[WIN] R1000 voucher + Nestlé Nespray Fortigrow Hamper

Nestlé Nespray Fortigrow

When I think about Nestlé Nespray Fortigrow, it takes me right back to my childhood, when Nespray would be considered the “special” milk, that my sister and I only drank just before we left the house to go to school. We weren’t allowed to drink it at any other time. Our parents were obviously taking care of our nutritional needs – but to us, Nespray was a treat that we really looked forward to in the mornings. Over a few decades, Nespray have become experts in children’s nutrition. The Nestlé Nespray Fortigrow range is specifically designed for school age children from 5 to 14 years old, to prepare them for school.

When I think about our own preparation process for our new academic year, I’ve gone into it so much more relaxed, after an overwhelming year in grade four last year. In retrospect, all was not in vain, because now, Lesedi and I both feel confident that he is ready and prepared for the routine of projects, cycle tests and exams.


All of this might have not been possible if his nutrition was not taken care of. It’s disheartening that a huge percentage of school-age children, in South Africa, suffer from nutritional deficiencies. This directly impacts on their ability to be physically or mentally equipped to benefit from school. The availability of products such as Nestlé Nespray Fortigrow milk – with a unique blend of essential vitamins, minerals and macro nutrients – is vital to ensuring healthy growing minds.
Nestlé Nespray Fortigrow

I was really impressed to learn of the additional work that Nestlé is doing behind-the-scenes to develop the communities around their factories. Through Nestle’s support, small farms have transformed into healthy (sustainable) and thriving enterprises that boost local employment and generate economic growth for our communities.

Nestlé is also brining passionate stories like that of Driver Steven to life, by celebrating those who make it all happen for us as customers. Often times, it’s the people who do the most important jobs, that are often unsung heroes. This made me smile.


You can win an amazing Nestlé Nespray Fortigrow hamper!

Each hamper consists of:
· 1x 400g Nestlé Nespray Fortigrow Sachet
· 1x 1.8kg Nestlé Nespray Fortigrow Tin
· R1000 Makro Voucher

To enter, leave me a comment, telling me what you love about your kids growing.


Nestlé Nespray Fortigrow

Full T’s and C’s are available on this website and will apply. Giveaway will close on 8 February 2019.

Good luck!

Modern Zulu Mom

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  1. What I love about my kids growing is they become individuals with a mind of their own.❤❤❤Thank you for the opportunity. Would love to win tis awesome giveaway it would be a tremendous help.

  2. What I love about my child growing is to be able to see the world through her eyes , to see this lil person who’s life depended on me when they were born- growing and being molded into a person with their own personality and thoughts…it is an awesome feeling !!!

  3. I love witnessing each of my 4 babies’ personalities come out. They are so alike yet super different. The unity and love they have for each other, out of all things I pray for, I desire they always carry each other throughout life!

  4. I love how independent they become, its a privilege to see them turn into young respectful men.
    My eldest is 12 years old and he is real gentleman at times.
    My youngest is 2 years old and he already has a will of his own.

  5. I love the conversations we have … They getting smarter & cheekier by the day . 😍😍😍😍 Not forgetting the amazing growth pattern from laying to sitting , walking & now running circles around me

  6. I love that they are more independent as they grow (and sleep more!)…develop their personalities (my daughter is sweet and kind while my son is such a comedian lol) But with that comes so much anxiety especially when starting big school!❤️

  7. Oh I really hate that they growing up soooo quickly but hey they have to how else will they take care of me when I’m old lol Well what I love is that they learn new things every day Challenging them to do better at everything that comes their way

  8. SO i love this personality that they develop and to watch how with each season they to change and become what we have never imagined, how their mins think and that compassion and love they have towards everything they come into contact with, that strength an never faulting thoughts and great big dreams that they aspire to follow

  9. I love the curiosity and eagerness to learn of these little humans 🙂 as they grow the numerous questions thats asked and its such a proud feeling to educate, after all its said educate a child and you educate a nation and the little hands that want to help be it gardening to baking to cooking etc. Such fun and memories to treasure as they grow up so fast.

  10. I love watching my son growing into a strong and healthy boy, full of laughter with never a dull moment, I love the fact that he has such wonderful manners and is respectful to others, I love when he acts like spider man running around with his cape, or even when he crawls around the floor like Max the dog panting for water or a biscuit, healways make me laugh and shout as well. Most of all I love the fact that my son made me a mommy and I love him with every breath I breathe, I am eternally grateful to have the honour and privilege to raise him into a fine young man.

  11. I love how they are so different, each with their own personality and will! How they have definite likes and dislikes. And so much more independent. Its such a privilege watching them grow up!

  12. What I love about my kids growing, is watching them learning on a daily basis. Our little boy never ceases to amaze me with his quirkiness and ability to entertain me on a daily basis.

  13. Dear Modern Zulu mom

    I am a mom too, similar to you I had a grade 4 last year. I however didnt know about this product. After reading your post I will go get some. I always associated the brand to babies. My mistake as I missed the opportunity to give my daughters a better start.

    I love watching them growing because their own beautiful personalities come through year after year. I’m sure you have noticed that our soon to be 11 year old now feel they have voice in our family. An equal one at that. Cayleigh is louder about her thoughts and when she feels we are being unjust.

