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TommeeTippee Perfect Prep; Perfect Prep Review;

Known as the “Dream Machine”, the Perfect Prep helps you prepare a fresh bottle of formula, at the perfect temperature and in your preferred quantity in just a few minutes. See how it got it’s name?!

I’m very open-minded when it comes to baby feeding, because it all comes down to personal experience and choice. At the end of the day, we all want to be good parents who nourish and care for our children in the best way we can. I have tried diferent approaches with all three of my children and experienced the good and the bad. What has worked best for me this time around is mixed-feeding, meaning that I alternate between breastmilk and formula. 

As a full-time working mom, I rely heavily on my village (including hubby, mom, sister, nanny and aunt) to help me with taking care of the children and that includes feeding duties. Kgosi had his first experience with formula when he was a month old. His siblings love being involved and they always feel special when they help us out with things like feeding. 

If you have chosen to give your baby formula, the Perfect Prep will be a game-changer for your family. As a TommeeTippee ambassador, I got the opportunity to test and review the Perfect Prep and these are the stand-out features for me:

Bottle preparation is hygienic: 

What impressed me the most about the Perfect Prep is the innovation and focus on hygiene – the clever peeps at TommeeTippee didn’t just look at the time-saving features. The Perfect Prep has a unique “hot shot” technology which releases a burst of hot water at the beginning of the preparation process, to kill any potential bacteria in your formula. 

Over and above this feature, the unique water filter ensures that the water is clean and removes impurities. So the peace of mind is there right from the beginning.

The bottle is ready in about 2 minutes, at body temperature:

If you have experienced a baby’s hunger-cry, you will know why this is also at the top part of my list. The Perfect Prep Machine intelligently mixes your cold and hot water so that milk comes out at body temperature and is ready to serve immediately. This impressed me because it really feels like time is standing still when you’re waiting for a bottle to cool down in a container with ice and fridge water at 2am. 

You can serve a fresh bottle, without worrying about cooling or an upset baby stomach due to the milk sitting out for long. Our summer days and nights are very hot!

You can use it with different bottle sizes and any brand of formula:

Sometimes your baby needs a full feed and other times, a top up feed. With the Perfect Prep, you can select the exact amount of milk you want to prepare – which gives you flexibility and minimizes wastage. 

It will dispense an accurate amount of water for the bottle size that you select.

As parents, our choices and preferences will always differ, so I think this it’s also important to note that you can use your formula brand of choice. 

How it works:

Setting it up was simple – after I actually read the manual, like I was supposed to! Once your Perfect Prep is properly set up, you will follow these simple steps to prepare the bottle:

  • Sterilize the bottle before use
  • Select the size of the bottle by adjusting the dial and stand 
  • Wait for the initial “hot shot” to clear any bacteria
  • Add in the amount of formula you need, close the bottle and shake it
  • Place it back on the Perfect Prep and press the power button for the cooler water to be mixed in. Wait for the beep – you won’t miss it 🙂
  • Close the bottle, shake and serve
TommeeTippee Perfect Prep; Perfect Prep Review;

Some cleaning tips:

  • Always wash your hands and clean surfaces in your kitchen before preparing a bottle
  • Keep your Perfect Prep away from direct sunlight 
  • Clean your Perfect Prep regularly and whenever you replace it with a TommeeTippe filter
  • You can find additional cleaning instructions here.

The Perfect Prep is available in black or white. 

Sound like something you need? I would love to spoil a lucky parent with a Perfect Prep machine, valued at R2599!

To enter this amazing giveaway:

  1. Leave me a comment with the feature you love the most. 
  2. Follow @ModernZuluMom on Instagram or Facebook and @TommeeTippeZA on Instagram or Facebook

This giveaway will close on Tuesday 10 December 2019. 

Full T’s and C’s are available on this blog, under “giveaways”.

Best of luck! 


Modern Zulu Mom

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  1. Love the unique water filter that ensures the water is clean and removes impurities. The turn around time of prepping a bottle.

  2. Wow , I am on my last week of maternity leave. I have been worried and stressed about my baby feeding. I will not be able to express during the day because of my work environment so I have to start mixed feeding because my supply will decrease. I was worried about formula not being prepared well or the water not being warm enough. The Perfect Prep is exactly what I need. The feature I like is the temperature of the water and the hygiene.

  3. This would make my life so much easier as I have a 4 year old, 1 and a half year old and number 3 on the way with two babies on a bottle it’s going to be a bit challenging but with the feature that gives you your bottle at the perfect temperature always that will make it even more easier also the fact that your bottle is ready in about two minutes… Fingers crossed…

    1. I absolutely love the the unique water filter ensures that the water is clean and removes impurities.
      Will be a absolute delight and pleasure to win awaiting the arrival of a precious baby girl in December.
      Thank you for the opportunity to win

    2. Wow this is awesome, having a 1 month old is a 24hr job. Having this machine would me tremendously. My favorite feature is that is takes 2 minutes to prepare the bottles especially at night when I’m half asleep.

