Cartoon Network: UniKitty + WIN tickets to CN Live!

The screen-time battle is a reality for most parents. This year, I’ve been able to manage the screen time in our household a lot more, largely due to the fact that Sedi in ‘senior’ primary now and is focusing more on the endless projects, cycle tests and his love for soccer; while Khumo spends half of her day in play school . I have also found that the two of them can relate and do so much more together, like running outside, art and make-believe games, now that we can finally make out what Khumo is saying.

Sedi has a TV in his room, but hardly makes use of it unless there’s a special soccer game on. We spend most of our time in and around our lounge and living area, so we can be around each other and be close to the snack-cupboard (okay maybe that’s just me). I also want to be involved in monitoring exactly what they watch.

Of course, there is always excitement when there is new content on our screens. When we heard about the launch of UniKitty, we set some time to watch it together – I pre-recorded a few shows and we did a mini UniKitty marathon with popcorn.

The interesting and colourful graphics were the first things to catch my eye. They’re a loud but fun crew! By the end of the first episode, I had already caught onto the energy and (child-friendly) humour.



So who is UniKitty?

UniKitty is Cartoon Network’s newest series. UniKitty lives in a kingdom with her little brother Puppy Corn. It’s a story about her royal kingdom where everything is perfect… until it’s not. She tries so hard to keep everyone and everything perfectly happy that sometimes she loses it and hilarious disaster ensues!
A break-out character from the box office smash THE LEGO MOVIE, UniKitty is getting her own TV Show (and toy line very soon!).




We love her for being both kind and feisty! She’s loud, energetic and wants everyone around her to be happy. You will often find her singing and being very protective over her Prince PuppyCorn (aka little’bro). “Princess UniKitty” as she is affectionately known, reminds me of those people who always wake up on the right side of the bed and see the positive in every situation! And yes, we’ve caught onto the rockstar the theme song!

Here is what she believes:

• Always be yourself,
• Don’t be afraid to dance
• Stay positive!

UniKitty is targeted at boys and girls aged 6-11.

All the UniKingdom excitement came together magically for us when we attended the UniKitty activation in Sandton City this past weekend. We got our own real experience of the fun and madness. The kids went WILD for the UniKitty money-machine, where they won some cool prizes. I watched with envy from the sidelines.

Here’s what happened:


Yes, Khumo copies everything her brother says, it melts my heart!


What to look forward to from the Cartoon Network family this winter:

Cartoon Network Live

This will be a first in South Africa and it’s happening over the winter school holidays. Cartoon Network Live!, will feature Cartoon Network’s most popular heroes from Ben 10, The Amazing World of Gumball, Adventure Time and The Powerpuff Girls, in an interactive and spectacular stage production for kids aged 5+.

This brand new live show will be coming to:
• Cape Town from 26th June 2018 at the Grand Arena, GrandWest
• Johannesburg from 3rd July 2018 at Montecasino


Guess what? I’m giving away four sets of double tickets to the show (2x Cape Town & 2x Johannesburg)!! To enter, leave me a comment telling me what you love about UniKitty, it’s that simple!

Giveaway rules:
• Entries close on 18 June 2018
• Winners will be notified by email
• Prize is not transferable/negotiable and may not be exchanged for cash. The prize will only include the aforementioned tickets to the show (either Cape Town or Johannesburg) and do not include travel expenses, meals or any additional expenses.
• This giveaway is open to South African residents only


Disclaimer: I will always encourage moms to monitor the content that their children watch. Remember to block content that you find inappropriate.


Good luck,
Modern Zulu Mom

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  1. What I love about UniKitty are the things she believes in and those are the things I would love my daughter to grow up believing also. • Always be yourself
    • Don’t be afraid to dance
    • Stay positive!
    I believe that this three will make her happier in a world where they will try make you out to be something you are not, I never want her to be afraid of anything and to always be positive even on her hardest days

  2. One thing I especially love about the Unikitty cartoon is just how happy it is.
    The lack of real cynicism in it kinda gives it a bit of its own identity in a very negativity-centric animation era.
    The whole show’s purpose is just to make you smile, and I really love that ( Cape Town )

  3. What I love about UniKitty always being positive like my son would say “Mama we make mistakes but we must always try again “, he also loves dancing just like UniKitty even though he isn’t that good.

  4. It was my first time watching UniKitty this morning and reading through this mini blog really affirmed that she is a ball of warmth and happiness. Much like me with my nephews and nieces, I love that she is very protective over her Prince PuppyCorn.
    I will be watching more of her fo sho!

  5. I love that Unikitty is full of enthusiasm and creativity and always making sure her people are happy. She gets angry whenever someone makes her brother and puppycorn upset and hates negativity. Would love to take my boys to the show at Grand Arena

  6. Hiyeeeee…
    When I hear that I know I have lost my daughter to the t.v screen as she watches unikitty.
    I love how unikitty teaches my very shy daughter how to always stand up for yourself… and that in doing so, doesn’t mean you are being a bad person and how unikitty just oooozes happiness… I know my daughter is in a good mood when she finds herself singing the theme song even way after the cartoons had ended!

  7. Unikitty sounds and acts ust like my daughter. She loves to dance, my daughter is a dancer too and never afraid to try out new things. Unikitty also doesnt like to see her brother upset, just like my daughter. She is very protective of her little brother.

  8. Oh wow, thanks for the introduction to Unikitty. Definitely something i will find myself unintentionally watching with my boys.
    Unikitty is a very loving, caring, kind and cheerful character with an infectious laugh/giggle, which I know my almost 2 year old will certainly giggle back at.
    She is also very chirpy and optimistic. Her personality will rub off on the kids for sure.

  9. Wow I think I need to introduce my kids to UniKitty. My son loves Ben Tennison (Ben Ten ) JHB. He is obsessed with Ben 10. He likes him because he is a hero that he can relate to (age and size wise). He loves the fact that he is seems to be a normal boy but with extra-ordinary powers to save the world from the bad.

  10. I love the fact that unikitty is mostly interested in making sure everyone is happy and ridding the kingdom of negativit.
    Unikitty is a force to be reckoned with if anyone gets in the way of spreading her positive vibes, especially if anyone makes her own little brother and best friend Puppycorn sad.

  11. With a boys crew, Unikitty’s positive vibes and sibling love really helps me maintain the peace when sibling rivalries creep in, would definitely love to take my minions to this one, hope I’m not too late

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