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Ouma Rusks

*Brrrrrr* Hello cold front! 

I don’t know about you guys but I’m not the biggest fan of winter. When the temperatures drops, all I want to do is stay indoors, under my covers, but… I’m a mom of two so that ain’t happening much in my life 🙂

On a positive note, the chill had me thinking that this is probably the perfect time to do an Ouma Rusks giveaway! In my last quick life update, I told you guys I attended the launch of the new Ouma Rusks premium range,  so I thought I would follow up with an opportunity for you to win a hamper as a treat.

Ouma rusks; Ouma rusks giveaway; #dipnouma

This iconic South African brand launched the Ouma Premium and  Ouma mini bite-sized rusks, which still hold the home-style goodness that we know and love about South Africa’s most loved rusk.

They are available in three delicious flavours, they’re handmade with love and real buttermilk, which means they taste as good as they look!

The bite-sized packaging is perfect for an office treat or late night studying as I was doing… 

There are three hampers up for grabs, each one is worth R500 and includes:

  • 2 packs of bite-sized Ouma Rusks
  • 3 packs of Ouma Premium Rusks
  • A golf shirt and Tshirt, as well as a
  • Notebook, memory stick and pen


To enter for your chance to win an Ouma Rusks hamper, leave me a comment sharing your favourtie moment with your Ouma (Grandmother/Gogo/MamKhulu) 



Giveaway rules:

  • Entries close on 5 July 2017
  • Winners will be notified by email
  • Prizes are not transferable/negotiable and may not be exchanged for cash
  • This giveaway is open to South African residents only

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  1. I don’t have a grandmother. I do wish I had one. Both have passed away. when I was very young.

    What I do get to see is my mother with my brother’s son. The sweetest love kaGogo that I have every seen in my life. My first reference of having uGogo in my life. The cuddles on the couch while watching Cake Boss and defending him when his parents want to smack him. Buying him everything cute she see’s in the store and merely reciprocating with warm arms everytime my nephew says “huggy”.

  2. Visiting my grandmother and eating home baked biscuits is one of my best memories of her. Even todate smelling freshly baked biscuits takes me back to those special moments

  3. oh geez my grandmother was a awesome baker – she made the most amazing savories especially her samoosas – It was her passion. I loved being in the kitchen growing up watching her – like a professional chef. her recipes are like none other…totally whole meal food cooked with love….

  4. I used to love staying at my Mormor’s house (Mormor is Swedish for mothers mother) when I was little. she used to wake us up in the mornings with milo and a marie biscuit before we used to head to the kitchen where she always made us fresh orange juice. she would also always make sure we weren’t left out on our siblings birthdays and ensured there was a prezzie for us to open. I am glad she is still alive today at the age of 87 and has lived to see her great grandchildren

  5. My gogo uMaNgcobo is no more but she was the best gogo ever. We used to visit her @ KwaMashu when school were closed. The best moment with her was when she would make tea and we all ask her to leave some for us, lol! We wouldn’t want her to make for us but we wanted the left over of what she was drinking, so she will tell us to get cups and we will all get a little bit :). Love her to bits

  6. I share a name with my grandmother, Nompi. So she likes talking to me about how she used to be as a young woman so I think she expects to see her young slef in me??? So as she talks and talks and talks, lol….. we sip on some tea with my fav flavour of Ouma rusks, buttermilk.

  7. My favorite moments with Gogo has to be when I came back from the hospital after giving.How she taught me everything about Motherhood and she took care of us. Made sure every need of us was taken care of. Only for her to pass away 5 weeks later. When baby was only a month old. I will remember her mostly for the last month she shared with us❤️

  8. My favorite moment with my grandma was sitting on the veranda and listening to her tell me stories of our ancestors while we drink sweet tea and dip fresh bread into it.

  9. I used to call my granma Kiki, my fondest memories of her is how funny she was. She would make jokes at the most awkward moments. And how she made summer so fun…she loved watermelons and ice cream. In winter she would make the most delicious soups from whatever she would find in the frigde. So with my Kiki life was so easy and fun…if I had one wish to make, it would be for my kids to know her. But fortunately I still have my mom who is the best granny for my kids and my nephews.

  10. I did not get alot of time with my grandma but I do remember when I was younger how I used to enjoy eating her cooking everytime I got back from school. I used to always worry her to make egg chutney for me and it was my favourite dish. I used to also tease her by saying one uncle likes her and she used to get so mad at me . Those are my sweet memories of her

  11. Wow I dont have a grandma on both my parents side they past away a long time ago. I envied children who went to visit their grannies during school holiday and always felt left out when other children brag about their grandma.

  12. Hello Mamas 🙂

    My favourite moments with my granny are 1) When we visit her ezilalini and she wakes up very early in the morning to pray for all of us calling each of us by name. She has 6 children who have gone and had at least 3 children each so imagine a long prayer with each person’s prayer personalised to their life 🙂 For me that is such a great expression of love and awareness and a lesson of how deeply to love when my kids and their kids and so on. I also loved the most recent love stunt she pulled when after my wedding which was on a Saturday she woke up early on the Sunday to wash my wedding gown so that it can be crystal white again when they take me to my new family and she said the whiteness of the gown carries a message and the gist of that message is that I must present the family well always 🙂 oh I could go on guys 🙂

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