Why toddlers need to be adventurous + Win with Johnson’s®

Last week, we officially hit Toddler-hood as Khumo turned one!! Seriously and as cliché as it sounds, the first year has flown by! I’m a little heart-sore that my baby is not a baby anymore, but I’m also very excited for all there is to come. We’re the best of friends and we have some serious fun, when she’s not terrorizing me.

Khumo is a feisty girl, who has made it CLEAR that she is not a baby anymore – she finds adventure in eve-ry-thing. From trying to get herself off the couch, running down the passage (yes, she is running already), raiding the spice cupboard, mingling with strangers, BANGING on our bedroom door and grabbing things from her brother. Along the way, she’s also discovering the things that she doesn’t like, grass is a big NO for her, she cringes at the feeling of her feet touching it. She’s also warming up to our dogs and has gone from being intimidated by them, to trying to touch and pull their whiskers. Yikes!

For the last few weeks, meal times have been driving me mad, because madam wants to feed herself every time. This means that she ends up winning the battle and I’m left to clean up the mess and of course, she has to help with that too! She mimics her nanny and I a lot, which is hilarious. When she sees a cloth or wet wipe, she starts wiping her face or cleaning the floor.






I’m learning that this is all part of her development and I’ve come to accept that our days of using wet wipes for little bums only are over – hello sticky fingers, cheeks, cellphone screens and floors!


Here’s why toddlers need to be adventurous:

  • In the first three years of life, playing is the best way that children learn about the world around them. They look, feel, listen, smell, touch and taste to figure everything out and learn their own place in the world.

  • Exploration supports all forms of learning and has social, physical, emotional and physiological benefits. Think about all the adventurous movements your little one makes daily – they’re using serous brain and muscle power every day.

  • Playing builds confidence in little people – they keep trying different things until they master them.

  • Being adventurous boosts a toddler’s social skills, as well as language and communication. By playing by themselves and watching others, they learn to interact and build understanding.


Storks; Johnsons




Our life saver?

Well since I can’t stop or keep up with this little one, we’ve been using the STORKS Johnson’s® limited addition gentle-all-over wipes which are perfect for older babies. They’re effective, yet still delicate and mild enough to use around the eyes, because of the unique NO MORE TEARS formula that is synonymous with Johnson’s® products. This time, Johnson’s® has partnered with STORKS, a hilarious family adventure film from Warner Bros, to create the limited edition STORKS Johnson’s®Baby Gentle All Over Wipes. The packaging is lovely and features some of the film characters on the packs. The DVD of this cute movie is available from mid-March. These wipes are ideal for adventures BIG and SMALL and parents can enjoy the improved dispensing of 1 WIPE AT A TIME.





As usual, I always love giving you the opportunity to try out the products that our family loves, so I’m giving away two hampers worth R500, including wipes and a STORKS DVD.

To enter, leave me a comment, telling me about your toddlers BIG or SMALL adventures

  • Entries close on 30 March 2017
  • Winners will be notified by email
  • Prizes are not transferable/negotiable and may not be exchanged for cash
  • This giveaway is open to South African residents only.


Johnsons; storks; gentle all over wipes
There is also a national competition taking place, where you can win a hamper of Wipes and a Storks plush toy. Entry is automatic when you buy a pack of these wipes and swipe your Clicks or PNP Smart Shopper card.


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  1. I am a new mom to a 5 month old baby boy Nsika and an aunt to a 2 and 3 year old. When these 3 play together or eat it becomes such a mess but they have so much fun playing and growing together. Nsika learns new tricks from Bayanda and Lwazi daily and the love between them is so evident! Baby wipes make our life so easy even when going out for pinics, we are able to clean them up with such convinience!

  2. Wipes are such a lifesaver! We use them everywhere . I keep a pack in the car , in the stroller basket , in my gym bag and all over our home. It’s essential for meal time on the go. We use it when my LO has had a little fall in the park .I’ve even used to to remove a stain from a bridesmaids dress at a wedding .

  3. My son Zibabalo Mgojo is 20 months old and ADVENTURE is his middle name. He has now started noticing that we sit on toilet seat and will demand to be put on the toilet seat even though he has a diaper on. I guess it’s time for potty training LOL. He is also very independant. He fusses about dropping his own bowl in the sink after meal-time, which means I have to carry him AND his bowl to the sink. One other adventure that gives me headaches is his love for plants and flowers. He spends most afternoons in our tiny garden, picking flowers and “fixing” the the garden. He always comes back dirty?

