{Win with Cheese Curls}

Cheese Curls

As a working mom, quality family time is so important to me. Even the weekends are busy, but I always try to find stuff that that we can do together. We recently had a Cheese Curls picnic in our garden. I never want to take the small little gestures that put a smile on my children’s faces for granted.     The Willards Cheese Curls brand we all grew up […]

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#OnMyWayTo10K {Soweto Marathon}

I did say that 2017 would be the year that I push myself to do as many things that excite, challenge and grow me. There’s a lot that I haven’t ticked off and then on the other hand, there’s the stuff I’m currently ticking off! I’m both excited and anxious  to have been challenged to train for the Soweto Marathon 10K run in just 8 weeks. I’ll admit that I […]

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Dear Mama, YOU are good enough

Dear Mama, you’re good enough  Our current error of information-overload and social media consumption is fun, informative and life-changing for networking and building relationships, but it can be derailing and distracting at times. I’ve noticed that if I personally spend too much time consuming external “stuff”, I lose track of my own goals, confidence and plans. I start subtly measuring myself against other moms who seem to be handling things […]

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Toy Kingdom: Agent of Fun Toy Review

Hey Mamas, allow me to hand-over to my little man to tell you all about his experience of reviewing the Messi Training System from Toy Kingdom, in his prestigious role as an Agent of Fun! Watch his review below and if you think your child would love to review a toy of his/her own at home, why not record and upload it for a chance to win a new toy […]

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{WIN}: Play-Doh Kitchen Creations Party

I want to dispel the notion that the kitchen is a space for girls only, by letting my son explore in our kitchen, as well as through his imagination and play. My late great grandparents would probably disagree with me, but I’m on a mission to raise well-rounded and tolerant children. I recently introduced my little man to the Play-Doh Kitchen Creations range, which includes a variety of playsets and […]

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3 tips for embracing change

Embracing Change

With my personality, the word change is normally means exciting times lie ahead. I live for variety and spontaneity but at the moment, there is a bit too much of it and everything is up in the air. On the top of that list is the fact that Daddio is based in another city at least 3 times a week and that has spiraled into many other changes for our […]

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Celebrating World Breastfeeding Week with Philips

It’s been 8 months since I stopped breastfeeding my daughter but every other week or so, I tell my friends how much I miss it. I’ve even gone as far as looking into relactation, which is the process of getting your baby back on the breast after a period of not breastfeeding. Yes, it’s possible but my princess is not interested unfortunately. Why did that thought cross my mind? Simply […]

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Ectopic pregnancy: Mmatshepo’s Story

I believe that one of the gifts that writing gives you, is healing. I hope that is exactly what you get from Mmatshepo’s story, as she shares her experience with an ectopic pregnancy. Whether you have lived through this heartbreaking experience, or have had to support someone who has, there is something in this for all of us. to learn. Mmatshepo, thank you for your honesty and vulnerability. In my own corner, I pray that you will […]

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Helping your child cope with grief

grief; children

My grandmother sadly passed away in January this year. Although we knew that it was time for her beautiful soul to rest, after living 91 fruitful years and suffering through her final months, we were all devastated. On the night of her passing, my little man had quite a few questions. I wasn’t surprised by this, as he also had questions when my father and maternal grandmother passed; but I […]

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Giveaway {Ouma Rusks}

Ouma Rusks

*Brrrrrr* Hello cold front!  I don’t know about you guys but I’m not the biggest fan of winter. When the temperatures drops, all I want to do is stay indoors, under my covers, but… I’m a mom of two so that ain’t happening much in my life 🙂 On a positive note, the chill had me thinking that this is probably the perfect time to do an Ouma Rusks giveaway! […]

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