What you need to know about Vacation Ownership + WIN a family holiday

I’m with and around my children almost every day but I’ll be honest and say that I don’t feel like I have been spending enough QUALITY time with them. If I’m not rushing them out of the house for school in the morning, I’m nagging about homework or settling down for bedtime. It’s not often that they see their mommy relaxed or not stressing about her endless to-do list. It’s tiring to be that mom, but that’s the reality that comes with the everyday responsibilities right?!

We haven’t been able to get away for family breaks as much as I would have liked us to – for a number of reasons, everything from our long-distance family set up, to our work calendar clashes and of course affordability. The first two can be sorted out more easily than the latter – because the truth is that holidaying becomes more and more expensive each year.

That is the reality for most families and one of the reasons why timeshare has been such a valuable option for many families, for many years. Prior to engaging with the Vacation Ownership Association of Southern Africa (VOASA), I didn’t fully realise all the benefits of having timeshare and that’s why I wanted to come back and share them with you.


South African Parenting Blog_VOASA_Dikhololo_

What is timeshare and how does it work?

Timeshare is basically a property that has divided ownership or use of rights. Owners make a one-time purchase of furnished resort accommodations at a fraction of whole ownership costs and pay an annual maintenance fee. The accommodations are priced according to a variety of factors, including size of the unit, resort amenities, location and season of use.

There are a wide range of timeshare products available are designed to suit many different lifestyles; this was an important factor for me, because we all come from different backgrounds, so a one-size-fits-all approach to how we select our vacations wouldn’t work. Read about them here


And who is VOASA?

They are an industry body that provides consumers like you and I, with assistance when purchasing timeshare to safeguard us against fraudulent business practice. As we know, there are many fly-by-night companies all over the place that could see you losing money and seeing nothing for it. That’s one of the most important principles I’ve learnt about timeshare over the last few weeks and the one I urge you to remember clearly – do your research and ensure that the timeshare organisation is a member of VOASA.

VOASA also serves to ensure that high standards of ethics are upheld by its members, who include reputable companies that have been in the industry since the early 1970’s.

A few weeks ago, my family and I were invited to experience the facilities at a VOASA member resort, called Dikhololo, which is situated in Brits. To say the children were overjoyed would be an understatement. They lost their minds!!!

After all the nagging and travelling on a dusty road, we arrived to a beautiful and tranquil setting, where we were welcomed by the friendliest ladies. Our check-in was smooth and we were given a list of all the facilities and activities available on the resort. We decided to check into our room first, before proceeding to relax on the pool deck and have drinks.


VOASA_South African Parenting Blog


We spent the rest of the weekend relaxing, eating and exploring – most importantly, mommy didn’t have to rush anyone and we finally got to spend that quality family time together.

Our highlights were definitely being greeted by the gorgeous buck in the morning, the heated pool, kids gaming area, the 360-degree viewing decks and our afternoon walks along the dam.


South African Parenting Blog_VOASA_Dikhololo_


There is so much to do at Dikololo, that we could have spent a week there without getting bored. To name a few things:

Super tubes and both cold/heated pools

  • Game drives
  • Bird Watching
  • Games Room: Kids
  • Jumping Pillow
  • Jungle Gym
  • Lapa / Boma
  • Multicourt: Cricket/Soccer/Basket Ball
  • Pool Table
  • Putt n Play
  • Restaurant
  • Squash and Tennis Courts


South African Parenting Blog_Travel

South African Parenting Blog_Travel Review


So let’s get into the benefits of timeshare?

During our stay at Dikololo, I did an Instagram poll asking parents if they would ever consider buying timeshare and this was the feedback:


Instagram poll_South African Travel


There was a clear majority, with 74% of the participants indicating that they would definitely consider buying timeshare for their families. I didn’t expect that there would be so much interest – but when I really think about it, who wouldn’t want to explore and show their children our beautiful country, in an affordable way?!

Allow me to share with you all the benefits of timeshare.


Why is timeshare beneficial for young families?

Guaranteed vacation time

  • By purchasing a shared ownership product you can secure a future holiday lifestyle at today’s prices and for the period you need. This is a huge benefit, when we take the current performance of the rand into consideration.
  • With vacation ownership, future vacations are already pre-paid, so you are more likely to plan ahead and use your well-deserved time off. As a working parent, you will know when to book your annual leave and you will take that much-deserved break when the time comes.


