Why we love the TommeeTippe Perfect Prep + WIN

TommeeTippee Perfect Prep; Perfect Prep Review;

Known as the “Dream Machine”, the Perfect Prep helps you prepare a fresh bottle of formula, at the perfect temperature and in your preferred quantity in just a few minutes. See how it got it’s name?! I’m very open-minded when it comes to baby feeding, because it all comes down to personal experience and choice. […]

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Fashion Friday: Mom Style

Personal style

A few months ago I asked a friend of mine, Zandi, to come and re-organise my closet and help me switch up my style, since my closet was full of maternity wear. After having my last baby, I was feeling confident enough to start exploring with my style again and update my closet; this coincided […]

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{WIN} Baby Dove celebrates #RealMoms

Motherhood isnt always pretty – it’s a fact. Yet, there are times when we feel like we have to suck it up and take it all in without showing or speaking up about our vulnerabilities. There is no doubt that we are more liberated than the generation of abo’mama bethu, who had to juggle all […]

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11 month baby update

11 months, oh baby! This post is 10 days late, someone has been keeping me very busy. I haven’t done a baby update since she was 7 months old, so A LOT has happened. I’m not sure if she falls into the baby category anymore?! How are you guys holding up in this weather? I […]

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My first Soweto Marathon

I surprised myself so much by taking part in my first Soweto Marathon. Just the word marathon is intimidating, I moaned and changed my mind a million times leading up to race day. It just freaked me out, but in the end it was done. I’m grateful to my sister for pushing me to do it […]

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