{Career Development} Online learning in South Africa

online learning; online learning south africa

Every so often, I like to bring in a bit of the professional side of what I do onto the blog and I thought I’d talk about online learning, a topic that is relevant to me right now because A) learning and talent development is what I do for a living B) I’m excited to be doing my first online professional qualification, which also explains why I’ve been a little […]

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This journey was never meant to be perfect


I just wanted to remind you that we weren’t given the honour of motherhood with the expectation to be perfect. Yes, we want to be everything to and for our children but it’s not always possible and that is okay. Your warmth and happiness will radiate within and through your children, as long as you are planting seeds of love daily! Modern Zulu Mom

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Staying positive during challenging times


You’ve probably noticed that I’ve been very quiet over the last two weeks, please accept my apologies! I’ve been going through one of those very overwhelming cycles, when everything is happening at the same time, ukuthi ngibaleke (I felt like running away)! My little guy transferred to a new school so I’m adjusting to the new routine, pressure at work has me working at home every night, I’m moving house […]

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Habits of productive mothers


I used to roll my eyes every time somebody spoke about “being present in the moment” because it started feeling like an over-used phrase that no one really knows the meaning of! However, I have since taken up the challenge to try and understand what it means, in a practical day-to-day kinda way.

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Friday Momtivation


This week has been full of tests in Mommyville – so I just wanted to remind anyone going through the same thing that you’re doing the best you can and that makes you a good-enough mom. You may be sleep-deprived, tantrumed-out or just needing a break and that’s okay, you’re doing the best you can! Happy Friday Momma ❤️ Modern Zulu Mom

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