{WIN}: Play-Doh Kitchen Creations Party

I want to dispel the notion that the kitchen is a space for girls only, by letting my son explore in our kitchen, as well as through his imagination and play. My late great grandparents would probably disagree with me, but I’m on a mission to raise well-rounded and tolerant children.

I recently introduced my little man to the Play-Doh Kitchen Creations range, which includes a variety of playsets and tools to inspire storytelling, imaginative thinking, creative play, and fun for wannabe cooks without the dirty dishes piling up. He hosted and treated his sister to a burger and pizza.


Developmental benefits of Playdough for children:

  1. Strengthens little muscles – a general improvement in fine motor skills can be seen while your child moulds and manipulates playdough, leading to improved agility and strength in their hands.
  2. Boosts their imaginations – this ultimately opens up a world of possibilities for them. Through this process, they are encouraged to think differently, communicate better and bring their ideas to life.
  3. Encourages independence – the beauty with playdough is that your child can play by themselves, which promotes their sense of self-belief and independence.



Watching my children interact and enjoy themselves inspired my latest giveaway of 2x Play-Doh Pizza Party sets.




With the Play-Doh pizza party set, you can host your very own pizza party. Make, shape and slice the wackiest pizza’s imaginable with a selection of fun tools and squishy Play-Doh compound. Use the roller to roll out some imaginary pizza dough in the pan, grate a pile of make-believe mozzarella and then add your favorite pretend toppings with the half-mould paddle. You can also use the grater to squeeze your own silly spaghetti dish. When you’re ready, slice your Play-Doh pizza, toss it in the box, and deliver to your friends.




The Play-Doh Kitchen Creations range of playsets will be available from Toys R Us, ToyZone, Toy Kingdom, Hamleys and other major retailers. You can also shop online for Play-Doh Kitchen Creations products at Takealot.com.Visit Play-Doh South Africa at www.hasbro.com/en-za/brands/playdoh; Facebook: @PlayDohSouthAfrica; YouTube:  Play-Doh South Africa


How to win:

To enter, leave me a comment telling me your child’s favourite imaginative/creative game


Giveaway rules:

  • Entries will close on 6 September 2017
  • Winners will be notified by email
  • Prizes are not transferable/negotiable and may not be exchanged for cas
  • This giveaway is open to South African residents only


Modern Zulu Mom


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  1. I have two beautiful daughters and they love to play teacher school game. It’s so funny hearing them play and act like teachers and kids. I remember playing this growing up as well.

  2. I have two boys 5&8. They love playing shop-shop. They pack out toys and other items in the house price it and use monopoly money as cash.Funny how they change their accents and speak like grown ups while playing.

  3. At the moment, its that hes a tractor driver/drives a crane or something along those lines and has to load up goodies to take to the factory! Hehe

    1. Rest assured that you’ll never have to worry about driving once he gets his license, very cute and thanks for entering Adele.

  4. Setting up Shop – the fun and joy of exploring the imaginary world of an ice cream shop…its exciting for adults too..;-)

  5. My little grandson loves playing in sand making little house which are really just heaps of sand. Its cute to watch him do it

  6. My 5 year old loves cops and robbers and he runs around the house with a stick as his gun and all I hear is ” ba, ba,ba” and “got you!”as he ‘shoots’ the robbers…then after all the running he is ready to sleep.

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