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I have the honour of being the July Mommy Blogger featured on Mama Magic  – this is a big deal to me and I’m so grateful to the team for giving me this platform to share my experience and vision for Modern Zulu Mom. Link to interview: Mama Magic July Mom

MM: Modern Zulu Mom, such a great title and interesting blog. In a nutshell what inspired your blog and what does it mean to be a “Modern Zulu mom”?

T: Being a Modern Zulu Mom means that I am contemporary mother with a universal mind-set, but I remain firmly grounded in my legacy as a Zulu, South African woman. I have an enquiring mind and I like to keep abreast with issues affecting children so I started sharing my learnings with friends during our conversations and on social media. At the end of 2014, I started thinking about moving these conversations onto a blogging platform where I could share my experiences and knowledge with a broader community of mothers and I took that step in March.

MM: What would you say is the best and worst part of blogging for you?

T: The best part of blogging is getting positive feedback from mother’s that I have inspired or helped with the stories or information I post on Modern Zulu Mom. What I would like to see more of, is readers engaging with bloggers too, by going one step further than just reading our posts, by way of commenting on them as well and sharing their views as a reader. In that way, we can have more powerful and richer conversations.

MM: How do you distinguish between what to share on your blog and what to keep private?

T: I blog with positive intention and try to share my experiences in manner which will help other mothers but not cause my son any embarrassment or harm one day. Authenticity is key, so I will always impart my personal touch when I write, but I am very mindful of the fact that Modern Zulu Mom is part of MY personal journey and not his, so there are many sacred encounters which I will only share with my close family and friends.

MM: July is the month in which we celebrate Mandela Day. Any plans for July the 16th?

T: On the 18th, I will be taking my son with me to the Embalienhle Hospice in Soweto through an initiative run by Gorata Foundation. We will be donating some of his clothes and toys to the children – this is a follow up on the warm meals we have been delivering to some homeless people in our neighbourhood since the beginning of winter. There is a Zulu proverb which says “umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu” which simply means that people are interconnected and we need to show humility and compassion towards others. These are values I want him to learn.

MM: What is the best piece of parenting advice you have been given?

T: To never compare myself with any other mother – I am equipped and capable just as I am. This was powerful for me because I am still in my 20’s and have had encounters with individuals that are very critical of young mothers.

MM: What is the one thing you wish someone told you before you became a mom?

T: I wish someone has told me that there is no such thing as being a perfect mom. Having had post natal depression, I carried guilt about so many things, thinking that I wasn’t doing enough. I have since learnt that being there and doing the best you can, with what you have at the time, is more than good enough.

MM: Do you have a post that had special meaning to you and why? 

T: Yes, I was recently featured on another mommy blog and I shared my most personal story about being a mom – it was special to me because it offered a nice contrast to my usual blog posts. In a few paragraphs, I reflected on the journey I have taken with my son over six years. I felt proud of the challenges I’ve overcome as a young, single mom. You can read the article here:

MM: Where would you like to see “Modern Zulu Mom” in the future?

T: In this fast-paced, evolving world, I would like Modern Zulu Mom to continue being a platform that links culture and modern parenting, through the information I share and brands I connect with. I want Modern Zulu Mom to be at the forefront of driving meaning conversations between mothers, which I aim to do through the blog and the workshops I will be running.


Thank you MAMA MAGIC!!

Modern Zulu Mom

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