Indoor Date Night Ideas + Stand To Win A Big Night In With Pizza Hut

It’s been two months since our baby arrived and we’re yet to have a date night. I keep day dreaming about it but if and when the rare opportunity comes, I prefer to just cuddle in front of our new fireplace. The recent temperature drops are no joke, plus I don’t want to be toooo far away from baby just yet and I have early mornings with our sons school run. BUT I’m well aware that having time together as a couple is just as important as being a present, hands-on mother.


So drop the kids off with Gogo or put them to bed earlier and try one of these indoor date night ideas:


You will need to eat, but prepping dinner takes additional time and effort. So start off by ordering a Big Night In A Box from Pizza Hut. For R100 you get:

Any 2 personal pan pizzas

Portion of chips

2 cheesy garlic twists

A chocolate pizza – yes, a chocolate pizza





Then you’ll need to add some fun and relaxation to the mix. Try one of these ideas:


Catch up on your favourite series/show: If you don’t have any favourites in common, then compromise and watch his favourite… we’re going for the romance-vibe here remember? Go as far as watching a soccer game with him.

Record your memories: document all your special moments over the time you’ve been together. Note them down in a journal or scrap book and add pictures later. When he makes you mad and you need a reminder of how and why you fell in love, this will be a good reference, hahaha. But seriously, this is really sentimental and romantic.

Indoor picnic: just add a blanket, your drink of choice and snacks to your Big Night In A Box.


Date night in



Dance: I have the most fun goofing around and showing off my latest dance moves, if that’s what you can actually call them. Look up some dances you can try together on YouTube if you’re just as clueless.

Boardgames: great way to release some tension and let your competitive spirit out. Personally, I’m not a fan but hey, this post is about you and your man so I will butt out.

A spa experience: get some yummy massage oils, scented candles and treat each other to back, neck and foot massages after a bubble bath.


Not too difficult right?! To get you motivated, I’m giving away 3x Pizza Hut vouchers for you to experience YOUR ideal date night in. All you have to do to enter is leave a comment, telling me what would make up your ideal date night.

For bonus points, share this post on your social media platform of choice and tag me.

Giveaway closes on 24 May 2016 and is open to South African residents only. Winners will be contacted via email.


I hope I’ve inspired you to start planning that special night, I can’t wait to hear your ideas.



Modern Zulu Mom

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  1. What a perfect idea! We do this often, even tough our kids are a bit older, it is just easier to pick up food after the kids go to bed and catch up on a tv series we love or a movie or two we never got around to watching. I love being able to be right here and it is much cheaper than a night out on the town!

    1. Absolutely Allyson. We often get stuck in the mindset that you can only do a date night by going out ☺️ I’m going to do more of these, it’s the beginning of winter in South Africa

    2. My perfect date night will be under the blanket with a good comedy movie with hot chocolate and popcorn. That will be awesome

  2. We love catching up on series with loads of comfort food and a glass of wine. I find it way more relaxed than going out to the movies or a restaurant

  3. My perfect date night is with my husband and two pooches curled up on the couch with our fav junk food and catching up on A Game of Thrones or any other series we have been missing out on and having a few glasses of wine and just chilling, relaxing and chatting.
    We got married on the 23rd of April and all was so hectic that it is nice being in each other’s company.

      1. Thank you SO much! We are making more time for each other now. Life happens and before you know it it is over so enjoy the small things xx

  4. My ideal date night in is popcorn and a movie or a couple of movies! Some warm blankets and hot chocolate as well is very romantic and relaxing. We should be watching comedies cause we both will enjoy that…a total #Chilled night

  5. Getting a babysitter is such a hassle so we order in and either watch a movie (after a long debate to find something we are both keen to watch) or in summer sit outside at night and have gin and tonics.

  6. Ideal Date Night # lights out # candes on # soft smoothing music # Takeaways # glass of wine # enjoying each others company # real conversation # no distractions #no technology # 2 of us locked in our own world # shared on twitter

  7. My ideal date night is staying in under the cover especially with this cold weather, watching series and movies and having lots of junk food 🙂

  8. My ideal date night would be with my loved one at a romantic spot on the beach. This must be done at sunset, creating the most romantic setting, the time when the sky is filled with it’s “beautiful Red Colour!” We would enjoy a Sumptious home made dinner, not forgetting a bottle of chilled wine in an ice bucket. I would then have our favourite flowers & candles lit spread all over the place. There must be romantic music playing in the background and after Dinner we dance & while dancing I would whisper words of love to him ! We would end the evening by a Bonfire, having a braai and relaxed with a couple of blankets & lots of pillows on the floor and feeding each other with chocolate covered strawberries & whipped cream! While bundling up under the blankets all comfy & relaxed, gazing into each others eyes & laying underneath the shining stars!

  9. this idea is super. Wish you had posted this when my baby was still tiny…he he…she is almost 9 months so we finally started going on date night and leaving her with grandma…i am gonna try this next time.

  10. I actually love this post!
    I will keep all of this in mind, when I eventually get a significant other hahaha….
    You make out being a mother sound so fun! And I can’t wait to have kids one day, so I could also do the morning school run, and football games etc etc.

    I will still share this, because I think everyone needs to do this with their other half.
    It’s sounds fun!

    Keep well lovely human.

  11. A good comedy movie , hot chocolate . pancakes and a fluffy blanket ! Let’s not forget the pizza ! 😉 shared via Twitter @LittleMissLee86

  12. The key is to start the date a little early (before it gets too cold at night). Do a treasure hunt at home where all the warm stuff is hidden strategically around the house. Give clues as to where to look. Then when all the stuff is found, you put em together. So it will be stuff like gloves and beanies and warm coats and soup. You know. Winter stuff. Then just add pizza and the DVD (which was hidden) and voila

  13. The perfect date night in would be movies and pizza on the couch with hubby. If it could rain or be cold that would be a bonus.

  14. With the colding hitting us I would definitely have a candle light movie night with Pizza as the main course. @KSK2827

  15. My perfect Date Night In is
    lying in bed with my feet up
    eating pizza and cupcakes
    watching a good series or a
    movie, while my love paints
    My toe nails. A girl can dream

  16. This sparked some ideas for me because typically when we think of date night, we think of going out.We love staying indoors too and can never get enough of each other’s company.We’re moving into our new home in two weeks so the indoor picnic idea sounds perfect with good music in the background and we love playing crazy 8 (the card game) &my husband always insists on a reward at the end for whoever wins. It’s usually in the form of kiss or massage haha.

  17. My ideal date night would be with my hubby,just the 2 of us away from the kids,the furbabies and work drama.a romantic dinner at our favourite restaurant,with a large pizza,large coke and a top desk slab,followed by a gud movie.just like the old days when we were still teenages dating.

  18. You know Thando, having a baby thats sick most of the time takes its toll on your relationship. Hubby and I hardly go out because we are too afraid something might happen to him whilst we are away. So having a date in would be ideal, where we know our oldest son is playing nextdoor and our youngest son is with the nanny. Our ideal date in would be us relaxing in bed with series, which we don’t get to watch anymore because the Minions movie is on repeat. I would love for us to have some quality time to relax where we are not worrying or being busy with the kids, but just merely bonding, which is important as we are newly married too.

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