How we celebrated Baby Dove’s first birthday

I can’t believe that we are celebrating Baby Dove’s first birthday! As the saying goes, “the only time you should look back is to see how far you’ve come” and this is so accurate when I think of our journey with Baby Dove. I still remember the day I received the first press drop   in July 2017, like it was yesterday. The packaging, smell and quality of the products were perfect and matched the high regard I’ve always had for the Dove brand. Growing up, Dove was a delicacy in our home, my mom and aunts would treat it as ‘special’ soap for their faces only.

I also remember walking into a few shops shortly after the launch and not being able to find Baby Dove in some of the shelves but now they distribute to most, if not all, of the major retailers and I never have to look too far. I’m really proud to have walked this journey with them.

Now to share more details about our two-part celebration that I eluted to on my Instagram stories…

An intimate lunch with the Baby Dove team

The kids and I were invited to celebrate Baby Dove’s milestone first birthday, which was a warm and intimate brunch at 27Boxes in Melville, alongside Olerato, AishaOlwethu and their little ones. Lesedi was unfortunately not feeling well, but Ms Khumo had all the energy in the world to make up for her brothers absence.


I promise we didn’t plan to coordinate our outfits 🙂


While we mingled and got educated with the team, the kids were treated to art session, which was followed by kiddies yoga and manicures. My child couldn’t stop showing everyone her nails!

Apart from the networking and mommy-talk, which I absolutely loved, what stood out for me from the day was the educational elements. We tested out the Baby Dove soap, alongside other leading brands in the baby category and I was surprised to see the significant differences in the soaps. Judging from the quality of the testing paper, it was clear how mild and nourishing the Baby Dove soap bar is, in comparison to the others (see bottom right image above – Baby Dove soap is the dark, intact sample). After 30 minutes, the Baby Dove sample still did not dry out or break apart. Experiencing this first hand was priceless!

You can find out more about the test here

A cake celebration at home

In addition to a fab brunch, we were treated to our own personalized “party-in-a-box” to enjoy at home, which scored me some major brownie points with the kids and also meant that Lesedi could join us in this part of the celebration. The kids love sharing thir evening bath, so he has had plenty interactions with the head to toe wash, soap bar and rich moisture lotion.



I was blown away by the personal touch added to our bunting, showcasing the memories we have created over the last year.


Baby Dove believes that the best way to care for your baby is YOUR WAY!

Whatever “YOUR WAY” is… As the mother of your children, YOU know best and YOU are best equipped to do and be the best for your child.

How refreshing?!

I know that our family will have a long standing relationship with Baby Dove, just like my mom and aunts did.

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