Introducing Superbalist Kids

That awesome moment when Mama can finally shop at Superbalist for the whole family. That’s right, Superbalist has a whole range for our little fashionistas that is sure to put big smiles on those little faces!

For the first time ever, I got my babies in coordinated outfits and looking fresh, thanks to Superbalist. The range offers the very best in local and international brands and caters for even the tiniest member of the family, with baby grows and sleep-suits that make my broodiness shoot through the roof.


Here are the things that I consider when I shop online for the kids or myself:


With an all-round busy schedule, this is on top of my list. User-friendly site + a quick delivery are a match made in heaven.


Quality and value for money:

I want to know that the clothes I buy my children are of a good quality, now more than ever, because I do plan to have another baby. Should I have another girl, I want her to be able to wear some of the clothes Khumo is wearing now, without worrying about their span.

And the fact that I can earn and spend eBucks there… boom! Like most parents, I often feel guilty when I spoil myself, so gathering those rewards and using them on myself, is something that I do without reservation.


I love this cardigan on Khumo

Style and variety:

We’re at the stage where my little man doesn’t think the clothes I buy for him are cool enough (can you believe he turns 9 next month??), but at the same time, he’s not a fan of the mall. If a trip to one is on my agenda, he opts to stay home, so I like being able to browse with him. It’s also a good way for me to teach him about money (as much as we would love to, we can’t have everything) and looking out for opportunities to save where we can, through sales and discounts.

I also want my shopping experience to be a win-win kinda situation. I do not want to feel like I’m “losing out” on what’s available at the mall. With Superbalists expansive collection of kiddies fashion, we are sure to have our looks on lock wherever we go.




Here are the items on our wish list:






You can shop kids’ fashion online with Superbalist and have it delivered to you anywhere in South Africa! First time buyers get R250 off the Superbalist app *minimum spend is R600*. Get it here for Android and iOS


Happy shopping Mamas



Modern Zulu Mom

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