The power of a baby massage + Vaseline PJ review

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Mamas, I’m always looking for ways of creating and maintaining a pleasant, balanced family life and making my children as happy and SLEEPY as can be hahaha. If you read my 12-week baby update, you would have first heard about how possessive I am over my daughter’s bath time, I don’t let anyone bath her. Daddy is too scared and I have no intention of trying to convince him to try because it’s our special bonding time at the end of the day, especially during the week when I’ve been at work.

Now that she is a little bigger I’ve started giving her massages in the evenings. Of course there is no harm in massaging from birth, but she was so tiny, my hand was longer than her back 🙂

I didn’t realise how beneficial infant massages are – I’ve taken a look into some of the wonders and shared a video of Khumo having a blissful time while we were trying out the original Vaseline jelly.


Vaseline baby massage

Benefits of baby massage:

Good skin care is so important for babies, as it is for adults. Their skin is fragile and covered in vernix for the first few days. Through the Vaseline® Healing Project that I’ve been involved with, I’ve become more aware of the power in good skin care. The simplest skin conditions can turn into serious issues so treasure your baby’s perfect skin.



Touch creates trust and a sense of security between you and your baby. Babies who get plenty of love and touch are thriving babies. It boosts their immune system and activates hormones.

Babies are less irritable when their skin is well moisturised. Think about when you have dry hands? Doesn’t it just annoy you?

Relaxes both mom and baby and strengthens your bond

Improves quality of sleep

Reduces distress, crying and colic symptoms

Stimulates circulation and brain development

Boosts your confidence around nurturing your baby

Offers baby comfort from constipation and gas when you gently massage the tummy in a downward, circular motion, to work out the pressure or pedal their legs towards the chest area.


Guidelines for massaging your baby:         

Firstly, timing is everything, choose a time when baby is relaxed, i.e. not hungry or irritable already

Warm the room and use a towel or blanket to cover bare skin

Use light and gentle up-down strokes

Keep away from the spine and belly button areas

Focus on the back, tummy, chest, feet, legs and bottom

Dim the lights and play soothing music, sing or pray for your baby

Make lots of eye contact with your baby

If your child has any medical conditions, get clearance from your doctor first


We used the original Vaseline Jelly for our massage. I loved that it is not harsh on her skin, doesn’t have a strong fragrance and it wont clog pores. It also very easy to moisturise under those dry baby rolls. I was surprised to find out that it is recognized by the National Eczema Association as a product that has earned their seal of approval. If you haven’t entered my Vaseline Blue Seal giveaway – you still have time to do so here.

My advice is to incorporate massages into your daily routine, like at bath time. That way, it will slowly become a special time of your day, as bath time is for us.


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