  4. Harvey James is now 9 months old and crawling all over the house! No matter where I put him down he has one destination in mind – the cat food!! He scuttles up to the bowl that has the pellets in… and throws them all over and pushes them around. I have to rescue him before they all go in his mouth! Wet wipes are definitely being used for more than his butt now.

  5. I’m a new mom to a 10 months old baby girl, my princess is so active and in her developments, she is crwaling all over the house n she is working with furnitures she is keeping us very much on our feet. So we constantly have to use wipes to wipe her hands coz everything she grabs goes straight to the mouth. Feeding time has become a hustle she just wants to grab the spoon n everything so wipes are very essential for us, we still use new born Johnson n Johnson wipes.

  6. Zano is such a lady now. At a year and a half I am convinced she should have been a boy. From keeping up with her nephews to only loving rough games it’s hard for Mommy to keep up. I must admit that when she started at Top Tots this year and when she got there she was just looking at exploring and running around playing I panicked thinking why isn’t she sitting around like other kids. I spent a lot of time think she had to sit down and wanted to limit her crazy exploring thinking other mommies would judge me. I have learnt that my child has an amazing mind and is curious about the world. She has made me better because of it. Nothing great than seeing your child be so curious and independent. Mind you she doesn’t allow me to teach her anything at all but wants to teach herself. My baby is unique and so special. Even when she gets up to the worst things sometimes

  7. We no longer have plants inside the house cause my toddler always takes out the leaves of the plant and tries to replant them and she’s strong willed lately she wants to eat all by herself so every feeding time means the floor is wiped 3 to fm4 times a day thanks to my toddler who decided it’s time tmfor her to feed herself

  8. I always keep a pack of wet wipes everywhere I go, in the car, in my handbag and in my childrens school bag. I use them in almost everything , from removing makeup, taming unruly eyebrows, cleaning my kids toys. I use them the most when I go out to public places.

  9. first time mom, Nkanyezi is my 20months old doughty she is soooo adventures to the extend that our kitchen its hers,the low kitchen unite its her playing area we hard to remove everything and put some real plastic plats spoons caps for her to play with not small toys neee. She loves feeding her self and don’t try and help the worse is that anything she eats I mean anything she wants spoon and dish lol of cause not sweets, Gossh the love for floor mop she will spill milk water chips etc. like she is always waiting for something to be spill for her to mop lol I think mop is my child’s best friend

  10. My daughter has a variety of adventures, it varies from finger painting which then turns into body painting and ‘baking’ mud pies to drawing with chalk on every surface imaginable. As a mom of a toddler, I feel one can never have enough wipes that’s why I keep it everywhere.

  11. Wet wipes are still a lifesaver with the girls – and they’re 6 & 4. They both went through a “change baby doll using a million wet wipes each time” stage. Baby boy is just shy of 8 months so we still have years and years of wet wipe use ahead of us. ?

  12. First time mom and my 10 month old boy is always exploring his surroundings at home. The other day I turned my back for 15 seconds and there he was in the pot plant digging with his hands in the sand, everywhere just about to go into the mouth. Luckily I caught it in time. The adventures of a crawling mom.

  13. My twin girls love outdoors , playing in the sand, painting, kicking ball with their brothers and copy them, rolling on the grass and make tricks.They always Messy they love the Indoors too.They enjoy baking with daddy and mommy,scratching out the cupboards ,climbing on stuff and much more.My girls are learning a lot and they explore too 🙂

  14. My boy is 2 and his latest adventure involves running around outside with an umbrella which he calls his rain rain go away

  15. My daughter is now 16 months and she has started daycare. Her adventure mainly starts when I drop her off at daycare. Everyday her teacher tells me she is a teacher herself, she doesn’t like being told what to do but always shows others. Their classes are in categories according to their ages where 9 months old to 1 year are Babies
    1 year 1 month old to 1 year 6 months are Teddies
    1 year 7 months to 3 years are Monkeys
    3year 1 month to 4 years are Tigers
    Then 4 to 5 years are Lions. I’m told that my baby attends all classes everyday because she’s running from napping. She is a Teddy and when its their napping time she will go out of class to the next because she’s avoiding sleep. When its the monkeys nap time she will then move to another non-napping class. When we arrive home I bathe her and she falls asleep right after that till the following morning ?
    Her teacher says she constantly looks for any vibrant side and she’s there if they’re quiet in a certain class she knows not to go there.

  16. Oh my toddler is full of antics. Just last night she told me she was applying sudocreme to her tummy because she wants her tummy to be nice . When I quizzes further she said she wanted to remove the lines on it (yikes the things kids see us do, I apply tissue oil which she queried about a few weeks ago ) 🙂 🙂

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