[GIVEAWAY] Vaseline Petroleum Jelly has 101 different uses + my top 15

Vaseline® Healing Project ;

When you think of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly, do you think of your grandmother or mother like I do? While growing up, Vaseline was the answer to absolutely all skin ailments. We used it as a daily moisturizer, lip balm and scar treatment. I can almost still hear my mom’s voice “faka e’Vaseline”, which simply translates to “just apply Vaseline” haha.

The older I get, the more I become just like the women who raised me, I send Lesedi to school with a pocket-size Vaseline, because he has inherited my dry skin and I give Khumo a massage after her bath and then use a thick layer in her nappy to prevent nappy rash. Without proper skin care, the simplest skin conditions can turn into serious issues that make it difficult to do everyday tasks, like take care of your children. It’s just one of those things we take for granted isn’t it?



Benefits of using Vaseline Petroleum Jelly



The harsh winter might have done some damage to your skin. Although you and I may be able to afford dermatologists and other specialists, the reality in South Africa is that there is only one dermatologist for every 3-4 million people in the public sector.

That’s where the Vaseline Healing Project, a partnership with Direct Relief medical aid, has stepped in to try and bridge the gap to empower communities. Through this project, nurses across the country are receiving the correct equipment, products and training to properly diagnose and treat skin problems, with the mission to help restore the skin of 5 million people living in vulnerable conditions by 2020.


Vaseline Healing Project

Vaseline  Petroleum Jelly has 101 different uses; here are my top 15 uses:


Petroleum Jelly; benefits of Petroleum Jelly; uses of Petroleum Jelly


Results of my Vaseline cuticle treatment:


Vaseline® Healing Project ;


Vaseline is the number 1 skin care brand in South Africa, so much so that in our family, other moisturisers and jellies are also called Vaseline. I always have a good laugh when I hear that.


Benefits of using Vaseline Petroleum Jelly

What do you use Vaseline Petroleum Jelly for in your household?

Leave me a comment below and you could win a Vaseline Petroleum Jelly hamper. Because Vaseline provides dermatological training to student nurses and donates First Aid Kits, I’ll throw in one of their Kits in addition to: 

  • 1 x 450ml Original Petroleum Jelly
  • 1 x 250ml Vitamin E Petroleum Jelly
  • 1 x 250ml Germ Safe Petroleum Jelly
  • 1 x 250ml Aloe Fresh Petroleum Jelly
  • 1 x 250ml Cocoa Butter Petroleum Jelly
  • 1 x 250ml Men Petroleum Jelly


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Entries close on Wednesday 24 August 2016 (edit: extended to 30 August 2016).

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  1. My sister has super dry feet and my advise to her ALWAYS… soak her feet in warm water use pumice stone to exfoliate dry dead skin then smother Vaseline PJ and Wear socks for like an hour or two. And see magic happen.
    I personally use it to when exfoliating my lips on those dry cold winter days. Mix Vaseline PJ with brown sugar….. and gently message the lips. Feels amazing

  2. Vaseline is so incredibly versatile. It’s a great lip balm! I use Vaseline to help moisturize, soften, and smooth lips – Yup. Use it at night as a lip balm and my lips are soft and smooth when I wake up.

  3. When my babies were little I used to buy the expensive bum creams – tried all brands. One day an older mom told me to just use Vaseline and I never looked back. It worked 100% as a bum cream to protect baby’s bottom and it saved me a ton of money in the long run! I’d recommend using Vaseline over any brand of bum cream to any new Mom.

  4. I ddnt know it hides split ends!?
    You can also use it to ensure scents of perfumes last longer by applying it first on the areas you spray perfume on before the actual spray!

  5. I love Vaseline I use it for my daughter frizzy hair works wonders, I use it between my thighs as they tend to darken. I use it under my eyes for keep wrinkles at away. I use it on my heals before I sleep and put socks on. I totally love #vaseline

  6. I use it on my lips, on cuts and scratches and also on my eyebrows when I’m waxing.. I put it over the parts that I don’t want to get wax all over. My mum uses it when she’s dyes her hair so that she doesn’t get dye on her face and neck. I also use it on my dry nose when I have a cold.

  7. • Petroleum jelly is hugely versatile, and it’s used all over the world to protect and heal dry skin, from dry, cracked hands to hard skin on heels, as well as for beauty purposes, like softening the lips or highlighting the cheekbone. I make a wonderful and inexpensive exfoliator! Just mix jelly with a bit of sugar or sea salt and scrub away! Soothing shoe blisters. Smear on a little bit of jelly on the parts of the shoe that rub against your foot. Bye bye blisters! tweeted @rehanaseedat and shared facebook

  8. Having psoriasis its a must have to keep skin hydrated and stops forming scales. Kids use on lips and skin burns and scrapes.

  9. I apply Vaseline to my forehead and ears when I dye my hair. It makes cleaning off extra dye and little mishaps a breeze.

  10. I use Vaseline religiously daily massaging into my aching joints. It helps to soothe the pain while moisturizing. I finish about 2 tubs a month. Really good stuff.

  11. From birth, my mom used Vaseline on me and with growing up I found that my skin loved it and it always keeps my skin hydrated and moisturized, through the day.
    In our household now, I use Vaseline on my 6 year old son, who I noticed quickly becomes dry with creams or lotions from being such a busy body. And also with the winter season upon us, my partner also started using it and loves the moisture and warmth that Vaseline gives him.

  12. I Mostly use vaseline for my cracked lips in winter, Its very useful to keep your face moistured during winter ,, Vaseline Has many uses and its sooo good

  13. I use vaseline when I put up my hair in a high ponytail . I hate to use hair sprays so when I have that strand of hair that just doesn’t lay flat, I rub a small amount of vaseline on it. Does the trick!

  14. i remember when imy child was 3 weeks i could not afford a product for nappy rash i used it as it was my only option and oh boy it did wonders ill never trade my vaseline for anything else

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