5 month baby update

5 month baby update; blog; blog baby update

I was looking forward to all the lovely things I could brag about in my five month baby update, but it hasn’t been the easiest month. At the moment, all my energy has been drained by the lack of sleep in my household. I’m completely fiiiinished! It seems like all of us are taking turns to […]

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My pregnancy journey

In my previous post on welcoming my new baby, I promised to share the details of my pregnancy journey. Firstly, I would like to thank you all for the well wishes and prayers. It really is encouraging and means a lot to me. So here’s what happened: Finding out about my pregnancy: On an ordinary […]

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Raising a positive child

In light of schools and society adding constant pressure on our children, we need to raise more positive children. I was helping my son prepare for his first class speech (I was surprised to discover that they do speeches in Grade 1; we certainly didn’t in our day) and as we went along, his anxiety started to […]

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