Introducing Puma x Tinycottons

My daughter gets excited every time I bring home anything new and she literally shrieked when she saw her Puma Tinycottons sneakers and top. The mandarin-coloured items with a cherry-logo caught her eye and she immediately asked to change into them. If you follow me on Instagram and watch my stories, you will know that my daughter is a little diva that loves everything girly and fashionable.

Added to that, my husbby is OBSESSED with Puma and has a huge collection of clothes and sneakers, and naturally, he got the whole family on the band-wagon; so she was just too happy to have shoes like her parents and older brother.



These items are part of a new collection, which is a fashionable collaboration between Puma and Barcelona-based brand, Tinycottons. They have teamed up to deliver a bold and vibrant collection that matches the big imaginationations of our little ones.

Puma Tiny Cottons

 What’s in the collection?

The collection is here to serve up freshness at every size from infants to preschool, starting with the classic PUMA Suede.

Tinycottons are well-known for their fair-trade factories and eco-friendly practices. What impressed me over and above this, was that the collection offers more than just sneakers. There are different items that you can style and mix-and-match to fit other items in your little ones wardrobe – so think tees, track pants, backpacks and hoodies (great for chilly summer nights).


Puma x Tinycottons

Puma x Tinycottons



We are definitely going to be looking summery and stylish this holiday season!

For the latest on what’s dropping locally, follow @PUMASouthAfrica on Twitter and Instagram, or visit Puma Select

Happy Shopping!!


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