  • Firstly, the option of buying a holiday home is neither an affordable or viable option for the average South African family, however, the access to a variety of holiday destinations becomes easier and affordable with timeshare. Hotels costs add up quickly and increase each year, making shared ownership a more affordable option.
  • A variety of feasible vacation ownership options and price points are available to fit almost any budget


South African Parenting Blogger_Travel Review

South African Travel Blog

  • Since you would have already paid for the accommodation, you will not have a big bill to pay at the end of your stay. Vacation ownership allows you to travel without the stress of needing cash to pay for accommodation on the spur of the moment.

Flexibility, variety and exchange

  • It offers a home-away-from-home holiday accommodation with full kitchen facilities, which mean even more savings with the cook and eat option. We were able to bring our own food, including the children’s much-loved porridge (that they eagerly expect around 7am). We were then able to spoil ourselves to dinners at the restaurant.
  • You and your family are never locked into one destination. Of course, you will have some family favourites over the years, but as your children grow and family needs change, you will appreciate having lots of variety when it comes to accommodation. You don’t have to go back to the same place at the same time year after year, instead you can holiday whenever and wherever you want – and more regularly. There’s lots of choice in where and when to travel locally or abroad, the duration of your vacation and the size of your accommodation.
  • There is a variety of exchange options should you choose to holiday at an alternate to your home resort, you can get further rental holidays as well as international exchange options.


South African Travel_Parenting BLog

South African Travel_Parenting BLog

Spacious Accommodation

  • Vacation ownership accommodations have fully equipped sizeable living areas, kitchens, private bedrooms and balconies.
  • Vacation ownership offers all comforts of a home in a variety of different settings.


South African Parenting Bloger_ Travel

High quality service and credible members

  • Vacation ownership resorts are professionally managed and maintained, so you know you can expect consistent high quality standards of hospitality and service.
  • There are over 100 resorts to choose from in South Africa and thousands worldwide if you work through an exchange company such as RCI.
  • Global brands such as Marriot, Hyatt, Hilton, Sheraton, Disney and Wyndham and in South Africa Tsogo Sun, Sun International and Legacy Hotels and resorts are among the brands that actively engage in growing this industry beyond its current owners of 750 000 owners.


South African Parenting Blog_VOASA_Dikhololo!



There is no gambling with your accommodation

  • Exploring new destinations can be a gamble if the accommodation does not live up to its promises. But with the consistent quality of shared vacation ownership, your home-like accommodations with full facilities is a sure bet allowing plenty of space for togetherness and room for privacy. We stayed in a 6-sleeper, as my mom and sister came with us and we felt comfortable with the space.

Generates employment

  • The vacation ownership generates employment to about 27 000 people especially in South Africa. It also contributes billions of rand to the GDP, according to a Grant Thornton survey undertaken by the VOASA.


What you need to pay special attention to:

The credibility of the timeshare/organisation

I mentioned earlier that there are a lot of fraudsters out there. This is the exact reason why the VOASA recommends that one strictly does business with its registered members; these can be viewed on their website. When you do this, you will have the peace of mind that the vacation club you choose is credible and verified. VOASA has put together some guidelines, with the view of empowering the consumer with the knowledge needed to ensure a peace of mind purchase. To view the full list of purchasing guidelines, please visit this page 

Regardless of how many exciting things I’m doing in my life, the most precious time is that spent with my family. This experience has really given me so much peace of mind around timeshare and I feel so much more empowered. I started this blog, because I’ve always wanted to share and engage all my readers as well and I hope you found this piece useful.

*Disclaimer* this post was powered by VOASA however, all research and opinions expressed are my own. Remember to do your own research and take the time to ask lots of questions. I hope the guidelines and benefits outlined will be of assistance to you. Visit VOASA  to get more information.


South African Parenting Blog_VOASA_


Giveaway details

Are you ready for the most amazing giveaway?! This has to be my biggest and most luxurious giveaway ever **drum roll**…

I will be giving away a three-night weekend getaway in a 2-bedroom self-catering unit at a choice of 30 country-wide properties within the First Group portfolio of resorts, hotels and chalets.

PS: T’s and C’s for both the venue and my blog apply! The prize is redeemable in off-peak season only. You can view the available accommodation at First Resorts 

HOW STUNNING GUYS?! You can never say I don’t love you!

