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I first heard about Trunki from a friend of mine, Karabo, who had seen someone carrying one at a kiddies party. She couldn’t remember the name, but once we searched online, Trunki kept coming up and I instantly fell in love with it too.

We have been on a few local trips lately and our TRUNKI has been such a great addition to the family! Let me tell you about my top 3 features (there’s more later):

• Firstly, when it was time to choose our Trunki, I really struggled with the designs – there are so many beautiful options and knowing that it would last and be with us for many years, I wanted to choose a design that would still be appealing to her down the line as well. We ended up going with the Trixie Trunki design, which bright pink with purple horns – two colours she is crazy about.




• I was really grateful to see how durable it is, because the kid went crazzzy when we unboxed it! She didn’t know what to do with herself!! The Trunki is made out of the same high-quality plastic as grown-up cases, so they are built to last and grow with your little one. Trunki is so confident of the quality, that they’re offering a free 5 year guarantee with every Trunki purchase.

• It moves! Yes, each Trunki has wheels for your little one to ride on it; you simply sit on the comfy saddle and grab the horns to steer it.

Trunki is the original ride-on luggage for children.

My quick travel tips:

At this time of the year, I like to start thinking and planning our getaways for the year. Travelling with children, especially on road trips, can be quite overwhelming and I thought I would share some of the things that have worked for our family.

1. Plan your travel early:

The public and special holidays have a way of creeping up on us, then we suddenly remember that they present a great opportunity to travel and spend time with family, because the kids are off school and you require less time off work. So my first tip is that you grab your calendar NOW and have a look at all the long weekends and holidays coming up. Then work out if any of them would be ideal for your family travel. Planning ahead will save you money and unnecessary anxiety.

Then book/secure your annual leave 🙂

2. Plan the entertainment:

If you’re going to be flying and running through airports – you can rest assured that Trunki will be a big part of the entertainment! It was created to beat the boredom so often suffered by travelling tots, so you would be pleased to see them fully occupied with pulling and riding on their Trunki.

You want to put some thought into the entertainment ahead of time – pack all your child’s faves. Colouring books, crayons, crafts, tablets, story books, toys and any attachment items (Khumo STILL loves her blankie) will be great options to take with both on the road and inflight.


3. Pack practical:

One of the things that impressed me the most about Khumo’s Trunki was that it’s spacious, yet light – it has a whole 18 litres of capacity. So it has worked very well for both sort weekends at Gogo’s and our slightly longer holiday getaways. Being practical with your packing is key – you will need:

• Extra outfits: toddlers get dirty so quickly, even little princesses. Light jerseys are also a good idea for the cooler evenings, even if you’re going to a warm destination.
• Snacks: you will always need snacks and little treats for any trip and sometimes just to put an end to the nagging. Think biltong, biscuits, fruit, dried fruit and meal pouches. Remember your liquids as well.
• Your mini medical kit with painkillers, plasters, thermometer and extra wet wipes, etc. Khumo has sinus issues so you’ll never catch us without her nasal spray.


4. Travel time:

I personally prefer to schedule road trips and flights for very early in the morning – firstly, the children are usually still drowsy and not hyper yet and secondly, you will get to your destination early enough to still enjoy a full day. Another good time to plan travel is around the children’s nap times – trust me, you will need the downtime.
Ultimately, you know your children best and when in the day they are most “chilled” – use this time to your advantage.



I hope some of these have been helpful. You’re probably dyiiing to know how you can…


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  1. Wow this is amazing. I would absolutely love to have a Trunki. My daughter is 4years old turning 5 nxt month. We travel a lot, I love planning small adventures with my family. Packing is a hassle at all times. If the zipper doesn’t give in, it’s the bag that’s too small. I have never really found the proper travel bag for my sunshine. The Trunki would solve just that. This would be the ultimate birthday gift for her

  2. Travels with my grandson would be a dream if he had a Trunki. It looks great in size and no extra bags for him would be necessary. It would also be so much easier as he could easily cope with handling a Trunki

  3. I have twin girls age of 4 .Its double of everythig wherever we go and its a chaos or a struggle for us when travel,always hav to take two bags .This super awesom ,top qaulity and spacious will be a huge help no more broken bags for me or going through bags or carryin it the girls can move it themselves and with fun too.

  4. My 5 year old princess would absolutely love her very own Trunki 😂, packing for her weekend trips to her dad would definitely become more fun! The size is just perfect , the bright fun color designs and the wheels are just the cherry on top 🙌🏽! Trunki would definitely be used a lot in my household (pushing her around on it ) packing it away is the only problem i would have to worry about 😂

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