The end of my maternity leave: I’m a wreck

Sad mother at the end of maternity leave

Cant help but feel super emotional about returning to work next week. It’s the end of my maternity leave and I’m a wreck!! I’m very grateful to have spent 4 months at home with Khumo; which inevitably led me to spend much more time with Lesedi. This was a significant time in his life too, because for first time since he started ‘school’, I’ve been able to pick him up every day and be there to play, to watch him do his extra-murals, to listen to teach and be more hands on.


I’ve done this before so I know I’ll survive and that I’m not the first working mom in the world, but my heart is so, so, so sore!!! I’m crying like it’s the night before I actually have to go back, even though I have 8 more days to go and I’m fortunate enough to get to work a 4-day week for the first few weeks. I’m broken Mamas ?


Ironically, the last time I felt this guilty was a few days before going into hospital to give birth to her. I felt like I was cheating on my son by having another baby and making him share me. Now I see how much he loves his sister and how happy they both make each other and I’m sad that I’ll miss out on the little-BIG-moments between them while I’m at work. I’m sad that she’ll be wondering where I am and why I’ve left her for so long.


I don’t mean to sound like a brat. Many moms don’t even get this amount of (paid) leave. I’m grateful that I have a job when things are so tough for everyone economically… a career where I get to make an impact and gain a sense of self-worth, knowing that I’m working towards a great future for my babies but right now I’m a sleep-deprived wreck, who’s fighting not to break.

[VENT OVER] – I just needed to get this off my chest first. Who knows, maybe I’ll kinda enjoy not being puked on all day.

If you are a mommy struggling with the concept of going back to work, I can honeslty assure you that it does get better with time. Eveneutally, you will find your new normal and adjust.

You can read my tips for returning to work here.


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  1. All the best Thando with going back to work. Your feelings are understandable, I have made a note to myself that next time I am taking 6 months off (4 months not enough).

    You will now have a toothless smile waiting for you after work and it will make everything better 🙂

  2. Good luck with going back to work – I’m on day 2 and coping better than I thought I would. And thank you for reminding me, with your post, that I need to get to writing about this transition on my own blog.

  3. I can just imagine, I’m on 6 months but the way time is flying I am beside myself with heartache of having to leave my little boy and mind you he is my third.
    I want to enjoy this third month and then work on finding and training a nanny. It’s tough being a working mom.

  4. Going back to work was the hardest part of this whole journey for me to do as a first time mom. It still saddens me that I dont get to see him reach his milestones as they happen but me being a working mom is a blessing for both of us and it’s a sacrifice worth making.

    make the best out of the last 8 days and good luck with going back to work.

  5. Ah my honey!!! You did well though and thank God you’ve got an amazing nanny that you are comfortable with…I remember how hard it was for me to go back

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