New South African seat belt regulations to protect children and promote road safety

The latest positive news for South African children is that the National Road Traffic Act has tightened regulations for road safety. As of 1 May 2015, children under the age of 3 will have to be strapped into a car seat while travelling. This is due to the high numbers of children loosing their lives unnecessarily in road accidents, especially during high-peak travel seasons such as the Easter and Christmas holidays.

I really hope that parents will take this new law seriously. I hoot madly in rage at people who drive with their kids standing in the car or sitting unstrapped. In the event of an accident, I promise that you wont regret that 30 seconds you took to take extra precuation.

Lets be realistic, car seats are expensive however, there is no excuse not to use a seat belt at the very least. Consider saving up for a second-hand car seat if you cannot afford a brand new one- prices of these average from R300 – R2500.  Let’s protect little lives on the roads.

The seat belts featured in this post are priced as follows:

Left: Toys R Us Car Seat R799
Centre: Baby Group SA Car Seat R1499
Right: Car Seat R820


Modern Zulu Mom 

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