The new mommy and Post Natal Depression

Post Natal Depression

My experience as a new mom with post natal depression might be many years old, but it is one that I wont forget and want to keep talking about it because of how lost and lonely I felt. For the longest time, I didnt even realise that I was suffering from Post Natal Depression (also known […]

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My baby shower

My baby shower was everything I wanted it to be – – Relaxed and intimate: filled with the love of my son, closest family and friends – Pretty: I was getting into the groove of this girly thing – NOT a surprise: surprises are a control freaks worst nightmare. It was held 6 weeks before my due […]

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How a baby changes your relationship

Whether your baby is planned or unplanned, an addition to your duo will come with some complexities and changes to your relationship.   Firstly, I think the thing that stands out most when you have a baby is the differences in a couples personal values and principles. Suddenly you have a little specimen to impose […]

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