Win tickets to the Disney Descendants Premiere

Disney is by far the world-leader in children’s entertainment. I love how they are always giving us fresh, entertaining content. In the latest movie, Disney takes us down memory lane, as the now teenage kids of the classic “Villains”, such as Cruella de Vil, Maleficent and Jafar, feature in their own movie called the “Descendants”. […]

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Inhlawulo: When an unmarried Zulu woman falls pregnant

inhlawulo; When an unmarried Zulu woman falls pregnant

When an Zulu woman falls pregnant out of wedlock, there are firm traditional procedures to adhere to and inhlawulo usually comes into play. Even though we evolve and modernise quickly, this is one of the many practices I have noticed many families still uphold.   The process of Inhlawulo: Please note that I’m outlining the typical scenario, however, the […]

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