First Resorts Giveaway


To enter this FAB giveaway, leave me a comment telling me about YOUR timeshare experience.

Do you have timeshare, if so, what do you love about it?

If not, why would you consider investing in timeshare for your family?

This giveaway will close on 31 October 2018


Wishing you all the best!


Modern Zulu Mom


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  1. Growing up my family always had timeshares, we had the most amazing holidays away in self catering accommodation, from sun city to Port Alfred I really believe we utilized it well. Its something I’ve been seriously considering as my own family starts to grow up and I think long term would benefit us more then standard hotels .

  2. Hey There

    So iv never thought of getting time share always considered it something that was out of my price range. I’ll actually give it more research we’be been thinking of setting up more regular vacation time with the family.

  3. Hi Modern Zulu Mom?
    We’ve been talking about having regular holidays with my family but affordability was our main issue. I’m definitely researching more about timeshare but from this post, it seems to be a sensible route for ensuring we take vacations.
    Thanks for sharing ??

  4. My experience with timeshare has been through friends who have it. Every year our friends go away to their timeshare, I just love the consistency of it, holidays can often just be best intentions for the year and without proper planning it becomes undone or super expensive and reactive excursion.

  5. I have been thinking of getting Timeshare for my family because honestly December staycation is overrated my daughter gets bored and I run out of ideas on how to entertain her. Most importantly I need to pull hubby away from work our marriage is suffering we need to reconnect and spend some quality time together.

  6. I do not have it but would love to get it because I feel so bad that I can’t take my daughter and son anywhere, I know they are young and won’t remember much but I would still like to make those memories you know and not just take them to spur all the time, I want them to have experiences i never had as a child.. It saddens me when they don’t go anywhere holiday time..hubby doesn’t work and its all on me so I want to just take a break from life’s responsibilities because I am exhausted but unfortunately its not possible at the moment.. I think with timeshare going away would be a given, no stresses about where to go etc and it seems affordable so why not.. definitely going to read up more on this

  7. I don’t have any timeshare experience… In fact the only time we go away is with my parents timeshare. We literally cannot afford timeshare yet… But hopefully next year will be better for us and I can give my kids memories filled with family fun that my parents gave me and my sibling ❤️ This is such an awesome giveaway that is so much more than just a giveaway… This will give a family lifelong memories ❤️

  8. I do not have Timeshare, i would consider getting one because we love to travel, as a mom who just started discovering herself. I love to get some time off and spend some quality time with my boys. With timeshare might end at my dream destination 🙂

  9. Love pics, very informative too thanks to you!

    Growing up ww never really had vacations at home as we couldn’t afford so I’ve learned about traveling as I became an adult 😀

    I’d really love to invest more to timeshare for the benefit of my kids mostly other than myself. Seems like a way to go.

    Thank you for heads up!

  10. I don’t have time share but I would consider it. It’s very hard affording anything in this tough economy. Our last family holiday was 2 and a half years ago. That’s how tough it has been. Everything is so pricey . This would feel like saving up and the. Taking a great vacation now and then

  11. Currently I don’t have time share and I’m thankful that you shared this informative article. I remember once we took a vacation to durban and whilst we were on holiday we came across a group of telling selling this vacation club timeshare only to find out that It was a scam and the company was not legit. You’ve really opened my eyes now and I know what to look for when buying time share. Everything has become so expensive this days and taking vacation seems to be breaking that savings account or too much spending unnecessarily on your credit card meanwhile there’s opportunities available to us which are cheaper to consider when going on holiday especially now that I have a family of four we’re always stuck between pleasing the kids and making sure they have fun and also something beautiful for the adults to enjoy as well and this can really hit hard on the pocket.

  12. I don’t have timeshare, but it definitely sounds like something I would consider. I love going away with hubby and the kids.. but unfortunately unforeseen things in life happen. It really sounds like a great investment.. I mean, who doesn’t love getting away for a week-end.. its just awesome 🙂 fingers crossed.. hubby and I will be celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary and would absolutely love to go somewhere special.. with the kids of course 🙂

  13. I have never considered timeshare because I always thought it was too expensive. We’ve put off a family vacation for so long as during the school holidays prices sky rocket and having to pay holiday accomodation, travel costs and other expenses in one go, gets expensive. Your post has really changed my mind about timeshare and made me realise how important getting away with your kids are. They grow so quickly and one day I would like them to be able to tell their families of the awesome family vacations they had growing up.

