Why you should stop comparing yourself to other moms

Stop comparing yourself with other moms

I say this like I have never done it, of course I have, but that’s not the point. Today I felt like jotting my thoughts on why I think it’s important for us to stop comparing ourselves to other moms. Stop comparing yourself to other moms…because none of us have it all figured out I’ve noticed that as moms, we are very good at comparing ourselves to other moms. I […]

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My favourite budget-friendly skin care products

Budget friendly skin care

I’m a skin and beauty product junkie – I absolutely love exploring with new products and brands, while being loyal to the good ones I’ve discovered over the years. I can honestly spend hours in the beauty aisle, because it just makes me so happy. I recently did a haul of my favourites at Shoprite and I thought I would share some of the budget-friendly and effective skin care products […]

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Kids Pizza Recipe + WIN R1000 YuppieChef Voucher

Pizza is always a good idea, even more so on Friday’s when you don’t want to be spending more time in the kitchen than you should. We like to end of the week on an exciting note, which is a tradition my mom started when we were growing up and I’ve tried to carry this with the kids . We knew that Friday’s would be reserved for treat meals. I’m […]

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{Recipe} DOUGHNUT worry, be happy!


Baking has become a new outlet for me, whenever I’m slightly worried or stressed out. It has helped me to channel negative energy into something deliciously positive! Doughnuts are an instant pick-me-up, both from a taste and baking perspective – so I’m sharing my latest Royal Baking Powder-inspired eggless doughnut recipe in this post, alongside my tips for turning your worry to wonder!   Tips to help you worry less: […]

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Protecting your family against germs and flu this winter + Giveaway

Having spent the last three weeks in-and-out of the Doctors office with Khumo, I regret not starting the pre-winter season with some healthier habits in-and-around our home. She started off with a cold, then developed nasal drip, with symptoms that worsened every night. Of course, one never wants to rush to the doctor for every single symptom, but after a few days of endless nose-blowing, coughing and a fever, something […]

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Strategies to cope with separation anxiety

Most children will experience intense separation anxiety at some point in their early developmental years and as a parent, it can be tricky to cope with it. It’s not always easy and it often accompanied by lots of guilt. I originally wrote this post two years ago and I thought it would be a good time to review and refresh it, given my experience the second time around. I can […]

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Life update, the career edition

Something new is brewing in my career space, which has me buzzing with excitement – there’s nothing quite like the new-job glow; I’m not even snoozing my alarm clock anymore! Earlier this year, I knew that I needed to make a change and challenge myself to get out of my comfort zone once again.   Never stop working on yourself The first year or two with your baby, tends to be all […]

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Cartoon Network: UniKitty + WIN tickets to CN Live!

The screen-time battle is a reality for most parents. This year, I’ve been able to manage the screen time in our household a lot more, largely due to the fact that Sedi in ‘senior’ primary now and is focusing more on the endless projects, cycle tests and his love for soccer; while Khumo spends half of her day in play school . I have also found that the two of […]

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My School My Village My Plant #Vote4Charity

Over the last few months, I’ve come to know and appreciate the work that My School My Village My Plant is doing across South Africa. You may recall that I joined the team when they launched a children’s reading centre  in March. Before this, I used to have a card, but I never used it as strictly as I do now, because I didn’t fully understand the benefit and the many […]

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Banana and Nutella Muffins Recipe

Royal Banana and Nutella Muffins

All eyes were on the Royal Wedding last weekend and what a beautiful celebration it was! I still have to catch up on the full ceremony, but I caught some amazing highlights – I loved the authenticity and representation of the royal couple’s cultures. All the excitement around the wedding has inspired us to put together yet another Royal Baking Powder recipe. We created delicious banana and nutella muffins, because we’re […]

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