Life update, the career edition

Something new is brewing in my career space, which has me buzzing with excitement – there’s nothing quite like the new-job glow; I’m not even snoozing my alarm clock anymore! Earlier this year, I knew that I needed to make a change and challenge myself to get out of my comfort zone once again.


Never stop working on yourself

The first year or two with your baby, tends to be all about them and it can really be challenging to shift the focus back onto yourself…to set goals and to stay on track with them. Case in point, I haven’t been inside a gym in two years! Some mom’s manage to get right back into things, but with both my kids, that ‘cooling’ period was approximately two years. I didn’t want to fight this stage, so I gave myself the space and time to find my way again and as soon as I felt ready, I knew that my career would be one of the main areas I would zone in on.

Amidst all the things that keep me busy – the kids and family, the blog and the events that I’ve been doing, I have promised myself that I’ll never stop working on myself. I want to stay on top of my game and ensure that I never regret missed opportunities.

My kids need a thriving, content and happy mom who loves her life and feels fulfilled in every area.

So a new job is exactly the push and challenge I need right now.


Highlights: South African Mommy Blogger Awards

Before I go into my new goals and focus areas, I thought I would share that one of my biggest highlights of the year has been winning the Best Parenting Blog 2017 Award in the inaugral South African Mommy Blogger Awards. The reason that it’s a big deal for me, is that there have been many times where I felt like giving up on my blog, because when life happens, other things take priority. There were 19 categories in total and 74 bloggers entered. This acknowledgement from the esteemed judges (Pabi Moloi, Brent Lindeque, Bailey Schnieder and Lorraine Kearney) and team (Jackie Bester from One Messy Mama) did so much to motivate me to keep going.

MASSIVE thank you to all the sponsors and brands behind the awards:

Muppie Lounge, Blue Edit Media, Backsberg, Yolde Barnes Photography, Succession Financial Planning, Make Up By Ryno, Norman Goodfellows, Hamley’s and Baby Eats.

For updates on the awards, follow SA Mommy Blogger Awards on Twitter.

Focus areas:

I want to spend the next six months really soaking in as much as possible about my new environment and team. The most important thing for me in my new role will be establishing and defining my priority areas and then doing my best to deliver on them. I always set the bar high for myself and sometimes the pressure is crushing, to my own detriment, but I have also vowed to be kinder to myself.

I will be present and bring my best self every day. I will deliver, I will fall but I will rise each time.

Oh and I really can’t wait to get over the ‘new-girl’ awkwardness and anxiety.


New goals:

Next year I would like to start my post graduate studies, you may recall that I did some online learning last year. It really worked well for me and I managed to juggle things quiet well. So once I’m settled in my role, studying again will be the next big thing for me.

I would also like to start mentoring more. Growing up in a township really opened my eyes to the disparities in our society – seeing how differently our youth is growing up, depending on their social-economic circumstances really breaks my heart. I truly believe that mentoring is a crucial link that can assist to close the divide in some small way.

I used to mentor a few young girls from Soweto, but our relationships took a knock when they started university and I fell pregnant. My network and the access I have to information, can be life changing to many young women and I feel naturally obligated to step up.

I know I wasn’t born to just live for myself and my family, my bigger purpose involves playing a role in my society and community.


Career feature: Glamour Magazine Online

I had my second career feature in Glamour Magazine’s new online platform – check it out here.  I’ve been blown away with the positive response and the love on this post. ‘Online’ is definitely an exciting space for brands to be growing. Congratulations once again Team Glamour!


If you missed my first career feature in Destiny Magazine online, catch it here.

There it is Mamas, if I seem quiet, you know what is keeping me busy. Feel free to send some ‘new-girl’ tips my way!!

Modern Zulu Mom

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  1. All the best mommy and thank you for inspiration. I must say you’re God sent. You open my eyes every time i read your blog. Enjoy your new role.

    1. You have no idea how motivating that is for me Noms, this kind of encouragement keeps me going – thank you!

  2. Congratulations and well done! More grease to your elbow. And all the best in the new role. You’ll smash it

  3. I know all about the “new girl” feeling, haha! It’ll disappear before you know it Mama! Well done on your achievements, and I’m so proud of your journey!
    Also, I love that you’re wanting to lift others up as you climb higher, and may God bless you abundantly Thando.

  4. Congratulations on your new job Thando. i have also taken a decion 2 leave an industry I’ve been in for 10 years ? to say I’m anxious is an understatement especially coz it comes with a lot of change that will rock my well oiled mommyhood routine. But we shall conquer and WIN

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