{Giveaway} Johnson’s Toe-to-Toe + tips to build a bond with your baby

Johnsons Top To Toe

The one thing that you always look forward to, as a new mom, is building a bond and connection with your new baby. At most times, that synergy is not built immediately, but over time as you both step into your beautiful new reality together. One of the most powerful ways that you can use to build a bond with your baby is through physical touch.


Every baby needs and benefits immensely from touch. Medical professionals encourage skin-to-skin contact for this exact reason, especially with high-needs babies. The strong association between the growth of babies and physical touch has been proven over and over again and it benefits both your baby and yourself.


Physical touch is powerful for moms and babies because:

It helps your baby to feel loved and safe

Stabilises baby’s body temperature

Helps both premature and full term babies with weight gain

Makes both mom and baby feel more relaxed

Helps prevent allergic diseases

Boosts milk production for breastfeeding mothers



So what’s the best way to take advantage of these benefits? I can recommend two:


Regular skin to skin contact: can be done immediately after birth and throughout the first few weeks of life. Let your baby lie of your chest without being covered in clothes or blankets.

A daily baby massage: bath your baby with the gentle top-to-toe® Baby Wash and follow with a gentle, moisturising massage, using the top-to-toe® baby massage lotion and baby oil.


Johnsons Top To Toe
Khumo loving the yumminess of Toe-To-Toe baby massage lotion and cream



The top-to-toe® brand that many of us have come to love and use in our homes, has been expanded with the delightful new top-to-toe® Baby Wash, Baby Massage Oil, Baby Massage Lotion and Baby Cream. I was introduced to this brand when Lesedi was born, 8 years ago, so it’s incredible to see this expansion and continue the journey with top-to-toe® with my daughter.


All products in the top-to-toe® range are specially developed for newborns

The top-to-toe® Baby Wash is clinically proven to be as mild as water and it gently cleanses without drying

The top-to-toe® Baby Massage Oil locks in more than double the moisture

The top-to-toe® Baby Massage Lotion gently moisturises delicate skin to help protect it from dryness. It is Hypoallergenic and formulated to minimise the risk of allergies

The top-to-toe® Baby Cream offers 24 hour moisture and gives extra protection from dryness.


Johnsons Top To Toe



I’m crazy about the pocket-size extra moisturising baby cream, which fits easily into her nappy bag or my handbag. Khumo loves being outdoors, but she has her fussy-days and this is where a familiar, soothing smell can calm her almost immediately.


I am so excited to be giving you a chance to win a full top-to-toe® set to the value of R500, including:

Top-to-toe® Baby Wash

Top-to-toe® Baby Massage Lotion

Top-to-toe® Baby Massage Oil

Top-to-toe® Extra Moisturising Baby Cream

Extra sensitive wipes


This delightful range has been available in stores from 1 November 2016


Top to Toe

How to enter the top-to-toe giveaway:


Leave me a comment below telling me about the moment you first bonded with your baby.

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Entries close on 7 December 2016

Winners will be notified by email

Prizes are not transferable/negotiable and may not be exchanged for cash

This giveaway is open to South African residents only


Good luck Mamas!

Modern Zulu Mom



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  1. Right after he was born I had a c section I heard him cry as they took him out he was then handed to me for the skin to skin. From all the crying soon he was on mommy’s chest he was quiet I was so overwhelmed with joy

  2. When I held my angel pie for the first time, I didn’t want to let go. Our first bonding will stay with me forever especially since she was delivered by the nurse before the doc even got to me. I was so scared that something would go wrong,thus it was priceless.

  3. As with any other relationship, bonding with my baby is a matter of building trust and familiarity, and this occurs naturally as we spend time together. The moment I first bonded with baby was when he was born. I love to Talk, sing, play read, or recite a poem to my baby. Spending quality time with my baby are one of the many ways I bond with baby. I have shared post via facebook, twitter @rehanaseedat and instagram

  4. My bond with my daughter was immediate – I fell in love the instant I set eyes on my little “bundle of joy.” at birth.

  5. On the 15th of June this year at midday I gave birth to my son Harvey… It was one of the most overwhelming days of my life, quite chaotic. But that night once everything was done, the visitors were gone and the nurses gave him to me in the middle of the night to nurse, I felt THAT bond. He looked at me and I looked at him and I felt a rush of incredible love! He cuddled close to my chest and as exhausted as I was, I did not want to sleep… I just wanted to hold him and stare at him. Five months later and we still have an incredible bond!

  6. The moment my baby was born, when I heard him cry and he was placed on my chest, that was the moment I fell in love with him 🙂

  7. I started bonding with my baby as soon as I found out I was pregnant, used to have chats with my bump lol, the bound just got stronger and stronger with time.

  8. About a month ago when I could feel my baby moving in my tummy! what a magical moment. The love that formed and realization that I am going to be a mummy 🙂

  9. My son was prem so i cudnt hold him for a few days.but wen i did it was priceless.even feeding him throu a tube in his nose was the perfect moments.his my Blessing.

  10. When the doctor placed my little boy on my chest I was feverish with glee. How is it that I never felt this feeling before ? I felt alive and blessed to finally have held this beautiful baby. He was healthy and happy.I cannot get enough of him. He completed me.

  11. When I got pregnant I was angry with myself and rejected by the father. It took time for me a while to accept it. I had gone for a 5month check up and they told me no heartbeat ?. At that moment even my heart almost stopped beating, tears automatically running down my cheeks as they transferred me to another room to get another ultra sound and that moment changed the rest of my life. All of a sudden there was not a heartbeat but 2 heartbeats! From that moment a magical bond was created, until this day my twin boys and I are inseparable.

