One-on-one with Modern Zulu Mom Part 1… Here’s what’s going on in my world

Twenty-odd days into the New Year and things are CRAZY! We moved into our new house over the first weekend of the year and my little man is now in grade 2 [HOW did we get here so quickly?!!!!] so our little family is having to adjust to several new routines and changes. I thought the punishment was over after it took 5 months to build and renovate!!

Changes to our morning and afternoon schedule:

This year, I’ve signed the little man up with a kiddies shuttle service for the afternoon trip home and it has NOT been an easy transition so far. By day two, we were already experiencing chaos and unreliability, but I have decided not to dramatise things and give the driver a few days to settle into his own new routine – he’s human too. I still do the morning school run because I thought it would be too harsh to implement too many changes at once. It also gives us some good one-on-one time and still leaves me with the prestigious responsibility of setting the tone for his day J. I shared some tips for working moms here

Trouble sleeping:

He has settled well into the new class and seems to be fond of the new teacher – BUT we’re having major issues with his sleep patterns and it’s starting to worry me. He wakes up in the middle of the night, which means that he’s very tired in the afternoons and then wants to sleep (vicious cycle much?). After endless nagging from me, he confessed to being a little scared to sleep because his new curtains are slightly see-through. I quickly rectified that one sizo kwazi ukulala sonke (so we can all get some decent rest). I’ve also decided to allow him to sleep with his side lamp on for the first month or so – I’m keeping a close eye on the situation because I want to minimise any anxiety he may have. I’m honestly just praying this passes soon. If you have any advise on this, please leave me a comment!!

I have more support but I need to work on my discipline:

With a more spacious home, I’ve been able to get a fulltime, live-in helper and I loooooooooove it!!! My house is always clean, laundry and ironing is sorted and my boy doesn’t have to wait for 4 hours after school in aftercare. He can come home early and have supervised fun until the drill Sargent gets home for homework time! BUT… with increased convenience, comes increased financial responsibilities, so I’m learning very quickly to budget more accurately and STICK to it!! I don’t like this at all, it’s not fun to budget – that’s ‘adult’ stuff.

I have to cook:

Arrrrrrghhhh, I hate cooking… wait, let me be honest here *why is my conscious kicking in??* I don’t hate it, I’m just not very good at it because up until last year, I’ve never had to cook for myself or anyone else (yup, I was spoilt in that department and that department only). I would get home every day and U’Gogo, u’Mama or U’Auntie had supper ready all…my…life… I was expected to clean and do the dishes, but never the cooking, so technically, I have them to blame them for my culinary incompetence! So I’m literally a beginner and I don’t like the feeling of not being good at something!!! So far, I’m preparing easy, health meals about 5 times a week – 1 night of takeaways and 1 night of left overs (all in an effort to keep the balance and maintain my sanity). So far, so good. I must say, there have been a few hits and of course an overly salty or undercooked meal here and there J

I’ve shared a mouthful and I’ve really enjoyed it. I’ll definitely be doing more of these personal posts more often. Feel free to share this post and/or leave me a recipe or two in the comment section or on social media

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  1. Great posts, it is sometimes a challenge to jiggle work, family schedules and your personal needs on a weekly basis more so on a daily basis. But it it somewhat comforting to know that I am not alone… So thanks for that reassurance that most women try and seek on social media, it’s awesome sharing.
    I found with my 3.5 year’s room I had to buy online a blackout blinds
    That was quiet helpful for me. If you are interested in one. Let me know.
    Nice read thanks Entle.

    1. Thanks Entle. Being a working mom is not easy at all. I went to get blockout curtains that weekend and things seem to be improving 🙂

  2. Really enjoy your blog Thando. Even though I am not a parent yet I still relate to most of your articles and I think you are doing a brilliant job at motherhood.

    Zandile Gambushe

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