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When I was in school, Twinsaver boxes always made the annual stationary list. Now that I’m a parent, I can confirm that not much has changed – they are here to stay! I really get it now, there are so many runny noses in my household throughout the year, so naturally, they happen at school too.

Twinsaver has been a brand that I’ve loved and trusted for many years. I think it was inspired by mom or maybe I must credit the school, haha! I always have them around, everywhere from next to my bed, in my office or the pocket tissues in my bag. And then of course everywhere else for the kids!




As soon as I heard about Twinsaver’s competition, which will see a few lucky families winning R10 000 towards their school fees, I knew I had to share it with you. As a mom, paying for two sets of fees, I know this would bring great relief to any family, in our tough economic climate.

Stand a chance to win R10 000 towards your child’s school fees with Twinsaver




To enter, make a smart start, by buying any participating Twinsaver Back to School product. Once you have it, head over to the Twinsaver Facebook page and enter via the Message Bot pop up:

What better way to make a smart start to the new year?!


That’s not all… I’m giving away a hamper right here!!

I would also love to give one lucky family a chance to win a Twinsaver hamper via my blog! All you have to do to enter, leave me a comment on this post, telling me why you love Twinsaver!

This giveaway will close on 24 January 2019. All terms and conditions apply – please refer to my T’s and C’s page for more info.

Good luck and happy 2019 Mamas!

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  1. For many years Twin saver has been mine and my families trusted go to product for toilet papers, tissues and even kitchen paper towels. The quality that twinsaver delivers throughout the years for me and now also for my kids put my heart at ease. Because even when im not around them I know my kids won’t have torn noses from rough toilet paper brand.

  2. well let’s start by saying twinsaver is a life saver always comes in handy in the car when my four year old is spilling juice or food in car. I have tried the no eating rule in the car but i have failed only in daddies car they don’t eat.

    and they just love pulling the tissues even if they don’t need to.

  3. I love how versatile twinsavers are…they accommodate everyone from the baby to our teenager. The baby is sensitive but these are as great as sensitive wipes. Our teenage likes cool looking staff so she is able to get her cool packs. My husband has sinuses and they dont irritate him at all. We travel with these and they accomodate all our mess from the house to the car.

  4. Being a woman and constantly trying to be a lady (though much harder now with a baby and toddler 😅) Twinsaver tissues go with me every where. Used them in moments where the red robot comes unannounced. Moments of joy and of course sorrow. Growing up it was more of a luxury product because of its quality and many versions. I now have a box in each room of the house for all those booboos the little ones make. I think it’s safe to safe it’s a product I cannot live without. Thank you for thinking of us mom Thando, you sure alleviate some burdens. My son is going back to school and I need to take boxes of tissues, paper towels etc for all the learning and playing they do (of course wonderfully developing with the help of Twinsaver).

  5. My 2 year old daughter started nursery school in June last year. This was no planned (had nanny problems). This came with a runny nose and flu that was not ready for. Twinsaver tissues came in very handy and are very soft for those little noses.

  6. I love Twinsaver as it has been a trusted brand for generations. My 80 year old grandmother has it in her wardrobe and bedside table so we all can cry our eyeballs out on her bed because it’s never too far to wipe the tears away. My mom and I have adopted the same. I have 2 kids, girl and boy so my 8 year old girl always has pocket tissues in her bag as a budding lady. Being a single mother of the two is tough so these come in handy all the time…. Thanks for the brand update

  7. I would love to wjn the Twinsaver hamper it is a standing item on my shopping list and I use it for everything! From blotting the oily T-section in my face, for spills in the car when I need coffee on the move, to having one in hand when I have to eat lunch hovering over my laptop. Twinsaver = Lifesavers

  8. Who doesn’t love Twinsaver? I mean from toilet paper to paperplates and serviettes. Twinsaver offers a wide range of everyday essentials for me and my family. Twinsaver has a perfect balance between softness and strength, It is also the no. 1 tissue brand in SA. My whole family loves Twinsaver.

  9. Twinsaver has been used through generations of my Family,I love its versatility, as you can use it for different means, anytime anywhere. Twinsaver is a lifesaver and it continues to be and will be for even many years to come.let’s continue spreading the love and teaching the new generation of the great benefits of the Twinsaver brand.

  10. Twinsaver is part of the family, always their to support us through sickness, heartache and even laughter. We can always count on twinsaver to comfort us

  11. I love twinsaver because as long as I can remember we have been using it in our household. Its a family favourite and trusted brand that we love

  12. Twinsaver has been the brand I associate with softness and quality. With having a baby, I have not had to second guess using it for her. The MOMents that Twinsaver has shared with keep me assured it will always be there to Save me.

  13. I have been using Twinsavers for many years and God willing will use it in the year to come all for my children suffers from Allergic Rinitus and have forever a runny and nose .when the start sneezing the it sounds like a band making music LOL.
    Love your pages and live Twinsavers.

  14. I would love to win this hamper because I have an asthmatic child who suffer with allergies which means itchy watery eyes and a runny nose all year round. I go.through quiet a few boxes of tissues for school a year even though only one is asked of us… I Only rely on Twinsaver as it’s gentle on the skin and long lasting

  15. Twinsaver have been in my family for many generations Every happy or sad moment twinsaver has been on hand and to the rescue The quality is good the packaging is amazing trendy that can we left anywhere in the house cause it looks great I love love the colors

  16. I love Twinsaver products cause its quality you can trust.
    Its a brand that’s been passed down from generation to generation.
    Whenever we visited my granny when we were children everywhere there was always a box of Twinsaver tissues and its always on top of her shopping list.

  17. Twinsaver has always apart of our household when I was growing up whether it was toilet paper or facial tissues.
    My grandparents always had a box on their dressing table. My gran father used twinsaver up and until November when he passed at the age of 91. My grandmother used twinsaver until she passed at the age of 81. So yes Twinsaver has been apart of our family for many decades.We are 13 gran children and 19 great grandchildren, every single one uses twinsaver.

    I enjoy because It is so soft and gentle on my skin, and does not effect my sinuses or allergies.

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