Our children’s bathroom reveal

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I’m so excited to finally get to do the children’s bathroom reveal – after what feels like yeeeears of building our new home. We moved in just over two  months ago and one of my priorities has been having the children well-settled and comfortable. As you probably know, big changes like house moves can be […]

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Two-month baby update

When I was pregnant, my biggest worry was how I would cope with three children and now sit here typing my third born’s two-month baby update. I have “made it” through one of my biggest fears.  Yes, yes… I still have a lifetime and plenty of challenges ahead of me, but now that I have […]

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The benefits of baby massage

I don’t think there’s a feeling as sensational as holding a brand new baby – it’s one that I will never forget with all three of my babies. As soon as Kgosi was born, just two months ago, he was placed on my chest for skin-to-skin contact and this continued throughout his first night earth-side, […]

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Reasons why travel is good for you

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If you haven’t found a reason to want to travel yet, this post is definitely for you, as I will highlight why travel is good for you and why it’s worth starting that savings fund for a trip. Travel for… memories with your family I took my son for a trip to Durban a few years […]

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