  14. We’ve been fortunate growing up , my dad has a timeshare which has meant many memories for us a family and now we do the same with my kids.

  15. I do not have timeshare as I normally thought that only rich people could afford this luxury. After reading your informative article, I really need to invest in this. We take about 6-8 holidays per year i think this would really benefit my pocket in the long run as I spend a lot of money on accomodation

  16. After reading this post I would definitely consider getting timeshare. I honestly had no idea how timeshare worked and what it meant to have it. Now that I’m a Mommy, it makes so much sense to invest in holiday time for my family. Great Post Thando! Thank you

  17. I don’t have a timeshare experience yet but would definitely love to have one. As a single mother, finding the balance between work, taking care if your baby and taking care of yourself is very hard. I can only spend time with her after work and currently cannot afford a holiday due to responsibilities of parenting. I’d love to go on holiday with my child, to make her see that time spent together is possible, even though she’s young I want memories and I want to have them with her by my side.

  18. 4 months away from welcoming my first ever, brand spanking new, tiny-toed cadet, and already the anxiety of how to make his life experience on earth worthwhile keeps me up at night. Not wanting to be known as simply a “baker of humans” only, I’ve been looking at ways to ensure and invest in spells and spells of adventure for my little king, just as any aspiring genie would. This is the first time I’ve heard of timeshare, to be honest, and it reads as a possible tool towards securing frozen moments that would go in our proverbial collage of “The Adventures of Sugarbean and Mamabean” that I pray to embark on the minute he gets here. Timeshare is an answered prayer to our mom/son duo! Sounds like the perfect inaugural holiday experience for me and my little bean! ??

    Thank you for sharing!

  19. Such an interesting article, thank you babe ❤️
    So great to read from the perspective of a modern young mom as time share often seems a bit outdated, and also something our generation wouldn’t consider. I would definitely look into this. Always love your suggestions! Crossing fingers that we are the winners ??❤️

  20. I have always thought it was expensive and the packages i found online affirmed it.Me and my friend and the kids love travelling,we use a certain hotel membership card which gives us discounts on our stays.

    However after reading this piece,i will definitely be doing more research on it and what it has to offer.

  21. We do not have timeshare but it sounds like an amazing way to get some vacay time with the family…my hubby had a colleague who owned timeshare but he could only go to that one place and not to different resorts and he was tired of the same place all the time so we would pay his yearly fee(not sure what fee exactly) of about R600 and we would get a week at Ngwenya Lodge in the Kruger… hood to see that the destinations can be changed.

  22. We do have The Holiday Club timeshare. I believe its great value for money. We get to visit amazing luxurious places that we normally wont have a chance to. The facilities and accommodation units are alwayss amazing and more than we expect. Booking is easy and quick especially during off peak seasons plus there are always discounts.

  23. I didn’t care much for timeshare before I was a parent. Now I hve to think of things to do on school holidays and create environments that enhance the time spent together. I have asked around about how timeshare works since two colleagues shared their experience of timeshare that they have and have been enjoying for the last 34 years

  24. Hello
    Well I’ve never really experienced that… And it’s weird because for the first time ever in my life, around June I told my friend that I need a little break from a lot of things that happened this year, I knew I can’t afford but I was just too excited at the idea and thought I’ll just save up and eventually I’ll have enough, long story cut short, I couldn’t.
    But I would consider investing in this because besides the fact that I love luxurious things, I stay with people who aren’t my real parents and they have done way too much for me, so I’d love to invest as much as I can to show my love and appreciation… And, I think everyone deserves a break every once in a while, life can be overwhelming

  25. No never had timeshare ,as my partner hates the 1 hour 40 minutes long meeting and they say you get a guaranteed holiday but nothing given ,many bad experience and will not invest in timeshare

  26. I do no have timeshare, I am considering investing in timeshare because I never have cash to take my family away on vacations and I have a colleague at work who has timeshare and I always envy how she is able to take her family away for vacations and I would like to do the same for my family as well.