  12. The pain was unbearable. I was worst I’ve ever felt because it was my fourth birth I thought It would be easy. Sore. But the minute they handed Alex to me my heart melted my world collided with this instant touch, feelings love. A means to protect this precious Angel. Love is instantly
    Love is looking into that little face and saying hush darling Mamma got this.????

  13. Being able to call yourself a mom is one of thee biggest blessings one could ever ask for. I would personally say that the first time I started bonding with my little man was when he was still in mommy’s tummy. When he kicked for the first time. You know during your pregnancy you go through a roller coaster of emotions and body changes…In the 1st few months you know you are carrying precious cargo and the body changes and evident weight gain also confirm that.. But for me the emotional connection was not so intense as I was constantly worried on how things were for him in there.. Once I started feeling those small kicks that feel like little butterflies flying in your tummy the connection with my nuna was immediate. It was some reassurance that my prince is perfect and safe in there. As the kicks grew stronger…our bond grew even stronger..The more kicks the happier I was as I knew he was happy and healthy.. Our bond grew even stronger when I saw his cute lil face and when we breastfeed… There is something about breastfeeding that makes us just gel… he would stare at me and I at him and here and there a cute Little smile would pop up then U would know that nothing in the world really matters???

  14. The first time I bonded with my baby was the instant he started breastfeeding, which was literally a few minutes after he was born. My first born boy. I think in that moment I was so in awe of the fact that he was mine and how beautiful he looked, instantly captivated and an unforgettable. Our bond has grown so much, and now at nine months old we connect more at bath and massage time, when he is calmer and enjoying each others company.

  15. honestly the precious moment I really bonded with my daughter was when I got back home and she wouldn’t sleep, she was cranky and fussy. very restless then I took of my top and took of her vest and placed her on my chest and she fell right asleep. that’s when I really realised that we have a connection so deep. I was so overwhelmed with love and thanx giving.

  16. I had a rough pregnancy from the moment I gound out I was carrying a life inside of me. I had just lost my job and my husband had lost own job 6months before. I cried painfully because I was stressed about how this little one would be cared for. I wasn’t happy and woke up daily with a sore heart and panick. Months went by and at times, we had to ask for assistance just to buy food so that I could eat properly as we ate one meal a day and we were afraid the baby will suffer from that. I started a little business then and slept 4 to 5 hours working on a few orders I managed to get from clients. My body was in pain and I was hungry but most money went to paying rent and ensuring our 2 year old ate. My husband and I would walk hours looking for clients and I endured the physical pain because it felt easier than waiting for him to go out daily. He has been through so many interviews but we’ve not succeeded yet. We became homeless a month before our son was born in November. I gave birth in the streets whilst working until the last hour to ensure baby will atleast have nappies and clothes. My husbsnd and I cried soooo much when we held him and strangers were helping us. We have never let him go out of our sight, we marvel at God’s work through him. He is perfect in a difficult situation. We named him Rainbow because through him, we have faith our prayers are answered and that storms will pass. He is our rainbow, a simple of newness. I realise I loved him soo much when he held onto my breast the first day he arrived and the paramedics finally gave him back to me to nurse as we were taken to hospital. He lovingly reminded us, “you 2 are ny life even though you never spoke much to me in 9 months due to your depression!”. I have given birth to my heartbeat once again. Now its time to continue knocking hard on doors until they open so that we continue faithfully in the calling of parenthood.

  17. Had a c section at a local hospital so wasvsedated with lots of drugs and very little help after. Only once the drugs actually wore off about 18 hours later was I really able to hold her on my own and that’s where I fell in llove. I didn’t get the instant hand over of my bundle of joy like most mothers but when I did, it was equally as rewarding.

  18. I really struggled with that skin to skin contact immediately after the birth of my second son because of all the medication i had take during my Caesar. When the nurse gave me my baby to have our skin to skin i just couldn’t hold him. As soon as the meds started wearing off that is when we had our first bonding moment. It really took my breath away to feel my baby’s tiny body up against my own body. Both our bodies heat giving away the smell of a new born baby. Every time i think about it i cry and smile at the same time. It is amazing to just watch your tiny innocent human. Even at 10 months we lie in bed doing our skin to skin and it really helps calm him down

  19. It was right after they cut me open like I was in some scary movie then I heard her cry the doctors shouted its a girl and I smiled without even seeing her. A nurse brought her to me and her tongue out and laid her on top of me and let her suckle on my boob and boy the way she suckled I was like”girl who taught you that! I mean you just arrived but you’re already this advanced!” I knew from that very moment that my life was about to change. Now from that very moment I wanted to breastfeed all the time. She is a year old and I’m still enjoying breastfeeding her.

  20. The day I found out I was pregnant, I thought that was the day I fell in love with my Khumo but little did I know. I gave birth on the 11th of Feb 2014, that time I was doing my final year practicals and had decided I am not going back to school and will stay home to raise my son and again I didn’t have the money to pay my fees for the year.
    The night I gave birth was the happiest day of my life, I had made my decision, I will stay home to raise my son, ow well God’s plans were completely different, I received an SMS congratulating me on getting a bursary, two minutes later I receive a call stating I should start with my practicals in 5 days. I cried for hours not knowing what to do or feel.
    I left my Khumo at 10 days to finish up with school. The day I left home, I realised the love I had for my son, was to great and unstoppable, my heart was filled with rage at the same time with enormous love knowing I need to do this for him, so much fear, worry anxiety, my thoughts were unstoppable, will he remember me, is he sad, does he need me right now, it was too much to bare.
    I’m beyond grateful to my mom and dad, they raised umnotho wami to be the big spider boy he is today.
    Today his 2 yrs and 9 months and I would not trade this experience for anything.

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