Our Stokke Xplory Review

Stokke Xplory; Stokke South Africa; Stokke Xplory Review

We got the Stokke Xplory from Born Fabulous for Khumo – lucky girl right?!!

We started using it when she was about 6 weeks old. I was skeptical at first, it’s gorgeous but looked rigid so I wondered how it would feel when pushing it. I can now honestly say that it feels as luxurious as it looks – the quality and design is world-class and it ‘drives’ likes a dream, so I had to take the time to bring you our Stokke Xplory Review.


Stokke Xplory; Stokke South Africa; Stokke Xplory Review


After the comfort-factor, what I love most is that we have the option to attach either the stroller seat or car seat to the pram. If she has fallen asleep before we arrive at our destination, I can just easily attach the car seat onto the pram without waking her up.
We chose to go with brown –  it’s elegant, doesn’t get dirty too quickly and we can use it again when Khumo becomes an older sister… we could probably use it for MANY more babies but I plan to stop at three :-). It is suitable for toddlers up to 15kg’s.


Stokke Xplory; Stokke South Africa; Stokke Xplory review
My other favourite feature is that you can adjust the height – my back pain from pregnancy hasn’t quite gone away yet so I appreciate that I can always have her at eye-level. We use our pram to include her big brother in caring for her too; he loves helping to put her to sleep, so he’ll gently push it backwards and forwards in the house and she’ll fall asleep within minutes. At first he thought it was a racing-car, but thankfully he’s calmed down now.


Stokke; Xplory; Stokke Xplory; Stokke Xplory review; Stokke South Africa
You can use it in 3 positions – sleeping, active and play and interchange baby between those positions, safely, while she’s in it. You can literally use it as a high chair in the house or restaurants too. Another great feature is the adaptable footrest that comes with the pram.



You can adjust baby’s position to be parent-facing front or world-facing effortlessly.
The compartments and covers come with zips, which is easy and convenient for cleaning.


Stokke’s philosophy is to design and create products that are in the best interest of the child as well as the environment.


Stokke Xplory; Stokke Xplory review; Stokke South Africa;


The only downside for me has been the weight and size. It takes up the majority of my boot space and it took a few practice runs to grasp how to fold it. We also get stopped ALL the time by admirers, asking where we got it from 🙂
Oh, I almost forgot to mention that it comes with its own matching nappy bag that attaches to the pram. I don’t like carrying too many things, so I just pop my wallet in there too so that I have my hands free.
Can a pram be any more perfect?!! The Stokke Xplory is in a class of it’s own.


Stokke; Xplory; Stokke review; Stokke Xplory review; Stokke South Africa


For Stokke prams, car seats, accessories and other luxury brand products for children, visit http://bornfabulous.co.za/ or call +27 11 823 6592

If you have any further questions on the brand, leave me a comment on this post – I’m more than happy to answer them.

Feel free to share and tag a friend that’s shopping around for a pram 🙂

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  1. You are making me so broody Thando. One is enough for me right now. My little one’s name is also Khumo by the way 🙂

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