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Back to school; real cost of education

Hey Mama’s, It’s almost the end of the year, some schools have closed already and our little ones are well into the festive cheer. Before we know it, it will be time to get ready for school in January! I thought I would put together a list of items that you will need to prepare for your little one, whether it’s their (your) first year in a formal schooling environment or to serve as a reminder for the “experienced” moms:


Uniform: if your little one will require a nursery-school tshirt / full school uniform, make sure you get to the uniform shop before they close off for the holidays (usually around the 20th). Trust me, they get insanely busy in January and you may find that some essential items have sold out. Don’t forget the sports/extra-mural uniform as it often differs from the daily school uniform.

Stationery: most nursery and prep schools provide you with a list of stationery items that you will need to bring on the first day of school, such as pencils, tissue boxes, scissors, glue and sometimes text books. Same story as the uniform shops, you don’t want to find yourselves in those queues in January.

Name tags/labels: you will need these for EVERYTHING from clothing items, lunch boxes, swimming towels, etc. You can get the iron-on labels or the stick on’s. A permanent-marker will also be very useful at all times of the year 🙂

Transport: if you aren’t able to drive your child to and from school yourself on a daily basis, start researching some reliable transport providers now – some schools have a list of external providers. Pay the necessary deposit now so that you have peace of mind at the start of the New Year.

School fees: it sounds obvious to remind you of this, but some parents do forget that schools usually require payment in advance – the January fees are usually debited at the end of December! Refer to other budgeting tips here

Admin: go through all the newsletters and checklists from the school to organise your personal admin – make sure you know which date the school opens, which class your child is in and what time they start and finish off on each day. Consider the times and expenses for the extra-murals that your child has enrolled in too.

The first day of crèche/school is an exciting milestone, being prepared will ensure that you have an pleasant and memorable experience. Good luck!

Modern Zulu Mom

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