moms about our everyday issues; and in turn, learn from each other. The day far exceeded that. I had the most dynamic moms in the room and we kicked off by talking about our parenting “failures”. My intention was not to highlight the negative, but rather, have each mom see for herself, that none of us are perfect moms or parents, because perfect parenting does not exist. We make mistakes and we all have an equal amount of mom guilt that comes with our journeys.


Cheers to lifelong partnerships…

Not only did I make new girlfriends, but I was so grateful to have JOHNSON’S® as a partner for the event – a brand that I have loved and used with my children for over 10 years! Yup, Lesedi turned 10 in December! The moms fell inlove with their beautiful goodie bags and a few lucky ladies won some fabulous hampers over and above that.


Mama Mingle

Mama Mingle;

In addition to that, I was fortunate enough to spoil the moms with goodies from:

PurpulHair, a brand that focusses on natural, ethnic hair products, founded by Thuli who is a young South African mom.

Royal Baking Powder, whom I worked with on amazing recipes in 2018 and;

Aveeno, which my dry skin has fallen in love with!

I’m so thankful to all of them.

Mama MIngle


Mama Mingle; Aveeno

My guest speaker was my bitso (namesake) Noluthando Tshabalala from #UnscriptedNoluthando – a woman and mom of two who inspires me so much with her positivity and “real-talk”. Noluthando shed her wisdom on confidence, purpose and self-love and we all resonated so well with her humility and realness.

Isnt she just so beautiful?


The day was not without its stresses for me, but seeing the vision coming together was a dream come true and huge career highlight for me.

It’s always the “small” things that turn into big things!

Thank you to everyone who booked and shared their day with me. I really appreciate you beautiful Mamas!! Through you, I learnt to be bold and courageous again. In the process, the spark to chase my dreams was reignited!



Women have an amazing ability to come together in new spaces and create magic!

I look forward to hosting another event soon.

Thank you for the support.


Modern Zulu Mom

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