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A few months ago I asked a friend of mine, Zandi, to come and re-organise my closet and help me switch up my style, since my closet was full of maternity wear. After having my last baby, I was feeling confident enough to start exploring with my style again and update my closet; this coincided with the time that she was starting up her new business, a personal styling and shopping offering.

With her assistance, I was able to:

  • Figure out what works for me from a style perspective. Instead of following every trend, I have been trying to refine my style to be more classic. I also picked up what suits my body.
  • Organise my closet more seamlessly
  • Donate items that don’t serve me to charities in need

After the session, I asked Zandi a few questions that I wanted to share with you. Here we go!

Please tell my readers a little bit more about who you are?

I’m a Brand manager in the retail industry by trade and an aspiring personal stylist by purpose. I am a Mom to a 2 year old boy who I love twinning with. For as long as I can remember I’ve always loved clothes and looking good, a trait I definitely got from my Mom and Grandmother. In my mind how I dress sets the tone for my day. I’m the girl who is always overdressed and in heels. But I can also switch it up on you and wear flats. I am all about staying true to who you are and investing in the self and personal style is one of the best investments one can make. 

Purple strings (IG: @purple_stringssa) is a consulting company that encourages one to stay true to who they are. Hence the slogan “Your style.” My purpose is to help you discover what YOUR style is and help you live an authentic life by being unapologetically YOU through fashion. There is no one like you and that’s your superpower. So it’s all about resetting and recreating your perception when when it comes to clothes.   

How can one find their personal style?

It’s definitely a process. I always compare it to the relationship one has with the self. It’s all about getting to know yourself; what you like, what you don’t, what you’re comfortable with and what you’re open to.

Start with a vision: who inspires you from a style perspective and what about them inspires you?

Like the self, your style will continue to evolve as you evolve. So it’s very important to stay true to who you are and learn to accept you for you. Style is part of the bigger self-picture.

What are the wardrobe essentials one needs for autumn/winter?

  • A Carmel coat – they are a bit pricey but the thing about getting good a quality coat is that it will last you for years to come.
  • A pair of statement boots – one will normally gravitate towards the usual colour boots: black and brown. Add some colour, go for red, silver, white or nude.
  • Well-fitting white long sleeve t-shirt – this can be layered with a vest for warmth but it’s a great foundation to a great outfit by layering with a cardigan, oversized shirt or coat 
  • Oversized shirt – this a must for that chilled, I didn’t try too hard vibe that’s stylish. They are versatile and can serve as an outerwear for warmer days.
  • Anything faux leather – this can be a shirt, skirt, dress or pants. Leather is like denim, it’s one of those timeless trends that’s going to be around for a while. 

What mistakes do Moms commonly make when it comes to their personal style?

Thinking that one should only be shopping for items that they can wear at home, that they don’t mind if the kids mess on or that are comfortable. While this isnt a bad idea, those safe items won’t be able to assist when you’re going out with your friends, date night or a work function. It’s about curating a closet that’s versatile for any situation especially the one where you feel your best. 

Being a mom is part of who you are and not only who you are. It’s very important to still recognize yourself in the all the roles one has to play. While motherhood is very important but so are you. 

You talk a lot about shopping with purpose, how does one do that?

Shopping with purpose means one is conscious of what is in their closet and is shopping for items to either elevate current items or adding or replacing an essential item. One should ask themselves the below when shopping:

  • Does this item add to the closet you’re trying curate?
  • What item in your closet currently will it go well with?
  • Is this item different or do you already have something similar? 

Where can we get the best fashion deals? Or what should we look out for?

Deals are great for basic pieces but for long lasting items, one should look to invest. It’s more about finding/sourcing brands who create items that fit your body well and make your feel comfortable. Brands that are on trend, current and cater to all your fashion needs. 

You can find Zandi on Instagram or on YouTube. Zandi, thank you for sharing your insights with us!

Let me know your thoughts on this post in the comments Mamas. You can find my latest updates on my Instagram or Facebook.


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  1. Thank you for this. I absolutely loved all her looks giving me ideas. I am still working on my closet. I’ve decluttered many items just need to make sure that I let go of the sentimental ones. I definitely need a Carmel coat must make peace that I have to spend money for it

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