  4. I am so sold on this item. My son started formula two months ago & I prep all his bottles before I leave for work, because I only trust myself with the hygiene prep part. My favourite bit has to be the hot shot because the piece of mind it would give me. The bottle being ready in 2 minutes at the right temp would be life changing. I also love that its not clunky & looks portable & elegant.

  5. What I find amazing about the perfect Prep by Tommee Tippee is that it allows you to prepare a bottle at room temperature! BONUS- ready in two minutes! How awesome. As a first time mom I struggle to get baby’s bottle the perfect temperature especially during the night. What a game changer by Tommee Yippee! Well done 💗

  6. Amazing! I saw this yesterday at the Mama Magic expo at the Dome. My was I bowled over! As a mom working full time and having side hustles and juggling the kids this is definitely a game changer. I’m currently exclusively breastfeeding and was planning to introducing formula when my baby is 6 weeks. This will be a great tool as I hardly used formula for my first child. I love it’s convenience and timeliness and accuracy of mixing the formula for whatever quantity. Would be a great addition to my Tommee Tippe collection 😍.

  7. Wow talk about technology helping us mommies. I am blown away by this awesome gadget. My daughter whose 7months and a very big girl, goes through formula like it’s nothing and it’s really frustrating that at times I have to wait for the bottle to cool down before giving it to her. No matter how hard I try to plan around this, I find myself in this situation and the frustration that comes with it. I love that the water is at a perfect temperature to cut the waiting period and give my little one her feed when she needs and not a second later. The fact that it kills all potential bacteria with the “hot shot” is just an absolute bonus. It would give me peace of mind even on days when daddy has to make the bottle.
    Thank you tommee tippee for making life so much easier and simpler to look after our little ones.

  8. I Totally LOVE this perfect prep machine. I call it the “DREAM MACHINE”

    How i wish we had this years ago with my first born and second born childeren, this would just made my life so much easier.

    I was so used to boil hot water and cooled it down with a jug of ice😂and strugling with a kranky and screaming baby. while now with this awsome awsome machine you can have a perfect prep bottle in just 2 minutes how awsome is this. By simply having this DEAM MACHINE you save alot of time, and can spend more time cuddling your boo or just to relax.

    Ps : Thanks Tomeetipee for inventing this awsome product.

    Love xxz

  9. This will be very convenient for me. I’ve got a 2yo & 1yo who both drink 1L of milk each throughout the night. So, in order for them to get fresh milk, I have to wake up during the night & make the second bottles. Boil, wait for the water to cool down. Hence I said this is a much quicker way.

  10. I love it because it makes a fresh bottle, at the correct temperature, in less than 2 minutes. This machine would make preparing bottles a breeze.Fingers crossed.

  11. Ohhh wow!!! My favorite feature is hands down the ‘hot shot’ function. I mean!!! After washing and sterilizing bottles, I always wonder if they are clean enough, should I microwave a bit longer, should I rinse them again. This would give me piece of mind. I’m having a new baby and my 19 year old old only takes formula at this time as I’m resting before baby comes so that I’m geared up for breast feeding once more. This machine is a life saver🤞🏽

  12. “The Perfect Prep has a unique “hot shot” technology which releases a burst of hot water at the beginning of the preparation process, to kill any potential bacteria in your formula. ” I think this is a Brilliant function

  13. I love this because of the hot shot technology feature which is a feature that kills any potential bacteria in the formula Hygiene is important especially for baba secondly I love that I know my baby will be drinking the right temperature As a first time mom my wish was to breastfeed but unfortunately that didn’t happen 🙁 with breastfeeding one of the awesome benefits is that the temperature is always right now to have such a great product for formula fed baby is the best…

  14. I would definitely love to win this! I know I’d make good use of it and spend my extra time bonding with my little one. It’s bacteria free and very convenient when it comes to time. My fingers are crossed

  15. I love that it only takes 2 min and at perfect temperature, no more worrying that the bottle us too hot, and baby is crying for her feed.

  16. The hygiene factor is amazing. The water filtration system as well as that shot of hot water. All in all though…. What’s not to love. All the features are perfectly thought out to add to the “village” because I think every mum needs all the help she can get

  17. The @tommeetippeeza Perfect Prep Machine is a dream for every mom. As a first time mom-to-be I don’t want to be anxious about what to expect especially when it comes to preparing a bottle for my hungry, crying baby at 2am. I love that in just 2 minutes to prep for a bottle means I get to feed my baby quicker, it will make life easier and give me more cuddle and quality time with my little bundle ❤️😍👌🤞🤰👶

  18. I absolutely love the fact that it has water filter! Who doesn’t not love some clean filtered water:-) especially with my 6 week old bottle feed princess, this would surely make life a little easier when it comes to preparing her “Bobo” aka bottle :-).

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