    I worry about my kids nutrition as they lead such busy active lives and don’t get in enough veggies.

    Holding thumbs for the competition, would love to try this for my kids and as for the Makro voucher, our kids are now allowed to take trolley bag to school due to spine but the bags after R950 . 😊

    Would love to see some content on this, maybe a future blog post. Their bags get so heavy from grade 4.

    1. Nestle I only heard good things bout it. My daughter is only turning 2 n what i good way it would be if I can win this hamper to start her on . Would love to win this

  14. My little one is 8 and in grade 3. For me every moment from the time she opened her eyes to her first was an amazing journey but for me the most important and amazing thing is how she has developed this little personality. We call her madam speaker, she stands up for the good at school, if someone is being bullied she fends for them. She shares her lunch with kids that dont have lunch and even shares her spending with those less fortunate than her. She makes me to proud.

  15. watching them grow into these inquisitive, interesting personalities.brave and enthusiastic about everything, balls of energy always bouncing everywhere!

  16. I love seeing them grow, being curious, ask innocent questions and love that they say ‘I love you mummy ‘ because I asked myself if I am a mum as my first baby couldn’t breath at birth.

  17. I love the fact that they start getting independant and do things on their own.Clean up where they mess and be more alert to many things.

  18. They growing so well as they are following a healthy lifestyle with eating healthy, lots of Nespray, engage in sports and learn well. They are well mannered, have amazing personalities and independent!

  19. Since conception to growth for myself its been thus far a real life fairy tale,watching my son.All these memories entrantched within my soul and heart forever.No matter of time can ever earse this.What has been most remarkable though and one though as stood out is that we as parents always debated whom he shall take over,whom he shall resemble,who’s temperament he shall have but as he grows we see a unquie individual marked with his own personality l,strong willed,independent with the perseverance to survive and live life to the fullest.that for myself is the most incredible thus far.Watching my son blossom

  20. I love that I learn new things about him that make me smile every day. Also to see his ability to be independent. Also that he teaches me new things.

  21. I love seeing them doing the things I’ve taught them. Like saying please and thank you. And walking away when someone says something hurtful or does something they know isn’t something we do.

  22. Camy is growing into a little lady.
    Love watching her grow she is 5yrs old. The manners she has the respect, From a newborn now into a little girl who loves to be with her animals and painting So awesome to see her grow she is like a miniature version of me hahaha such a delight to see her growing taller her hair is longer, her cute smile soon she will be all grown up will miss this years

  23. The one thing I love most about my kids growing up is their just enjoy life to the fullest they just wane play than they happy even my eldest wen hr play with hrs small brother they laugh like its their last n they so energetic I wish they can stay so small but they have to grow up n they grow so quick

  24. Ayanda Tumi is just 3 yrs I so adore see him growing up the milk teeth falling off to learning to ride a bicycle to trying to write his name. Its all these things and more that I enjoy watching as he grows speaking to gogo in Zulu makes me so fill of pride. These are the wonder years to watch my boy grow.
    I wonder what he will do next or say next I wonder so much and motherhood is a awesome journey.

  25. I love that they are becoming independent i.e. doing things for themselves and they able to express their likes and dislikes. My daughter just started grade 1, so she is also making new friends; trying new things she joined a speech and drama class.

  26. What I love about my kids growing, is getting to see my kids shape themselves into the amazing people they are, every single day. They teach me things daily that I never would’ve known without having kids. On the first day of Grade 1 my youngest son who was very anxious hugged me with tears rolling down his cheeks and told me You are the best mommy. I love my new school. I nearly cried. What I love about my kids growing they are more matured than I was at that age, their vocabularies are advanced and they are always eager to learn new things. Being a parent is amazing.

  27. I loveseeing my kids growing strong, healthy and happy. My kids are everything that I need to look after every time and their healthy is on my hands, as I always buy them Nespray I have no more worry about their healthy ❤

  28. What I love about my child growing up is his passion for learning new things.. his mind is like a sponge when it’s comes to general knowledge and he amazes me by being able to learn his Afrikaans orals in a day.. he breezes through school with A aggregate since Grade 1 and now on grade 5 he has been.acing his class tests.. he draws amazingly and he just makes me so so proud

  29. I like how they are exploring the world and simplifying EVERYTHING. It makes me also take a step back and not stress about everything.

  30. My boy will be turning 4 soon and I have loved every single moment watching him grow into the little package of dynamite that he is. First smile, first word, first step, first day of school and every single first that I get to experience has my heart beaming with pride and joy. Motherhood is an absolute blessing!

  31. Im a young mom of 2 and there’s nothing I love more than seeing my 2 girls grow into independent individuals. They are so loving and caring of each other and everyone around them. Literally inspires me to be a better person every waking day.

  32. I love everything. I love every little moment, the unexpected giggles, the never-ending learning, the sweet little kisses, the amazing peace that washes over their face as they sleep … I love watching them grow into new clothes, outgrow old pants and shoes .. I love how they love me, their innocence and curiosity, their love for the world and all things in it. I love to watch them marvel at new experiences and squeal with excitement over every little thing we take for granted. Watching our children grow is a second chance to love and appreciate our life and the world around us.

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