Welcoming my newborn baby – yes I had a baby

I’M A MOMMY AGAIN!!!!!! This time to a baby girl whom we’ve named Khumo (which means wealth) I feel so excited and blessed to be given the privilege of being a mommy of two.

This comes as a surprise to many because I chose to remain discreet about it. Let me explain:

This pregnancy has been soooooo different to my first pregnancy, in many ways and for many reasons. Part of the reason that I kept the news between my nearest and dearest [and didn’t blog about it] was because I was so much more self-assured this time. With my first pregnancy, I was very young and insecure about whether or not I was ready, whether I was going to be a good single mom, how I was going to provide… there were so many grey areas so I felt I needed to tell a lot of people, so that I could keep hearing that “I would be okay”.

This time, I knew my strengths, capabilities and best of all, I wasn’t doing it alone, and so I didn’t feel like I needed the validation that I yearned for in my younger years. It was an empowering season of renewal, joyfulness and growth for me and I spent my time taking it all in and forming my own ideas about what I wanted this experience to mean for me and my loved ones. I don’t expect everyone to understand this, but I’m grateful to those that have supported my decision.

Rest assured, just because I wasn’t blogging about it, doesn’t mean that I wasn’t documenting my highlights and experiences. Look out for the pregnancy posts to follow.

Be blessed xxx

Modern Zulu Mom

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  1. Welcome to baby Khumo, congratulation to you and yours Thando.

    I so get you with being discreet.

    Enjoy being mommy to a girl 🙂

  2. I’m so happy for you, Welcome baby Khumo. I still can’t believe it myself that I gave birth to a girl 4 months ago. Enjoy every bit. looking forward to reading the pregnancy posts

  3. Congratulations babe! Blessed you are! Such a Princess name fit for Princess. Enjoy your bundle my honey
    God bless your family ❤❤❤

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