The benefits of Juicing: Juice for Health and Win with Nirmala Juice

My biggest weakness is food – I’m talking food right across the spectrum, from home cooked meals, to desserts and takeaways, I love food, period. Unfortunately I don’t always make the healthiest choices and the impact isn’t pretty. Now that I no longer have the luxury of blaming everything on pregnancy cravings; I’m getting ready to work on my health and fitness again. Every day life with my children reminds me that I need to live a long and healthy life for them.




What is juicing?

Juicing is the process of extracting juice from ingredients such as fruits and vegetables.


Why is juicing healthy?

Enables you to get the quickest absorption of nutrients

Soluble fibre remains in your juice and passes easily though your bloodstream

Reduces cravings for sugar and processed food

Helps with weight loss because juices are fat free and low in sugar

Boosts energy levels and alkalizes PH levels

Makes it easier to consume a large volume of fruits and vegetables

Boosts immune system

Glowing skin and bright eyes

Improves sleep – leafy green veggies contain lots of magnesium


Getting the most out of your juice:

Where possible, drink your juice on an empty stomach. This improves absorption of those precious nutrients.

Leave an approximate 2 hour window between drinking juice and eating or drinking anything else.

Always shake your juice before drinking it

Sip slowly, this allows for proper absorption and digestion of all nutrients in the juice.

If you are planning to drink juices throughout the day and will not be able to store them in a fridge, make sure you keep them cool and fresh in a cooler box with ice bricks.


Nirmala Juices:

While I was thinking about my postpartum recovery, I was grateful that circumstances conspired for me to interact with the ladies from Nirmala juice and they gave me some juices to try. My favourite is the MYLKY WAY, which is made from cashew nuts, cinnamon, vanilla, dates, maca, cacao and water. It tastes like a chocolate milkshake, which is exactly what I need to trick my body into healthy choices.

I also enjoyed the EVERGREEN which is made with cucumber, spinach, lemon, ginger, celery and apple. Over time, I’ve become accustomed to the taste of green juices; they’ve always done great things for my digestive system.



Nirmala means PURE and the juices promise to live up to that with their 100 % raw and cold-pressed juices. There has been no processing involved in the manufacturing process, making the combination of fruit and vegetable juices a great option to flush and repair cells, organs, and systems.

You can place your order for 1, 3 and 6 day juice cleanses online at and the ladies will deliver if you are based in JHB/PTA. You can also tailor your own package with their wide range of juices, salads and soups.






To stand a chance to win a juicing starter kit, you can do one or all of the following – each action counts as 1 entry (the more entries, the better your chances of winning):

Leave a comment below, telling me why you want to start juicing with Nirmala Juices.

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Entries close on Tuesday 31 May 2016. Winners will be notified by email. This giveaway is open to South African residents only.

Remember, all things in moderation. You will get the best results from combining a healthy diet with exercise. Apparently summer bodies are made in winter!

Have you tried juicing? Did it work for you? Or are you considering it? I would love to hear from you.

Modern Zulu Mom



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  1. I’ve always loved the juicing concept! Like you, Zulu Mom, I just love food, all foods! So as often as I can, I try maximise my healthy intake to cure the guilt I may have 😛 I absolutely love fruit and/ veggie juices. I’ve tried making my own simple ones but am really wanting to try a full on detox for three days. This would certainly help me learn more about the personal benefits and kick start my motivation to continue every so often.

  2. Hi, I would like to win the Juicing Starter Kit to assist me in beginning a ritual of discipline with food.

    I would like to eat well and maintain it but the problem is not getting tempted to cheat (which really is the enemy)!

    I had actually entered into the Nirmala competition and didn’t win unfortunately, so I hope I win this one!

    I am looking forward to challenging my body and mind and hope that I continue to juice and promote juicing in the future.

    Best Regards,

    Basetsana Pule

  3. From December after giving birth in November I’ve been in a weightloss battle and changing my lifestyle to a more healthy and active one. I’m trying other weight management products and believe that juicing would help me he optimum results. I’m stuck at one weight which won’t budge and I suspect the way my body uses nutrients in my body are not being utilised and broken down by my body alone and need assistance in terms of detoxing and bowel cleansing. I would love to win this so much.

  4. Is to lose weight and cut off processes sugars completely. More energy to keep up throughout the day. ?

  5. I’ve got my big wedding day to prepare for so am in a healthy routine at the moment so this would be great to give me an extra boost with keeping it up 😉 especially during this winter ‘

  6. I would love to try juicing because it will Help me with weight loss and boost my energy levels. I am following @nirmalajuice and @modernzulumom on twitter @rehanaseedat, facebook: rehana seedat and Instagram @rehanaseedat.5

  7. I suffer from chronic fatigue and would like to add juicing into my diet, I’ve heard it is great to increase energy levels, detox your body and lose weight.

    I’m really trying to change the way I interact with food and have a lifestyle change. I think juicing would be a great start in this new journey to a healthier me!

  8. I am always getting sick, if
    The kids getting a runny nose
    I’m going to get sick, maybe
    Juicing is just what me and
    My kids need

  9. So since my baby is now 8months old today, I have no more excuses and since breastfeeding just makes me wanna eat more I need help!! Juicing is the answer!! Pls help me become a better me!!

  10. Where do I start? I need to become healthier, I need to cleanse my body of toxins and I need to sleep better. That’s why I need to start juicing with Nirmala Juices.

  11. My husband was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Juicing will be away to help my hubby to start eating. Drinking more healthy to combat his sugar. Liked . shared. Tweeted. Folliwing.

  12. I guess I am a bit too late but I would have loved to start this juice regimen for health reasons mainly to become the best possible version of myself in the best possible healthier way

  13. I have recently joined boot camp – and I am loving being healthy, eating healthy and I would love to give this a try as this blog post has enlightened me to all the wonderful benefits of Nirmala – please pick me & help me stay healthy! Tweeted @Roxi_23

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