Adult friendships are hard

adult friendships

I’m quiet sensitive and often that side gets the better of me. I recently had a tearful breakdown when I heard of something hurtful that friends were saying about my family and I. I don’t want to focus on what and how it happened but, I definitely used this incident as a learning and reflection moment. It got me thinking that it’s actually very difficult to maintain adult friendships. We […]

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Styling your kitchen + giveaway Defy steam-iron station worth R1499

defy kitchen

Our family is currently in between homes – after selling our house last year, we are renting a place two streets from where we are building a new home. It’s been challenging to really feel settled in “someone else’s house”. There are things I want to do or buy but I can’t due to space and lease restrictions; not to mention that our wedding gifts have spilling out of our living area. […]

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Royal Easter Bunny Butter Cookies recipe

Easter Bunny Butter Cookies

Easter weekend is all about family, reflection and gratitude and I sure made the most of mine. The kids spent their time between home and Gogo’s house and I decided to use some of the time away from them to spoil them with a special treat, which sounded like a fair trade! I may not be the best asset in the kitchen, but I had so much fun making these Easter […]

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The lessons I’m learning from not having a balance

Finding the balance for everything that requires my attention has been one of the hardest things to do this year. It’s often said, that there is no such thing as balance – we do what we need to do, when we need to do it and I truly believe it! We cannot win every battle. No matter how strenuous and tough life can be at times, I always try to […]

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Launching a reading centre with MySchool – shining the light on literacy in South Africa!

MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet

What could you be and how much more could achieve, if you had someone you look up to dedicating their time and energy towards your growth and development? Wouldn’t it be life changing? Imagine the impact of this in the life of a child, growing up in an under-resourced and overcrowded squatter camp, with very few role models within reach. This week, I had the opportunity to be part of an […]

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{Healthy living} 15 simple tips for the whole family

During both my pregnancies, I remember praying, wishing and hoping for a healthy baby; It’s all I wanted. I went to every scan, paid attention to food labels, took prenatal supplements (as repulsive as I found the folic acid) and I took the time to rest when it was needed. To this day, the health of my children remains a top priority and something I never want to take for […]

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6 Habits I’m taking into my thirties

I’m finally in my thirties (31) – yes can we all just agree upfront that the last 12 months were just a trial run?! Thanks. I’ve been reflecting on my thoughts before 30 post  that I did last year this time and I think I’m on track with what I promised myself – to LIVE as boldly as I can! I can do better, but I’m happy with the progress […]

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Kick start your journey as a Momprenuer


I’ve been playing around with the idea of becoming a Mompreneur and starting my own business more than usual lately. Whenever I’m with my varsity friends, as I was this weekend, they’ll always remind me of how I was working 2 jobs and running a business from my first year. I have always been a busy body and I enjoy having several things going on at the same time. My first […]

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Introducing Future Nation Schools

I’ll never forget how challenging it was to find a school for my little man – after three years of endless applications, we still had not secured a school for him six months before he was due to start grade 1. Before making any school application, it is important to consider the kind of school that you want your child to attend and the future impact it will have on […]

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Getting your children into a good sleep routine

Routine, what routine? Mama’s we are back in the hustle and bustle of managing the kids, navigating traffic and getting all our work done. If you’ve fallen out of your routine and facing absolute chaos, I can assure you that you’re not alone. After the holidays and our wedding, I’m trying to get our house and kids “back to normal”. Khumo has started play school and Lesedi is in grade […]

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