Introducing Spree Gallery

I’m often shy to experiment with fashion, so much so, that I hardly buy anything for myself without my sisters stamp of approval. Partly because I’m no-fashionista and partly because I’m quiet conservative and I always want to be comfortable enough to go from roughing it with the kids to dinner with the girls (sneakers to heels kinda thing).

Hearing about the launch of #SpreeGallery caught my attention largely because of the fact that it’s about different individuals  showcasing how various spree outfits look, unlike just seeing them on models. Not that models aren’t “real” but you know what I mean… I’m a size 32, but more on the curvy side and faaar from being a model, so I actually appreciate seeing images of ordinary individuals styling and wearing their Spree outfits differently.


Let me tell you more…

#SpreeGallery is a new social shopping hub that invites customers to share images of themselves wearing products bought on Spree. Users can submit their pictures via Twitter and Instagram, using #spreecoza or #spreegallery, or tagging @spreecoza. The Spree team will upload and approve images for display in the gallery  which users can browse on the website and in the latest iOS and Android apps. Images are linked to relevant products on Spree so, if you like what you see, you are just a click away from adding it to cart!


Look at my Khumo featuring on the Spree Gallery


You can also shop straight out of Spree’s Instagram account by following the link ShopInsta

I love the fact that they have a wide variety of children’s clothes – I discovered the a brand “Pop Candy” and fell inlove with almost everything in their range for both of the kids.

A few of our latest buys from Spree…


Top and dress by Spree
Twinning in a top and dress from Spree

Yes I got the same top in two colours, obsessed!!


Yes I got the same top in two different colours, I’m absolutely obsessed!

Happy shopping Mamas


Modern Zulu Mom

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  1. I love Spree! I live on their website! Spree continues to evolve, and their highly innovative.

    It’s also an excellent platform for local designers.

    Thanks for sharing mama!

    P.S: I’m also obsessed with Pop Candy. 🙂

  2. I’ve actually never bought anything from Spree. I typically avoid buying clothes online but maybe it’s time to try this out

    1. I find that I exercise more control when I shop online. I leave things in my cart for a day or two to think a purchase through. But if I’m in a mall I go wild and so do the kiddies LOL (K thinks it’s the best place for tantrums and I have to write a thesis before convincing L to go). Let me know if you try it.

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