Young vs. older nanny

Does the age of your nanny mean anything to you? Have you ever had the young.vs.older nanny debate? Does it make a difference? Is the age an important criteria for you?


Let’s have a look at the complexities:


An older nanny:

The big pro’s with an older nanny is that she comes with vast experience, bearing in mind that she has probably raised children of her own.

She adds value and brings some peace of mind (due to her experience).

She could be more loyal and committed, since she is more settled and has already raised her own children.

She may not have the energy to run around after young toddlers.

Considering our African culture and the imperative to always respect elders, it may be more difficult to give instructions to her, or she may struggle to take direction from you.

Once again, because of our culture, she may want to lead and discipline you in your own home, as she would her own children.


A younger nanny:

She is most likely to be more energetic and flexible when looking after an infant or toddler.

Again, our African dynamics may come into play here, and she may show more respect to you as “her elder” or “employer”.

She may not remain with your family for a long time, due to better career opportunities or wanting to settle down and start a family of her own.

She may not have extensive experience with children.


I think that it’s difficult to “qualify” someone based on their age. Personally, experience and genuine love for children is key! Catch my tips on choosing a care-giver for your child here.


What has your experience been?



Modern Zulu Mom

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  1. Each has it’s pros and cons. I’ve always had younger nannies but after having to deal with the drama that comes with a pregnant nanny I can see why one would prefer an older nanny

  2. I have tried both Young and Old Nannies… Old nanny was a disaster for me to say the least, from lacking energy to wanting to boss me around,etc
    I’ve now got two good(not great lol) young nannies (26yrs and 30yrs) that look after my 3 kids (3yr old twins and a 6 month old), I’m able to delegate to them without feeling guilty, they are hands on with my kids, they play together, giggle,sing and have fun— which i like.

    My NON-NEGOTIABLE requirement is that the NANNY MUST have at least one LIVE child.
    I made a mistake of hiring a nanny whom i believed had kids sometime back, when I asked her if she had a child she said yes, 2 kids! Fine she came, but over sometime i noticed that she was not very friendly with my kids and she would snap at them, had no patience at all, only to later find out that her 2 kids that she told me about were actually stillborn 🙁 and she carried this bitterness with her and my kids reminded her of the kids that she never got to hold in her arms 🙂

  3. I have the worst nanny experience ever, both old and young. My child is only 2 years and I have already been through 6 nannys. I have come to a conclusion that they are all the same hey.
    And this is really sad because I work and study and I need someone reliable for my child but it’s really not easy.
    Most weekends I take my daughter to my mom because when she’s there I feel more relaxed and at ease, but I have a live-in nanny at home 🙁

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