#OnMyWayTo10K {Soweto Marathon}

I did say that 2017 would be the year that I push myself to do as many things that excite, challenge and grow me. There’s a lot that I haven’t ticked off and then on the other hand, there’s the stuff I’m currently ticking off! I’m both excited and anxious  to have been challenged to train for the Soweto Marathon 10K run in just 8 weeks. I’ll admit that I was highly intimidated by this, as I haven’t worked out at all this year, buuuut I have an amazing team behind me to make sure that I can attain this goal. 

For me, the focus of the #onmywayto10k challenge is about a holistic lifestyle change and not only about finishing the marathon (which I absolutely intend to do). I’m always falling off the bandwagon and losing track of my eating and fitness goals. So this time, I’m proving (to myself) that I can have an active, healthy lifestyle while balancing my household, career and all the other projects life pulls me into. I see my children and family benefiting from this too: healthier food choices and reduced stress in Mom. Everyone wins! 

I’ve definitely been taking my body and health for granted. As a working mom of two, I’m just not getting to some of the things I want to do, but I also can’t keep making excuses and not prioritizing taking care of the ONLY body I have; the same body that I expect to carry me through everything. So I guess my time management and discipline levels will be tested here too – I did bring up the word holistic earlier, didn’t I?!

Let me tell you about the journey that lies ahead… 



I’ve had to empower myself with as much knowledge as possible where nutrition is concerned. Fortunately, Future Life is my partner on this journey, so I’ve got my bases covered by the best in the business. Future Life SmartFood is scientifically formulated, low GI food that is high in energy, protein and dietary fibre. It can be enjoyed as a meal, snack, shake or smoothie at breakfast, lunch or dinner. 

It doesn’t require any cooking which makes it the perfect on-the-go nutrition,  because… Mom-Life! 



High level overview of my eating plan (note: it’s been tailored around the food that I’m already eating)

Exchanges DAY 1 DAY 2 DAY 3
Breakfast 1/2 milk 125 ml Low Fat Milk Hug in a mug with milk (1 starch, 1/2 fat) Hug in a mug with milk (1 starch, 1/2 fat)
2 Starches 50g FUTURELIFE® Smart food™ 1 slice low GI, brown Toast 2 slice low GI, brown Toast
1 Protein 1 egg Ham/(30g) lean mince/cheese/ chicken
1 Fat 1/2 tsp margarine 1/2 tsp margarine/ sauce (mayo)
1 Sugar Sugar already in Hug in a Mug Sugar already in Hug in a Mug
Snack 1 Fruit Banana 35g FUTURELIFE® Smart food™ with water 1/2 cup 100% Fruit Juice, 2 tbsp dried mango
1 tub yoghurt Strawberry, low fat Banana, low fat
Lunch 2 Starches Wrap 1 cup butternut 2 slices whole wheat bread (toasted sandwich)
2 Protein 60g chicken/ steak 60g Grilled hake/ chicken/ salmon 60g chicken/ tuna
1 NS Vegetable Rocket, sundried tomato 1 Cup Green Salad Tomatoe, lettuce
1 Fat 1/4 Medium Avo, Pesto Salad dressing Mayonaise
Snack 1 Fruit Apple 17 Grapes/ 1 cup berries 1 Banana (in Smartfood Smoothie)
1 Starch FUTURELIFE® High Protein LITE SmartBar 3 provitas/ 1 slice wholewheat bread 50g FUTURELIFE® Smart food™
1 Protein 30g cheese
1 Sugar 1 tsp honey/ jam
Dinner 2 Starches Burger Bun 1/2 cup mash , 1/2 cup veggies (peas, corn, carrot) 1/2 cup rice
3 Protein 90g Lean Patty 90g mince 90g hake, battered
1 NS Vegetable Lettuce, Tomato, Gherkins 1 Cup salad 1/2 cup spinach, onion, tomato
1 Fat Mayo/ Sauce 1 Tsp margarine in mash Sauce (gravy)

Some of my goals:

  • Stop skipping breakfast
  • Keep within 7000KJ’s per day
  • Include Future Life Smart Food in my meal plan everyday
  • Decrease chocolates  from x3 per week to once a week
  • Replace Cremora with Low Fat Milk


If I can get the food-stuff right, I know I’ll achieve the goals that I’ve set. 

TIP: I’ve found that keeping a food diary has been one of the most helpful things. There are awesome apps available for this, or you can just jot them down. It keeps me in check and helps me remember what I’ve had. 

You can access useful eating and training plans from Future Life here


Training, keeping track and looking cute:  

I’ve just started training with Run/Walk for Life which is a scientifically-based group training programme. It is designed to help anyone, of any age and fitness level to get fit. You get the benefit of executing your own tailored training plan, with the support of others around you and of course the safety! You get a full health assessment prior to commencing your training. Run/Walk For Life has branches nationwide. 

I run at a beautiful park, 3 days a week. My programme starts with 4 kms during the first week and I will gradually increase my distance from there. I’m not sure if I would make it without this amazing team and structure. 

TIP: I hate runners itch – that unbearable itchiness you feel the first few times you go out for a run- I’ve learnt that moisturizing with aqueous cream goes a long way (dry skin will always itch worse). Also make sure you’re drinking enough water and using sensitive detergent on your running gear because that may cause extra irritation. 

Because variety is a must-have for me, I will train indoors at Planet Fitness when I need a change of scenery. I’ll be making use of the track, treadmill and I’m keen to do a bit of strength training too. 




Of course, I have to monitor all my activities and that’s where my TomTom Runner 3 comes into play, literally. I’ve been tracking my steps and have been surprised that I sometimes walk up to 4kms just at the office! The colour is gorgeous and I love that it has interchangeable straps. It has a 24/7 activity tracking which includes heart-rate, steps, calories and your beauty sleep. 

My partner in cuteness is Mr Price Sport – they’re always a step ahead of the game. You can’t put in all that work and not look cute honey! I just love how my TomTom and trainers are coordinated, ha! 

I’ll be documenting my journey on my Instagram page. Every word of encouragement will be highly appreciated! 

Looking forward to sharing this progressive journey with you!


Modern Zulu Mom 

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