  27. My timeshare experience was through my mother. It wasn’t a good one though! She joined a club where she paid for her time share but it ended up being closer to a scam. Every time we would want to utilize it to go on holiday, there was be a huge fee or lump sum we would have to pay and we thought, well what is the point? So right now we are looking to see more options. This blog post has been very helpful! My wish is to win this experience because out of the 4 years my mother has has hers, we have only gone to one holiday in the Drakensburg and the reason she got it in the first place was to live her dream of traveling but it ended up being a financial nightmare! So I will definitely be sharing this post with her on how to find a better timeshare and what it is actually about and how it is suppose to benefit our family. It would be lovely to spoil her with a much needed holiday that she has not been able to have! Fingers crossed and lots of love xx

  28. My late parents had timeshare and the endless memories that came with the road trips and travelling throughout South Africa will always stay in my heart. I have a 4year old daughter who I think is the sole reason why I should invest in timeshare. She deserves to see the rest of our beautiful land and not be penalised by her mother’s shame of being a single mother and worrying about what people say.

  29. I do not have timeshare; but what i know is my family has not had a break since the birth of our daughter who is a year; due to financial constraints and after birth costs and sickness after labour; it has been rough; the were days wher my partner didnt know if i would make it to see our daughter; i had complications and been in and out of hospital most of this first year. We have not been able to give our daughter a 1st birthday party; but a short holiday could renew our spirits and give us time with her without having to rush to the 8-5 job.


  30. Thanks so much for sharing this informative piece! I didn’t know about timeshare until reading your blog post and I must say it makes so much sense. My family and I have not been on holiday in years and this is due to the extensive financial planning that goes into going on holiday. Something like this would make a once a year holiday a guarantee and help so much in bringing my family even closer together than we are already. It’s so important to have time away to relax and recoup before tackling another year’s challenges. Definitely spreading the word about this!


  31. Hello Modern Zulu Mom
    I haven’t experienced timeshare and it is actually my first time hearing about it but based on your review it sounds amazing and it appears you really had a good time with your family.
    I last went on a holiday with my family in 2014,my parents hit rock-bottom in 2015 and 2016 but we are managing right now
    We would really enjoy the experience plus my Mom will be turning 50 in December and this would really lift up her spirits


  32. Hey.,

    First time I hear about timeshare. I’ve always thought of one day being able to buy a holiday home. The holiday home would only be in one destination though which would force my family to go to one place all the time. With timeshare we would certainly be able to explore and tour our beautiful country more. Traveling isn’t only relaxing and a time to re-energize but it comes with a lot of learning especially for the kids. My wish is for my kids to learn and be open and certainly be appreciative of many cultures and ways of living. This I realize would happen through timeshare and with not much cost. But certainly a huge benefit of going to many places or at least not being bound to one destination. Costs of purchasing are also not expensive as that of buying a holiday home.

    We haven’t yet had a family vacation because as the mother I always think it a daunting task ☺️? packing for everyone because that way I know no one leaves anything.

  33. Hi Thando, thank you for your exciting and very informative piece. I honestly never knew platforms like Timeshare and the Vacation Ownership Association of South Africa exists. My fiancé and I took our first family vacation in December last year with our then months old daughter. Things have since then gotten more complicated as our baby girl grows older, we require more quality time and vacations to unwind. Timeshare makes so much sense for us as it’s extremely affordable, offers tailored options and allows for one to regularly vacation whenever and wherever. What stood out the most for us is that it’s a safe space as long as it’s under the VOASA. We will certainly look into becoming shared vacation owners ourselves. Thank you for this eye opener!

  34. I don’t have timeshare but it is something that my husband and I want to get as it’ll be “guaranteed holiday” that we’ll take. Especially with the busyness of life, there’s nothing better than taking out time to relax, reconnect and make memories as a family. Now with our little one growing up fast and enjoying the outdoors it’s always a good idea to have a holiday and that’s the notion behind having timeshare.

  35. Heyy . The most I’ve actually heard about timeshares comes from American movies ( my wife & kids ). I didn’t even think that you could get them in South Africa but had I known this , it would be a thing I looked into . Knowing you have accommodation for your holidays & you okay today’s price is soo convenient .

  36. I have had very bad experience with my family. Buying time shares was like having a bad credit for a holiday we didnt have as yet. We would be harassed when we couldnt pay as though we had already went on holiday thus owing simething. That whole exlerience and the treatment left a bad taste in my mouth. So much so that I am afraid when I hear the word “timeshare” ??? I would love a holiday though, am a mom of 4 and a breadwinner. Life is challenging!

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