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Disney is by far the world-leader in children’s entertainment. I love how they are always giving us fresh, entertaining content. In the latest movie, Disney takes us down memory lane, as the now teenage kids of the classic “Villains”, such as Cruella de Vil, Maleficent and Jafar, feature in their own movie called the “Descendants”. This live-action movie fuses castles with classrooms to create a music-driven story about the challenges these teenagers face as they try to live up to their parents’ expectations. The movie was created with both kids and grown-ups in mind and has that cross-over appeal that has me unapologetically addicted to Disney movies.


I wonder if these teens will follow in the footsteps of their wicked parents…

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Three lucky winners will win 4 tickets each to the Premiere, taking place on 22 August 2015.


HOW TO ENTER: Leave your comment on this post telling me who your child’s favourite Disney character is and why you want to watch the “Descendants”. Easy right? For an additional entry, follow us on social media: Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Good luck!!


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The winner must be available to attend the premiere at 09h00 on 22 August 2015.

The winner must be based in Johannesburg and arrange own travel to the Fourways area.

The competition entries will close at 10h00 on Monday 17 August 2015.

Winners will be notified by email.

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  1. Rorisang’s favourite Disney Character is Princess Sofia..She’s relatively new to us moms who grew up on Princess Belle and Cinderella..

    The Descendants is a definite must watch considering they never made sequels to our favourite movies growing up..I’d definitely want to watch it to get that silly closure i never got as a little girl..sounds like the perfect family treat

  2. Hello Thando, my son’s favourite Disney character is spider-man, i think he likes it so much because his cousin likes it and because there is so much merchandise you can buy for the spider-man character. I love spider-man too. I know one of the Disney movies he really enjoys is the Lion King because he loves animals and I enjoy singing along to the film.
    I would love to watch the Descendants because it sounds really interesting. We all grew up with Disney characters around us and it would be interesting to watch a movie about their Descendants.

  3. Oh my goodness! I love the new look 🙂 Please come fix up my blog, well done Thando. Hope to meet you at the Premiere!

  4. At first I thought Luniko’s favorite Disney character was Mickey Mouse, but I soon realised I was wrong. As long as it’s on Disney Channel he will watch it and zone out completely.

  5. The girls love everything Disney. And their favourites are an endless list that ranges from the princesses to the superheroes. But the constants that have always remained are Cinderella and her prince for Fifi and Minnie Mouse for Lesedi.

    I asked Fifi why she’d want to watch The Descendants and she reckons it’s “gonna be so interesting”. She says it’s different from the fairy tales because it’s focusing on the villains. And she likes that the kids will be defying the parents and not turn out to be the evil kids they’re expected to become.

    Lol, I’m not sure how I feel about defiance exciting her. I hope she doesn’t get ideas from that.

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