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If you’re feeling abandoned you’re not imagining things – I have kinda disappeared deep into the webpages of my school work and this life update is long overdue. If you read my last post on online learning, you’ll know that I decided to add YET another item on my already-crazy-to-do list. I’m currently studying and the balancing act is not very practical with my full time work and family life. I have been trying to stay active on my Instagram page, but I’m not very good with Twitter. I started typing this post last night, 3 hours before my assignment was due! The good news is that I’m six-modules-in, with about 5 more weeks to go, so I’ll be back to frequent blogging soon very soon. I promise.

How was your Mother’s Day??? Mine was good, I woke up to a kitchen filled with flowers and we did a family brunch out – after that, it was straight back to business-as-usual, LOL!

So here’s what’s been happening –


Studying and working:

For starters, you’ll be glad to know that all the hard work I’m putting into my school work is paying off! In a mail from our lecturer last week, I was named as one of the TOP 5 students *does the twalatsa* so so so happy. The news came at a time when I started questioning if all of this is worth it, so I’m really motivated to keep going.

The second big thing that’s been keeping me away is that I applied and was successfully appointed to a new role in my team in March – I’m not sure if I’ve shared that yet?! So my workload has also changed and increased over the last few weeks. All of this is in the name of progress, so we march on!


I’m worried about:

The increased reports of violence and brutal killings of women and children. I’m so shattered and drained by the daily reports of these disgusting crimes. I feel scared and helpless. I have both a son and daughter – I’m doing my best to raise them well. To make them feel that they are enough; to know that respect is paramount; that hitting each other and other people is not okay. At the same time, I question which parent isn’t? Aren’t we all doing our best? I’m sure the mothers of these criminals didn’t set out to raise vicious and cruel individuals?! Some yes, but there are soooo many cases. Where does it all go wrong? I want to feel like I’m part of the solution. A friend of mine has put together the “We Said No” Facebook page where we can all contribute our ideas on how to make a difference and raise awareness against these crimes.


I’m excited about:

Going away on our first family-of-four holiday this weekend – it’s all I’m thinking about this week. Yes, my laptop and school notes will be coming with us, but the fact that we’ll be in a different and relaxed environment makes up for that part. I might not end up touching them, it will all depend on how well I use my time over the next two nights.

I went on girls-night-away three weeks ago, which consisted of spa treatments and lots of mom-talk, bubbly and water! Buuuuut that already feels like a lifetime away.

Can you tell that I’m making up for all the moments I passed up when I wasn’t in the mood for anything during pregnancy??!

This will be Khumo’s first holiday and I’m hoping that the weather will hold up for the kids to have a good time.



The kids:


My lil man is doing so well at school this term, super proud of him!!! With him being the youngest in the class, there have been lots of ups and downs. We’ve tried to support him as much as possible with extra encouragement, tutoring and reading classes, which he is obsessed with – I get shouted at if we miss a class! As you may know reading has many benefits for children, including improved concentration, language and vocabulary. He goes to one of the Tina Cowley centres, which came as a recommendation from my mom-in-law (can’t believe the franchise has been around since my Hubs was a little person).

In general, I do still try do fun things with just-him, but it’s getting harder since I’m more pressed for time. The other day I surprised him with a school pickup and I play soccer or any other games he likes with him when his sister is napping or in-between study breaks.



The madam is soooo big – a whole year and 2 months already. She’s literally running around the house now. Once I get home from work I get NO breaks – she’s attached to me until she goes to sleep. She started calling me  Mama about 3 weeks ago – my heart just beams!!

On the flip-side, she hasn’t been eating as well as she did before and it’s bugging me. Mealtimes never used to be a struggle and now we literally have to hold her down for the first few spoons. She also tries to bite us when she doesn’t get her way :-(( she knows exactly what “NO” means but she will always try to test the boundaries.

Oh and we’re at that stage where I can’t go to the loo by myself *sigh* here’s to a three-year-journey of being loo-buddies.

The picture above is from a royal themed picnic party that we attended the other day – they had the most divine set up and Khumo made the party all about HER!


