6 Habits I’m taking into my thirties

I’m finally in my thirties (31) – yes can we all just agree upfront that the last 12 months were just a trial run?! Thanks.

I’ve been reflecting on my thoughts before 30 post  that I did last year this time and I think I’m on track with what I promised myself – to LIVE as boldly as I can! I can do better, but I’m happy with the progress I’ve made. Now that I’m really really really in my thirties, I thought I would work on some new habits. Here we go.


1. Spending more time alone

My youngest is turning two next month. If you’re a parent, you will know that the first few months of bringing life into this world is absolutely blissful but also chaotic. It takes months or sometimes years to feel like yourself again. It’s easy to fall into the “I’m just a mom” trap and it takes time to get to a place where you allow yourself to have solo pleasures, without the mom-guilt. My children can only benefit from a well-balanced and fulfilled mom. To get to that point, I’m going to start really focusing on how I make use of the time I spend away of my kids.


2. Being more decisive and self reliant

I’ve noticed myself consulting those close to me a lot more than I “should”. While it’s good to get input and additional reasoning from people you trust, I think it’s even more important to first process your thoughts individually. I got into the bad habit of immediately dumping my loved ones with my issues, before working through my own thoughts and emotions on the issue. When you do that, you are kinda dumping the responsibility to problem-solve on them, aren’t you?! It’s not fair and it’s also not showing much faith in my own abilities.

I’m such an over-communicator and sharer, so this is going to be a tough one to crack.


3. The habit of cooking good food

I’m so hopeless in the kitchen. I really try my best but I honestly don’t enjoy cooking (not.one.bit) and sometimes that negative energy comes across in the taste, haha.

While I loathe cooking, I do love eating, which is a struggle because I want my food to be ready with minimal effort from my side… get where I’m going with this? My love for quick fixes needs some serious self control.



4. Unplugging

I spend more time on my phone than I would like to. Pinterest is my ultimate weakness and go-to for everything. I can spend an hour (okay, more than that) on it every night, which could be time better spent on praying/working/journaling/sleeping. I also don’t want my toddler thinking that having a phone in your face all the time is a “normal” thing.


5. Show more affection to my kids

Our days are usually hectic and I’ve been giving less hugs and kisses, while I’m rushing through homework and dinner prep. Affection and touch are so powerful for young children. It reaffirms them, builds their self-esteem, strengthens your bond and reduces anxiety. This goes hand in hand with spending less time on my phone. Here’s to more hugs, kisses, tickling and high fiving!


6. Daily affirmations and vision boarding

I’m always in my own head, I can get lost in imaginative stories several times a day. That skill is so powerful, but it’s wasted when the thoughts aren’t channeled and aligned to my goals and the things I really want in my life. Day dreaming about not cooking is not going to get me anywhere! It’s just good’ol’daydreaming about nothing! I started working on a vision board and some affirmations the other day and I think I’ll extract more value from my ‘creative thoughts’ if I focus on basing them on my affirmations and vision board reminders throughout the day.


Okay, we’re at the end of the list 🙂


Birthday plans… well I don’t have any. I’ve been fortunate enough to have spent quite a lot of time surrounded by family and friends, because of my bridal shower and wedding, so I’m comfortable to keep this year/s celebrations low key. I’ll just float around and see where the day takes me.


What are your most effective habits? I’d love to hear from you.

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  1. That whole daydreaming thing … I’m 1 who at times thinks I’m putting my thoughts out to the universe and attracting what I want kanti niks mntase ndiyaphupha nje, so now I try to dream with a vision type planning – aligning my goals … it’s hard! I’m such a instragram (and it kills my time) junkie so now I get limited data just enough for important things and it’s working. Happy Birthday honey ??

  2. thanks for sharing Thando, I guess I’m not the only one to be less decisive and self reliant I always confirm my decisions even though I know what I want. I am learning to trust my self and be bold in in the things I want without consulting anyone no matter how wrong I am that’s the only way to learn and grow.

    Happiest Birthday ??????

  3. Sawubona MamaWomzulu

    Lppking stunning I just come across your page busy palying around kwi internet ..please share some of your post I loved your page.

  4. No.2 Thando! The final paragraph! That is so me. I share so much, I communicate a lot – too much at times and I used to be so good at ” shielding” my private life. Oh well, I’m in with you on this.

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