Getting your children into a good sleep routine

Routine, what routine? Mama’s we are back in the hustle and bustle of managing the kids, navigating traffic and getting all our work done. If you’ve fallen out of your routine and facing absolute chaos, I can assure you that you’re not alone. After the holidays and our wedding, I’m trying to get our house and kids “back to normal”. Khumo has started play school and Lesedi is in grade 4. With these big changes, every night of peaceful sleep counts!!


Here are some tips for getting your children into a good sleep routine, brought to you by myself and Peaceful Sleep:

Re-introduce the basics:
Set and stick to a daily bath, dinner, reading and bed time. Children feel more settled when they have a routine and know what to expect. I’ve moved our bedtime from 8pm to 7:30pm.

Limit the liquids after 6pm:
Changing linen at 2am is not fun, that’s all!

Limit screen time:
Reduce screen time and the use of devices (tablets, phones and computers) before bedtime – the combination of the light and stimulus can negatively affect the quality of your child’s sleep.

Make your children’s bedroom an exciting place for them to be:
You can achieve this by doing something exciting with them in their room after bath time. You can read, sing, cuddle, chat or play a game in their room before bed.


Persistence and patience:
You won’t get everything done perfectly, every night. Take it one day at a time and when you fall out of the routine, slowly introduce the steps again. Don’t be hard on yourself and know that no two days are ever the same.

Get protection from mosquitoes and bugs:
Being woken up by buzzzzzzzing noises is one of the most annoying things and the bites it comes with can be unbearable for our little people. Limit the interruptions by getting ultra-protection from unwanted mosquitoes and other insects. I have been using the Peaceful Sleep Plug-in unit and mats for a few years, after being introduced to them by hubs, but I actually did not realise that they have a new full Family Care range that is suitable and sensitive enough for baby skin from 6 months of age. And you know what’s the best part? It doesn’t smell like repellent 🙂

The Peaceful Sleep Family Care Range consists of:
Family Care Lotion
Insect Repellent Stick
Family Care Spritzer
Family Care Cream
Family Care Aerosol

The range was created to fit in with your family needs and lifestyle, at home or on the go. Up to 8 hours of gentle, yet effective protection is offered through these non-greasy, easy to apply solutions. View it here



When your children suffer from a lack of sleep, they may:

• Struggle to wake up in the morning
• Yawn frequently throughout the day
• Want to constantly lie-down / fall asleep unintentionally
• Become forgetful or lose interest in their daily activities
• Become moody and irritable (#TheMostExhaustingThingAParentCanGoThrough)


Wishing you peaceful nights and the best of luck with the new routines!

Modern Zulu Mom

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  1. Thanks for the tips. I read this at a perfect time after two days of not sleeping because of a 19 months old boy. In future may you please cover the food you serve your daughter i am struggling a bit.

    1. Play school has been quite helpful with getting K to bed earlier, she has her days but I generally try to keep it as early as possible

      1. Hi Nomsa, he could also be going through the 18-month sleep regression. Try reading up on it. I hope things are better now!

  2. Thank you for this. Since coming back from December holidays I haven’t gotten back to the bedtime routine and it’s taking its toll on the quality of sleep I’m getting since we sleep so late. I’m going back to the routine tonight.

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