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Over the last few months, I’ve come to know and appreciate the work that My School My Village My Plant is doing across South Africa. You may recall that I joined the team when they launched a children’s reading centre  in March.

Before this, I used to have a card, but I never used it as strictly as I do now, because I didn’t fully understand the benefit and the many lives I could change, by simply swiping my card when I make certain purchases! For example, if I swipe my card at Woolies, they will make a contribution to my preferred charity on my behalf, without it costing me a cent or extra effort. Upon sign-up, you choose a charity that you would like to support and it’s all systems go from there!


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In the latest My School My Village My Plant campaign, the amazing team has pledged R1 million in donations and is calling on South Africans to vote now for their favourite charity or environmental organisation. In this challenge, every vote secures a R5 donation for the organisation of your choice. Over and above this, if you share your vote via social media, the charity will get ANOTHER R5. It may seem small, but imagine the impact of hundreds of us gathering to support our favourite charities! At the end of the campaign, five lucky voters will also each win a R5000 Woolies gift card.



I thought I would share something about the charity that I voted for – “Surgeons For Little Lives”. This is a phenomenal organisation, which is run by a group of surgeons and ordinary individuals, who pledge their time, resources and skills to help less fortunate South African children who are in need of life-changing surgery. As I parent, I can’t imagine how I would feel if I could not get access to surgery that could save or give my child a better chance at life; and this is why this particular cause stood out for me.






Of course, I encourage you to vote for the charity that speaks and touches YOUR heart personally. The full list of organisations is available

If you don’t have a My School My Village My Plant card yet, please sign up for one for FREE here

Make your difference

Votes will close on 18 June 2018 which means that we have 13 days to go! To vote now, click here
I would love to hear which charities you vote for, keep me posted Mamas.

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  1. This is such a great initiative. I actually need to change the recipient on my card. And I’ve been putting it off. This is the reminder I need to get this done ASAP

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