Product Review: Natures Farms Pasta

Natures Farms Pasta

A friend of mine recently had her third baby and over this last weekend, I offered to have her older boys come over for the day. And of course, with kids being kids, they begged to turn it into a sleep over when it was time for me to drive them home. Not the smartest of choices during my nanny-free weekend, but they were having so much fun and were generally well-behaved. I captured some of the action on my Instagram story.


So there I was, very unprepared for dinner… going to the mall with 4 kids was I considered a pizza delivery but then they were fighting over what they wanted or didn’t want on it. So I settled on making a creamy cheese and bolognaise pasta. I used Penne from Natures Farms, which I received when I did the braai pap recipe as part of the #NaturesFarmsChallenge a few weeks ago so it made for the perfect opportunity to do a product review.


What I used to make my creamy cheese bolognaise pasta?

Well, what was in my cupboard and fridge on Saturday night 🙂

Natures Farms Penne, olive oil, garlic and ginger, bolognaise sauce (although I prefer the packets for freshness, bottled content expires quickly), grated cheese and fresh cream. It all worked out, even though I didn’t have any tomato paste, basil or mince spice.

I added the cream five minutes before it was done and ended with sprinkling the grated cheese over the warm pasta. I only recently discovered the magic that comes with adding cream to pastas, can you believe it??!! I know I’m an amateur in the kitchen, but I feel like my friends should love me enough to have let me in on this earlier. Now I know better and add cream to most meals.

The pasta cooked so fast and the texture was soft and hearty, I was really impressed and so were the boys who weren’t shy to ask for seconds and then some after their Sunday brunch-time swim.



Of course my kids plate is the one without the carrots 🙁 anyone else tired of the veggie fight? Please help!!


Where can you buy it?

Pick’n’Pay and selected Checkers Hyper stores. They recently launched at Checkers Hyper Roodepoort.

How much does it cost?

500g penne retails at approximately R16,99 which is great value for money


Natures Farms pasta

What is the brand promise?

Natures Farm’s has a real-food philosophy. They value the foods they make AND the way they make them by being mindful of sustainable and ethical farming practices.


How versatile is the Natures Farm’s pasta range?

Well, very versatile. I’m a penne girl, but I love using shells and screws for pasta salads.


Natures Farms Pasta


Have you seen or tried this range? Would love to hear from you!



Modern Zulu Mom

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  1. Yum, seen it in the shops and social media but yet to try it. I’m quite fussy about food so not always open to try new brands, I’ve been disappointed one time to many. Plus I’m a spaghetti girl at heart. And the occasional screws/fusilli

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