My favourite budget-friendly skin care products

Budget friendly skin care

I’m a skin and beauty product junkie – I absolutely love exploring with new products and brands, while being loyal to the good ones I’ve discovered over the years. I can honestly spend hours in the beauty aisle, because it just makes me so happy. I recently did a haul of my favourites at Shoprite and I thought I would share some of the budget-friendly and effective skin care products I have loved and tried, which makes this my first ever beauty review. Yay to trying new things in 2018!


Facial care:

I have normal-to-combination skin. I consider myself ‘lucky’ that my skin doesn’t react badly to most products and that I’m not prone to breakouts – I can explore and play around with almost anything, without severe impact.

On my last spa visit, I did a skin analysis and I discovered that although my skin looks clear from a distance, I actually have a dry T-zone which needs lots of hydration to help me to avoid early signs of ageing; so monthly facials will be featuring in my life as a 31 year old.

You will notice that I love Nivea, I’ve been loyal to the brand for many years and it reminds me a lot of my late dad, who used to work there and bring products home for me to try as a child.


Make up removal:

I wear a light foundation, with an eye and brow pencil to work every day, so it’s important for me to remove my make up properly. I’m currently using the Nivea Perfect and Radiant Micellar Cleansing Wipes which leave my skin feeling supple and clean before I even move onto washing it.




Cleansing and moisturising:

For winter, I’m using the Nivea Gentle Cleansing Cream Wash. I love the creamy texture, which makes it non-drying. In summer, I prefer the gel version of the same wash, which is very refreshing. Once I’m done with cleansing, I move onto my Nivea Refreshing Toner, which is best for normal and combination skin. It helps to remove the dirt and residue I might have missed while washing my face.

Over the weekend, I prefer to let my skin breathe with minimal, if any, makeup especially if I don’t have any plans.


Nivea Cleasing Cream Wash

Body care:

My go-to shower products are from the Radox “feel” range, I’ve lieterally tried all of them and switch between them, depending on my mood. If I’m feeling tired or drained I’ll use the “feel happy” and in the evenings, my go-to is the “feel balanced” one.


Radox Feel Shower Gel


The skin on the rest of my body is very dry, so you will notice that most of the products I use are for dry skin or extra dry skin, however, they do come in other variations. I’m currently moving between the Dove Derma Spa Body Cream and Nivea’s Rich Nourishing Body Moisturiser. I love how they both smell and leave my extra dry skin feeling soft, which is a result of the various oil blends they incorporate.


Dove Derma Spa


In the evenings, I will often add some of the Johnsons Vita-Rich Body Firming Oil to my routine, especially over my tummy and legs. It smells absolutely divine! I haven’t used it consistely enough to assess its effect on my stretch marks, but I will begin doing so and will definetely write about it, if I see miracles.


Vita-Rich Firming Body Oil


My feet are also generally dry, more so in winter, so I try to go for a paraffin dip and pedi every 6-8 weeks. I’m currently using the Epimax Plus Foot Cream and every other day, I will add a few drops of Olive Oil to my mixture before wearing my socks and slippers. Of course I lose the socks during the course of the night, but I wake up with baby soft feet.

Did you know that Shoprite has it’s own pharmacy? It’s called Medirite, which is where I got these.


Epimax foot cream


For my hands, I’m a huge fan of, yes, you guessed it… Nivea Q10 Anti-Age Hand Cream. It comes in a compact 75ml package and I can easily fit it into our nappy bag and this cute cosmetic bag I found on my shopping trip.




That seems like a long list-of-loves, but like I said, experimenting is exciting and through the process, I’ve found all the gems that work well for my skin.

To shop the latest deal, download the Shoprite app hereHappy Shopping!

Have you tried any of these products before? Let me know, I would love to hear what type of skin you have and which products work best for you.


Modern Zulu Mom


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