{Giveaway} Jordan Kids Hamper for a 5-6 year old boy

Jordan Kids

What do you do when your son has just discovered the word “Swag”? I’ve chosen to laugh about and embrace the fact that my lil man is growing up. I don’t know how we got here so quickly, but the fact remains, he now wants to “look cool”. I think it’s cute and I love the fact that he has started expressing his personality through fashion. As winter sets in, […]

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Quick life update

If you’re feeling abandoned you’re not imagining things – I have kinda disappeared deep into the webpages of my school work and this life update is long overdue. If you read my last post on online learning, you’ll know that I decided to add YET another item on my already-crazy-to-do list. I’m currently studying and the balancing act is not very practical with my full time work and family life. I […]

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{Career Development} Online learning in South Africa

online learning; online learning south africa

Every so often, I like to bring in a bit of the professional side of what I do onto the blog and I thought I’d talk about online learning, a topic that is relevant to me right now because A) learning and talent development is what I do for a living B) I’m excited to be doing my first online professional qualification, which also explains why I’ve been a little […]

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Four Ingredients to a Healthier Me

Alpen muesli

One of my favourite quotes of all time is “taking care of yourself is part of taking care of your children” – as idealistic as this sounds, it’s a really difficult principle to apply practically to your everyday life, as you juggle motherhood, a career, relationships and your personal hobbies. I set some goals at the beginning of the year and I must say, I haven’t really been holding myself […]

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Health and Hygiene tips with Lifebuoy

Can you believe that the first school term of 2017 is almost over?!! While the holidays are a splendid break from the mundane day to day of work and school – whoooohooo to three weeks of no-homework – this is also a good time for us to reflect on the health and hygiene issues faced by our children at school during the term and how best to resolve them.   […]

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Why toddlers need to be adventurous + Win with Johnson’s®


Last week, we officially hit Toddler-hood as Khumo turned one!! Seriously and as cliché as it sounds, the first year has flown by! I’m a little heart-sore that my baby is not a baby anymore, but I’m also very excited for all there is to come. We’re the best of friends and we have some serious fun, when she’s not terrorizing me. Khumo is a feisty girl, who has made […]

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Khumo’s first birthday party

1st birthday

Wait, can I call it a birthday party if it was just us… her parents, brother, aunt and grandparents?!  I decided to spare myself the headache of throwing YET ANOTHER big celebration, especially after Lesedi’s 8th birthday party and my 30th birthday luncheon just a few weeks ago! She’s only one, which means she will be napping for most of the day or be grumpy around a huge crowd and everyone wanting a piece of […]

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My 30th birthday celebration

30th birthday

I’m thirty you guys! Life has been a litttttttle crazy! You can probably tell because I’ve been more quiet on the blog?! I came back from my trip and life went straight back to normal.  It’s tough being a thirty year old, you know?! Firstly, all that “turning thirty” fear was for nothing! I don’t feel any different, I don’t have a single wrinkle and nothing drastic has happened, except for the fact that […]

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DokiWatch review: the worlds most advanced 3G smart watch for kids + major discount

dokiWatch; doki smart watch;

  Every time we walk through a mall, so many people stop to ask us about the gadget on Lesedi’s wrist, I’ve noticed that it’s the dads who are quite drawn to his dokiWatch, but the kids equally so. It’s a lovely bright shade of yellow, you can’t miss it and you almost want to eat it.   So what is the dokiWatch? It is a wearable, 3G smartwatch for […]

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11 month baby update


11 months, oh baby! This post is 10 days late, someone has been keeping me very busy. I haven’t done a baby update since she was 7 months old, so A LOT has happened. I’m not sure if she falls into the baby category anymore?! How are you guys holding up in this weather? I know it’s not freezing, but this rain has brought some nippiness and crazy traffic!   […]

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