Making the most of the last two months of the year

Making the most of the last two months of the year

We’re in November and I’m still feeling overwhelmed – by everything – motherhood, work life and being an adult in general; I thought I would be looking forward to year end, but I find myself freaking out about all the stuff I have to fit in before then.

Planning ahead is a great tool to keep you feeling calm and ready for the next challenge so these year end tips are all about reflecting as well as planning ahead.


1. Start budgeting for the festive period AND JANUARY!

If you haven’t already done so, it’s time to draw up your budget for the upcoming holiday season. It’s easy to get excited by the extra and in some cases early income, but make sure you plan well ahead for all the activities you have planned and of course the beginning of the new year! January is known to be the longest month of the year and you don’t want to start off a new year with money-anxiety due to overspending!

Things to consider:

  • Pay school fees in advance
  • Buy less Christmas gifts – use it as an opportunity to make gifts with the kids
  • Order and pay for new school uniform and textbooks in advance

2. Review your career

At this stage of the year, I know you’re probably so tired that you cant even imagine going for that one last achievement. Consider any “quick-wins” that you can still achieve before the end of the year. How can you impress for the last time and end the year off with a bang?

Then looking ahead…

What was the feedback you received from performance reviews or your clients/stakeholders throughout the course of the year? Ask yourself how you could do better next year. How will you up your game in your chosen profession and get to the next level? Do you need to take a course, attend more networking events or take on some new projects? Spend some time putting proper thought into your own strategy so that you can start off the new year with a solid plan.


3. Plan some alone time

The December festivities can get you in a rut, I remember feeling so tired when I went back to work in January. While it’s great to spend lots of quality time with family and friends, it can be overwhelming. Schedule some activities that you can do alone or with a very close friend, to reboot. It could be a solo coffee date or nail appointment while the kids stay with Gogo. Accept any baby-sitting offers you get from family and try to get some fresh air alone. Trust me, you’ll need it.



Wishing you a fabulous end to the year!

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  1. Essential reminder! Feels like the year has sped past and November just started the other day and we are already into day 12

    You know we don’t buy much Christmas gifts. K is at an age where she doesn’t care much and last year she wanted to even know why we were buying her presents since it was Not her birthday but the birthday of Jesus 😆

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