Meet The Mama: Nadia de Almeida

Hi Mama’s, this week I’m featuring a fellow mommy-blogger, Nadia de Almeida, from Mozambique who is a wife and first time mom to baby Thandeka.


Tell us about yourself and your family

We are quite a young family. Me, my husband and our 9 month old baby girl.

How would you describe your pregnancy?

I couldn’t eat, smell or even see meat (mind you I am the ultimate carnivore), my feet would get swollen at any little bit of stress (it is very nice when everybody does their best to not stress you) but I would still describe my pregnancy as the most amazing moment of my life. I was one of those pregnant ladies that had about 2 pregnancy apps which tells you about the growth of the baby every single day, would go for scans every month to see her grow, read pregnancy books all the time, would talk to her and rub my belly, and documented each and every little detail. All in all, I just spent the 9 months admiring the blessing. I was also lucky enough to not gain much weight since the baby turned me into a vegetarian, so it made it less depressing to watch my tummy grow.




What was the best part of pregnancy?

The daily foot massages I would get from my husband, with no complains whatsoever. And watching / feeling her grow was also one of the best.


What challenges did you encounter during your pregnancy or motherhood journey?

During pregnancy, the biggest challenge was the stress factor. I was planning a wedding so it became hard not to get stressed or upset.


What was your biggest fear during pregnancy?

That at any moment, something could go wrong.


Any tips to pregnant ladies?

Do no use the internet to interpret symptoms. It will drive you crazy unnecessarily. Ask your doctor about your symptoms.


Did you have a birth plan for your baby’s arrival?

I did. I wanted a natural birth, and that is exactly what happened. It was actually less dramatic than I thought it would be.


How did you feel when you first met your baby?

Blessed, emotional, in love, lucky, mesmerized, in shock…



What is the one thing you always want your child/children to know?

I would like her to know that she is LOVE. She came through love, she brings love and she attracts love. Turns out I gave her a fitting name: Thandeka


What is the biggest challenge you have experienced as a mom?

Learning how to share my child. I work full time, leave home very early and came home rather late, so every free time I have I want to spend it just with her.


How long was your maternity leave and did you feel about returning to work and balancing motherhood with a career?

My maternity leave was 3 months. I actually felt guilty going back to work, because I was looking forward to it. It is hard to balance a career and be a mom (especially if you work long hours)  but I did not want to lose that ‘ambitious career woman’ side of myself.


What childcare/support structure do you have?

I have a great nanny that has been with me since she was 2 months (she is now 9 months).

My husband is also an AMAZING father. He has always been very hands on (changing nappies, taking turns to take her to the pediatrician, getting her ready to sleep…) which has made this whole parenting thing much easier. Not forgetting our baby’s grandmothers and aunts who give immense support.

Nadia family


What surprised you the most about being a mother (the pretty and the ugly)?

The pretty: it has turned me into a better, more understanding daughter.

The ugly: even a-cups suffer the consequences of breastfeeding.

The random: I became a mommy blogger to share tips on motherhood, fashion and health for women, especially moms


Are there any cultural traditions that you followed when your child was born?

I stayed in my room for a full month with her, and she only started leaving the house after she turned 3 months.


What one thing did you wish you had known before having a child? OR what has been the most difficult part of being a mother? 

The most difficult part has been finding time for everything; myself included.


What has been the best part of being a mother?

The entire experience has just been amazing. Watching her grow, develop into her own feisty little person is beautiful. I have to say though, the best part is seeing her smile whenever she sees me.




Plans for more children in the future?

Definitely. 1 or 2 more kids would be great.


Please visit Nadia’s blog Mamas

Thank you for sharing your journey with us Nadia. I wish you and your hubby all the blessings with Thandeka.


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