Brand update:

As you know I’m always interacting with brands, trying new things and receiving some really divine press-drops. I thought I would share some with you:

Firstly, today is World Baking Day – to celebrate this, Sasko sent me personalised cookie-cutters with my face on them. Have you ever?!!! I’ll be definitely be using our baking kit to catch up on some QT with my little man (he loves baking) and also show everyone in the house who’s boss *LOL*

Happy World Baking Day to Sasko!


Modern Zulu Mom Cookie Cutters
Modern Zulu Mom Cookie Cutters

If you would like to win your OWN personalised cookie cutter – leave me a comment telling me what your favourite baked goodies are.

Don’t be shy to share the recipe with me too if you have it 😉 


Last week I got to attend two events – the launch of the new OUMA rusks and the Johnsons Baby Health launch.

Ouma Rusks was introducing two new additions to the iconic South African rusk range, which are Ouma Premium and Ouma mini bite-sized rusks. I’m already addicted to the Buttermilk and Muesli variant and the mini rusks are great as a snack during my work-day and study sessions. The event was held at the gorgeous Marion On Nicol Hotel and was hosted by Mama Lilian Dube – so fitting, as she is one of SA’s favourite Gogo’s (Oumas)!



After that, I rushed to the other side of town where Johnsons announced their partnership with Unjani Clinics, a non-profit collection of clinics situated in under-privileged communities and owned by nurses within those communities. The aim of the partnership is to provide funding, products and educational resources to these clinics, so that as many mothers and children as possible, have better access to health care facilities. I’m always encouraged by brands that give back and invest in developing others in well-aligned projects.



Last but not least, Herbalife Skin sent me a 7 day results kit, as a mother’s day gift. I’m more familiar with their nutritional products so I’m interested to see how well the skin range works. I love the packaging and can’t wait to try it once I finish my current – not sure if it’s just me but I like to use one product at a time to track results more effectively?! The kit contained a soothing Aloe Cleanser, daily glow moisturizer and a replenishing night cream.



Okay, I gotta run! Let’s catch up on social media – let me know when the silence gets too loud!

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  1. First of all I would love to say your blog is beautiful,clean and easy to navigate. I am a first time to a now 10 weeks adorable Boy and I find myself referencing to some of your old articles and its good to know that I am not too bad with this motherhood thing and I love how you engage with your readers.

    Anywhoo back to my comment, my favourite baked goodie has to be my mum’s baked scone, I used to baked these with her all the time and now I make them myself and soon I will be teaching my son the family recipe 🙂

  2. Loved reading this update Thando. I so admire fellow working and blogging mamas, but you’re also studying on top of that?! *applause* I’m going to check out the We Said No page too, thanks for sharing.

  3. Hi Thands, thank you for always keeping us up to date with whats happening in your world and motivating us on being a super woman. I don’t know how you do it but you make it look so easy.

    My favorite baked goodies are biscuits which I love to bake when I want to relax. This is an old recipe my mom taught me when I was young.

    The ingredients are:

    Condensed milk
    cream of tarter
    Bicarbonate of soda
    vanilla essence

    you mix all the ingredients together in a bowl and then add the flour as the last ingredient. stove on 180″c

  4. Hey Thands, thanks for always sharing your motherhood journey with us. You make being a super mom looks very easy.

    My favourite baked goodies are biscuits which my mother liked to baked for us while growing up.

    Recipe :
    16 cups flour
    1 tin condensed milk
    2 packed bicarbonate of soda
    2 packet cream of taster
    4 eggs
    2 cups sugar
    2 spoons syrup

    Mix all the ingredients well until smooth except flour together in a bowl and then add the flour once the mixture is smooth. Cut the dough, pretty heat stove on 180′

    This is a big bake , you can decrease the ingredients to make a smaller dough.


  5. Such a lovely update! Glad to know you are doing well and the kids are thriving ! Life has been busy all around

  6. I absolutely love this post…makes me feel like my life isn’t so much crazy after all. Inspired by you juggling all these things!!!

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